Derek Laud, Big Brother, 7/7, David Cameron, Cash for Questions, Diana, SAS, Leon Brittan, Michael Colvin, Eton, Bear Grylls, Gay-Lords, Dolphin Square and the Boy-Scout connection

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The TV show, Big Brother 6, took place in the summer of 2005.

One of the contestants was political weirdo, Derek Laud.

The July 7th bombings also took place during that summer.

Some voices claim that the bombings were an inside job, carried out by the government.

Some voices claim that Laud may be involved in VIP child-abuse rings.

Others claim he is very close to David Cameron

According to the Aangirfan website:

” Laud is a long standing family friend of Samantha Cameron’s family and a personal friend of David Cameron and attended their wedding at Ginge, in Oxfordshire.

The list of Tory friends with whom he is known to go on holiday and socialise with includes Lord McAlpine, Peter Lilley and Michael Portillo.”

The Scallywag magazine claimed the following:

” “Derek Laud… ran a Pimlico PR agency called Ludgate Communications for a number of years…

“(He was) in cahoots with Ian Greer Associates which has since been scandalised because of the Neil Hamilton Affair and payment for questions on behalf of Al Fayed…

Ludgate Communications was at the very hub of our investigation into …. allegations.
“At his Pimlico flat, and selected addresses in Dolphin Square nearby, Laud threw ….parties.”
On Big Brother 6, openly gay housemate Craig developed a crush on another contestant, Anthony, and confided in Laud about his feelings.
Laud told him:  ” get Anthony drunk, have your way with him and I’ll counsel him about it in the morning“.
Laud  appears to have been guilty of ‘incitement to commit a sexual assault’, with his comments.
For some unknown reason, Davina Mcall made no mention of this shocking conversation when Laud exited the house, nor were police asked to investigate.
Derek Laud appears to have friends in very high places.
One of his friends, the MP Michael Colvin. died in a fire at his estate shortly after an argument with him.
Over the past twenty years, Laud owned several companies.
One of these was Ludgate Communications, a shady lobbying company, which may have been a front for much more sordid activities.
He worked closely with Ian Greer, who also ran a company with Westminster councillor, Simon Milton.
Laud, Greer and Milton are all named in the Scallywag article as being involved with a boy-brothel operating at the Dolphin Square complex in Pimlico. Vulnerable boys were trafficked from care homes (many in Wales) to be abused by VIP filth.
By a strange coincidence, Leon Brittan owns a business which operates at the same address as Laud’s. Brittan has himself been named on the internet as possibly being involved in certain unseemly practices. He was also the political sugar-daddy of Nick Clegg, who was once a member of the Cambridge Conservative Association.
Ian Greer fled the UK when the Cash-for- Questions scandal broke in the early nineties. He now runs a homeless hostel in South Africa for Aids victims.
Some voices claim that the scandal was actually used a cover story as damaging evidence was emerging of the Dolphin Square paedophile ring.
Mohamed Al-Fayed who was embroiled in the affair, went on to accuse the Royal family of being involved in the deaths of his son Dodi and Princess Diana.
Claims emerged this year that the SAS were ordered to kill the couple in their car in Paris but the Met police (under pressure from unknown sources ) denied this was the case.
Another company run by Laud was the mysterious One Stop Car Shop Ltd.
The company registration number was 03191877.
The list of other directors makes for quite astonishing reading, as they include the following names:
Mr Edward Albert Charles Spencer Churchill
Mr Edward Michael Bear Grylls
Sir Michael Grylls
At first glance, it seems unbelievable that TV survival expert, Bear Grylls would run a business with a character like Laud.
However, it doesn’t take much digging to find that Grylls is not quite who he appears to be. He is, in fact, the son of the late Conservative MP, Sir Michael Grylls, who was himself embroiled in the  Cash-for-Questions scandal.
According to Wikipedia:
”  For some years Michael Grylls had acted as a consultant to the lobbying company run by Greer at the heart of the Cash-for-questions inquiry. The Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards, Sir Gordon Downey, stated that Grylls had “seriously misled” the select committee on members’ interests in 1990 (replaced in 1995 by the Standards and Privileges Committee) by understating the number of payments he had received for introducing clients to ministers[4] and Grylls’ conduct, said Sir Gordon, had fallen “below the standards the House is entitled to expect of its members”.[5][6][7]

The Committee concluded that Grylls had “received payments from Mr Greer (though not in cash) which were neither introduction commissions nor fees associated with the Unitary Tax Campaign”.

