Breaking News: George Michael gives his verdict on beloved singer Cliff Richard

Cliff is Vile

Good Lord.

Does George know something we don’t?

We haven’t got a bloody clue.

Have you?


20 thoughts on “Breaking News: George Michael gives his verdict on beloved singer Cliff Richard

  1. From Cliffs Wikipedia page.
    Cliff Richard often declines discussion about close relationships and when asked about suggestions that he may be homosexual, has stated categorically that he is not.
    Although he has never married, Richard has rarely lived alone. For many years he shared his main home with…. Bill Latham,
    Richard has spoken of his friendship with John McElynn…….”John now spends most of his time looking after my properties…… John and I have over time struck up a close friendship. He has also become a companion, which is great because I don’t like living alone”

    Why doesn’t he just come clean? No-one cares if you’re gay unless you spend all your time denying it. Then he can tell us where he got the nickname Kitty from.

    • Can u imagine what his coming out would mean to the sheeple although his sexuality is already a secret known by everyone? Come clean? That involves telling the truth about him being involved in pedophilia….

  2. As welcome as this small victory for Truth is, it’s a small victory. Cliff is canon fodder… We want the system controllers!

  3. what evidence does anyone have that Cliff Richard ever visited this Elm place. It alone would not convict him in a court of law
    but it would convince me and most people. Otherwise this is a totally unfounded allegation that has just been passed around from one web site to another. Just because some one has a web page on how the Roswell space aliens assassinated Diana
    or a coven of Satanists are behind attacks on Cliff Richard does not make it true. I can find not a single post that gives any date or evidence that he ever visited the Elm place.

    • Listen to Bill Maloney’s interview with Chris Fey. fey states that yes Cliff Richard was a visitor to the Elm Guest House but goes on to say that he didn’t know if he (Cliff Richard) took part in paedophilia.

    • Cliff has a super injunction banning the press from publishing his alleged visits to Elm Guest House where Norman aka Gladys was rumoured to be in attendance..It is rumoured there is another unreported brothel in Richmond with celebrities arriving dropped off by their chauffeurs.

  4. David Brown – if you bothered to look you would easily find the photo of the elm house guest list with cliffs name, savile amoungst others. This is common knowledge and is in the public domain so you must be a shill!

  5. Funny how the fuzz pick on the really talented musician while the choir boy gets a free ride. Maybe now we can see why Harry “Spider” Webb, aka Cliff Rich Hard, aka Sir Stiff Rigid, is so youthful, must be those “tight” genes maybe…the ones which help him stay “tight” with the “Right” people, or is it the ambrosia? He is a false shepherd who works for Circe leading little Xian sheeples back to Rome while supporting the State (not the nation, but the STATE) of Israel.

    If you really want to “Get the system controllers” – sorry, you are not equipped to that task – how can you arrest devils? You can only arrest the people that they use, which largely achieves nothing. In the Ancient Aramaic Scriptures, the nearest translation to English concerning the identity of Satan describes him as the POLICEMAN OF THE WORLD. Now do you see why Obama and Bush et al blather on about “The Law” as if it was something holy, sacrosanct? It’s their religion!

    Jesus however came to do away with the Law by fulfilling it, and to destroy the twisting works of the Devil. You are fighting shadows, which is appropriate given Harry Rodger Webb’s origins – a Drifter in The Shadows…whose first hit, the first Brit Rock record, “Move It” was sexually loaded and 2:23 long – and those who know anything about occult numerics, that number sticks out like dog nads. And he is 73 = 1, born 14:10:40 = 1, arrested (?) 55yrs after release of Move it, and the initals H W is 7 3 which is also 1. Could this be his year? At his next birthday, he is 74 (11), it is 56yrs since Move It and his full birth date numerises to 11. Harry Webb = 3-7 and Cliff Richard = 7-3. Hmmm…I smell Masons at work…

  6. Personally I think all paedophiles should be tattooed so everyone knows what vile filth they are. It’s all a conspiracy all of them are in it together, I think they all knew about Jimmy Savile but didn’t say anything because he knew their dirty secrets and threatened to expose them if they told on him.

  7. There are some key inconsistencies with Cliff and his Faith. He has said he can’t stand being alone, which us at odds with being a Christian as God is always with you. Also he wakes up worrying he is short of money, which given his fortune, and the fact you can’t take your riches with you, is also at odds with his beliefs.

  8. Not only is his music a CRIME against humanity, but now we are about to find out the truth behind his endless attempts to portray some kind of Angel on Earth.

  9. The official media are clamming up now. They’re running stories re-how Parky and Cilla say Cliff’s alright.

    The phrase “singed rat” comes to mind. They have been becoming increasingly inept in the way they shovel crap down our throats of late.

    I mean if Cliff is finally thrown to the lions and beheaded in the Tower-we want to see bloody head!


  10. The list you are referring to with the Kitty name and Cliff name too is definately a fake – and it has even been revealed that it is a fake by a social worker at the time. Furthermore, who would be so stupid as to leave your name on a list – anyone could have written “Cliff Richard”. Starting from the beginning: you are innocent until proven guilty! I don´t know a lot about Cliff´s sexuality but most of his friends think he is heterosexual who is perhaps not that much interested in sex. Pls. read Cliff´s biography by Steve Turner. Cliff has EVEN been interviewed by the South Yorkshire Police under caution – and NOT been charged NOR arrested. The SYP is very busy trying to dig up evidence. In most countries this would not even be a case – AT ALL, because it is ancient. Why wait 29 years? Yes, money – and witnesses dies. Billy Graham is old and frail and cannot be used as a witness – that is something the accuser must have thought through carefully I would imagine!!!

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