The New SS: Filthy Britain’s lunatics have taken over the asylum

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Just when we thought Britain’s filthy social workers could stoop no lower in their sickening quest to steal children from loving parents, we find a horrifying article from Christopher Booker.

Booker, who writes for the Telegraph , is one of the only journalists caring enough and brave enough to report on the out-of-control SS who are wreaking havoc on innocent families.

His investigations found that parents are being sectioned under the Mental Health Act when they try and fight for the return of their children (who have been illegally snatched by sociopathic social services.)

According to Booker:

” Last week, I investigated a story as shocking in its own way as that which I   broke last month about the Italian woman detained in a psychiatric hospital   who, on the orders of a secret court, was then forced to undergo a caesarean  section so that her baby could be sent by social workers for adoption.

One of the most terrifying weapons our “child protection” system uses against  parents wishing to hold on to children who have been forcibly removed is to   have them helplessly imprisoned in an asylum, certified under the Mental   Health Act, where they can no longer give social workers and other    “professionals” any more trouble.

When I spoke at length with one such mother, “Wendy”, who has a law degree and  who has held down responsible jobs, I found her perfectly sane and rational, as had previously been confirmed by several medical professionals. After her two sons were taken from her four years ago for what seem to have been highly contentious reasons, she continued to fight for them to be returned (her slightly autistic 15-year-old pleads to come back to her, and for two years she successfully nursed her younger boy through a rare form of bone cancer).

But when, last year, to aid her fight, she repeatedly applied under the   Freedom of Information Act to see her medical records and the notes of the   social workers, she mysteriously ran into opposition. On December 2, while   out shopping, she stopped her car for a cigarette. An ambulance drew up, she   was bundled into it and taken to the psychiatric wing of Calderdale Royal Hospital, in Halifax, where psychiatrists and doctors assessed her as insane under Section 2 of the Mental Health Act.

A week later, the psychiatrist in charge of her case told her that her home   had been burgled. She was allowed home, under escort, to discover that her   house had been ransacked. Nothing was missing apart from papers relating to   her case, photographs of her children, reading glasses and £300 in cash. But   the same psychiatrist then accused her of having done this herself, even  though she was all the time detained in hospital.

He told her that she was “psychotic” and had an “addiction to cannabis”, which   she had indeed occasionally taken for medical reasons, with the knowledge of   her GP, to ease her painful arthritis. On the orders of the same psychiatrist, she was then pinned down by five nurses who, over her   protests, forcibly injected her with a drug they refused to identify. She later learnt that it was Flupentixol, used to treat psychosis and to ease depression (the staff refuse to give her any medication for her genuine ailments, including arthritis and irritable bowel syndrome).

These forced injections have been repeated, leaving her knocked out and   disorientated for days. Although she had no further “assessments”, she was   told after Christmas that she had now been certified under Section 3 of the   Act, allowing them to hold her indefinitely. She was also, however, given a   form to appeal before a tribunal, and told she could name a solicitor to   represent her.

“Wendy’s” case has now been taken up by the campaigning group Parents Against Injustice (Pain), which says it has come across many cases in which the Mental Health Act is similarly used against parents fighting to regain their   children. Often, such mothers are branded as “psychotic” victims of   “Munchausen syndrome by proxy”, with allegations that they have fabricated   their children’s illnesses. Although this theory, associated with Roy Meadow, was comprehensively discredited years ago, it has since been   smuggled back in under different names, such as Fabricated or Induced   Illness (FII). Social workers have accused “Wendy” of imagining her son’s   autism, although it was officially diagnosed by NHS doctors in 2003.

So this intelligent mother, who has never harmed anyone and is cruelly mocked by the nurses, who again forcibly injected her on Friday, is being held indefinitely, at the mercy of a psychiatrist who has not examined her again   since she was admitted. She has no one outside the system to appeal to until  she appears before that tribunal, where she may not even be allowed to speak on her own behalf, to show that she is considerably saner than the system that has imprisoned her. We are familiar with that playful phrase about “the lunatics taking over the asylum”. But in the Britain of 2014, it seems, that   is no longer a joke.”

This is an absolute bloody travesty and yet more proof that the new SS will stop at nothing to carry our their filthy agenda.

However, there is hope in sight.

The day is coming when justice will finally descend on this septic isle of ours and we can look forward to prisons being filled with social workers, judges and local authorities who have caused so much pain to these families.

That day may be coming sooner than you think.

6 thoughts on “The New SS: Filthy Britain’s lunatics have taken over the asylum

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  2. Persons unknown came into my house to remove medical documents and other evidence in 2010, 2011, and 2012. My phone was bugged from 2007-2008; and while a patient on a psych ward (6 days) in 2011 my computer was hacked and an important letter of complaint to GMC going through the libellous medical evidence I had left was wiped – at the same time more evidence disappeared from my house. Extremely libellous medical documents have arrived open (2012) – covered up and NOT investigated by Royal Mail – my entire medical history has been rewritten to the point that it is a work of fiction. Medical records have disappeared right under my nose – the Health Professionals Council also sent a bundle of documents back to me OPEN and with only one page of complaint whereas the original was 5 pages at least – this was also changed on my computer. Last year I submitted a complaint to two trusts – the one for covering GP’s has been changed and details of health problems and paedophilia at hands of GP covered up – it had also been changed on my computer – I am too traumatised to see if psych have changed the official document I sent into them – my MP, Tory Anne Milton, has failed to help me

  3. One more thing – Guildford Police have covered it all up and colluded in crime with the NHS – went mad on Seroxat so Glaxo Smith Kline may have been involved with funding it – my handwriting has also been imitated – far fetched – I wish it fn was all in my head!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  5. My words have been consistently twisted and taken out of context, the social workers team manager was caught out in a lie by THREE barristers, the social worker say one thing to one person, another to a second, and something else again to a third. Am at the point where if the social worker wants to ask me a question she can send it via post or email and i will write back so i have records of what i have said, and appointing an advocacy worker to attend all core group meetings for the same reason

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