Bear Grylls went to Eton College, as did David Cameron.

There have been many child-abuse scandals at the school which have all been hushed-up.

Some claim that public school-boys are routinely buggered to instil discipline.

In an article in the Mail, Grylls said the following about his father:

I behaved badly at school, perhaps in part because Dad was working very hard, and often late. My mum, as his assistant, worked beside him. I remember once biting a boy so hard that I drew blood, and then watching as the teachers rang my father to say they didn’t  know what to do with me. My father said he knew what to do, and came to the school at once. With a chair placed in the middle of the gym, and all the other children sitting cross-legged on the floor around him, he whacked me until my backside was black and blue.”

By a strange twist, Bear Grylls was once an SAS soldier, and learnt many of his survival techniques from his training session.

Another company owned by Laud was Posmark Ltd.

The company registration number was 02872928.

Yet again, Laud had a very wealthy and influential partner in the company:

Edward John Barrington Douglas-Scott-Montagu, 3rd Baron Montagu of Beaulieu

According to Wikipedia:

” Baron Montagu is a British Conservative politician well known in Britain for founding the National Motor Museum, as well as for a pivotal cause célèbre in British gay history, his 1954 conviction and imprisonment for homosexual sex, a charge he denied.”

” On two occasions Lord Montagu was charged and committed for trial at Winchester Assizes, firstly in 1953 for allegedly taking sexual advantage of a 14-year-old Boy Scout at his beach hut on the Solent, a charge he has always denied.[1] When prosecutors failed to achieve a conviction, in what Lord Montagu has characterised as a “witch hunt” to secure a high-profile conviction, he was arrested again in 1954 and charged with performing “gross offences”.

Quite what Laud and Montagu got up to in their business venture is a complete and utter mystery, but the boy-scout connection may prove to be important.

” What do we really know about the scouts?

According to Wikipedia:

” Scouting (or the Scout Movement) supports young people in their physical, mental and spiritual development, that they may play constructive roles in society.

In 1906 and 1907 Robert Baden-Powell, a lieutenant-general in the British Army wrote a book for boys about reconnaissance and scouting. Baden-Powell wrote Scouting for Boys (London, 1908), based on his earlier books about military scouting. In the summer of 1907 Baden-Powell held a camp on Brownsea Island in England to test ideas for his book.

This camp and the publication of Scouting for Boys are generally regarded as the start of the Scout movement.”

Some famous scouts include the following:

  • Cliff Richard
  • Tony Blair
  • Rolf Harris
  • Prince Andrew
  • Peter Mandelson

Murderous child-rapist Jimmy Savile was a great fan of scouts.

Murderous child-rapist Sidney Cooke had links to a paedophile ring who abused many scouts.

According to the Birmingham Post:

A paedophile ring infiltrated a breakaway scout association to give the perverts an endless supply of children for sex and pornography.

Up to 300 children were attacked, and some of the victims were as young as eight.”

By a bizarre coincidence, Derek Laud’s former business partner, Bear Grylls, became the youngest ever Chief Scout in 2009.

He was awarded the honour by the Queen.

Is there no end to the seedy goings-on of the filthy British Establishment?–grin-bear-it.html,_3rd_Baron_Montagu_of_Beaulieu

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  2. Bear Grylls, well who’d a thunk it, he did a christmas outing with gay jew and Groucho club member Stephen Fry who said in the show, something close to ” I feel a stronger bond to Britain than British people” in reference to his jewishness. Grylls, ex 21 SAS (reserves) links to the paedo network and now gets global stardom and wealth. Great piece.

  3. Bear Grylls, just another name on the list…. No wonder at all…. Besides, he looks weird. Cutting a long story short, Bear Grylls has been abused and became himself one. Mind u, he and his “beard” of a wife have an island of their own in…. North Wales. Yes, that North Wales infamous for its pedophilia connection. Rings any bell?

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