Simon Hughes, Cyril Smith, Jimmy Savile, Sri Lanka, Prince Charles,Nick Clegg and the VIP child-abuse connection

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It’s becoming clearer, as each day passes, that there is something seriously wrong with the Lib Dem party.

Amongst their most recent sexual abuse scandals, very little has been mentioned about Nick Clegg’s right-hand man, Simon Hughes.

Hughes, who was the party’s Deputy Leader until last month, has a long history of lies, filth and hypocrisy.

He first came to the public’s attention when he vilified his political opponent, Peter Tatchell, in the now infamous Bermondsey by-election.

According to Wikipedia:

” Hughes was first elected to Parliament in the Bermondsey by-election of 24 February 1983. The by-election was described by Gay News as “the dirtiest and most notorious by-election in British political history” because of the slurs against the character of the Labour candidate and gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell by various opposition campaigners. The Liberal Campaign leaflet described the election as “a straight choice” between Simon Hughes and the Labour candidate. Hughes won the seat with 57.7% of the vote.

Hughes apologised for the campaign in 2006, during the same few days revealing his own homosexual experiences, and confirming that he is bisexual after being outed by The Sun newspaper”.

By a strange coincidence, Hughes was very close to child-rapist Cyril Smith, who was the Lib Dem MP for Rochdale for decades.

In 2006, Smith pledged his support for Hughes who was campaigning for party leadership.

According to a local media article at the time:

Rochdale MP Paul Rowen has today confirmed his support for Simon Hughes MP to be the next leader of the Liberal Democrats.  Paul said,

I have been actively talking to members and residents in Rochdale over the past week or so.  They overwhelmingly tell me that Simon Hughes is best placed to move the Liberal Democrats forward.  I am delighted to announce my support for him today.”

Paul has been joined by former Rochdale MP Sir Cyril Smith MBE in endorsing Simon Hughes.

Sir Cyril said:

I have carefully considered all the candidates. Simon Hughes MP has been a personal friend for over 20 years and I have no hesitation in giving him my full support.  I know him well and he is a first class, hard working MP who will be an excellent leader of our party.  I wish him well !”.

Despite it being common knowledge that Smith was a prolific rapist of children in local care homes, both Nick Clegg and Simon Hughes gave moving eulogies at his funeral.

According to Hughes,

He was honest, straightforward and caring. His wisdom and his kindness, high standards and principles, in politics to make sure that people from the bottom of the social scale had the opportunities, narrow the gap between the rich and poor, that justice and the fight for equality”

Clegg gushed of the satanic paedophile:

Cyril Smith was a larger-than-life character and one of the most recognisable and likeable politicians of his day. I am deeply saddened to hear the news of his death today, and offer my sincere condolences to his family and friends.

“Everybody in Rochdale knew him, not only as their MP but also as a friend. He was a true Liberal, dedicated to his constituency, always showing great passion and determination.

“Cyril was a colourful politician who kept the flame of Liberalism alive when the party was much smaller than it is today. Rochdale and Britain have sadly lost one of their great MPs, and I think we can safely say there will never be an MP quite like Cyril Smith again.”

Quite why Clegg and Hughes were so enamoured with Smith is a complete and utter mystery.

In a strange twist, Hughes was recently quizzed about his appearance on Top of the Pops, which was a hotbed of paedophilia at the BBC, and where Jimmy Savile abused thousands of children.

For some unknown reason, Hughes initially denied he had ever been on the show:

Liberal Democrat deputy leader Simon Hughes admitted he was once a “last minute substitution” and danced on Top of the Pops, as Andrew Neil challenged him over an apparent suspicious entry on his Wikipedia page.”

Hughes had other links to Jimmy Savile, and in 2009 they both attended a forum together about the Tamil crisis in Sri Lanka.

Details of the conference can be found here:

The island of Sri Lanka has been used as the centre of a huge paedophile network for many years.

Men from all around the globe descend on the island to abuse poor and vulnerable boys, some aged only four years old.

One such filthy paedophile was none other that science-fiction author, Arthur C Clarke, who had a home there and would regularly rape boys.

Famous paedo-befriender, Prince Charles, was chums with Clarke and was on the verge of awarding him a knighthood despite details emerging of his abuse.

According to the BBC:

The science fiction writer Arthur C Clarke has met Prince Charles at a banquet in Sri Lanka just days after postponing a ceremony to be invested with a knighthood because of newspaper allegations saying he was a paedophile.

The 80-year-old author – best known for writing “2001: A Space Odyssey” – met the Prince at a reception at the banquet, held in the Sri Lankan capital, Colombo

Prince Charles had been due to invest Mr Clarke with a knighthood at the author’s home in Colombo on Wednesday

However St James’s Palace agreed to postpone the ceremony at the author’s request.

Mr Clarke indicated on Thursday that he wanted to go ahead with the investiture, but Buckingham Palace officials made clear that Prince Charles didn’t have time to do it on the last day of his state visit to Sri Lanka.”

Along with Clarke, future heir to the throne, Charles, has also been best pals with Jimmy Savile and paedophile bishop, Peter Ball.

Nick Clegg himself also seems to like the company of child-abusers as witnessed by his friendship with Cyril Smith.

Clegg’s former boss Leon Brittan has been linked to some very shady activities and has in turn links to political filth, Derek Laud.

The political scandal surrounding child-abuse at the Elm Guest House appears to link directly to Number 10 and the Royals.

Operation Fernbridge officers released details of video evidence linking a former Tory minister to the scandal:

Met police have seized a picture and amateur film from a known paedophile of a gay sex party attended by a former Tory cabinet minister where boys were sexually abused some 30 years ago.

A report in today’s Exaro News and the Sunday Mirror  reveals that the Met Police’s Paedophile obtained the information under their Operation Fairbank scoping inquiry. The paedophile cannot be named for legal reasons and the ex-minister is not being named as it would interfere with police operations.

The unit is focussing on a series of parties in London three decades ago at which boys were supplied for the sexual gratification of men”.

In the comments section of a political blog, the following comments were made:

I met someone there who had close connections to the police and Parliament. He told me that Simon Hughes is well known for bringing young boys into Parliament and that the police have been told not to do anything about it and not to approach him concerning it.

Apparently the police are not at all happy about it. So we have Simon Hughes linked to Savile via TOTP and also this Tamil Group and now it appears that Simon also has paedophile tendencies.”

Isn’t it about bloody time we looked again at Simon Hughes, the Lib Dems, Nick Clegg and the VIP child-abuse connection?

5 thoughts on “Simon Hughes, Cyril Smith, Jimmy Savile, Sri Lanka, Prince Charles,Nick Clegg and the VIP child-abuse connection

  1. used to see,and have met Simon Hughes in many pubs around Bermondsey and the Burough in south London,’the William’ in Harper road on a few occasions.Always had a young lad with him,never the same one twice.Very smarmy and ingratiating man,got a bit more condescending as to my comprehensive education in a nearby school.Bit of a silly cunt,but everything started with an ‘e’ back then.As he’ll know.

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