Satanic Savile, QE2 Death Cruises, Steve Wright, Ipswich, Mr Kippah, Prince Philip, Fred West, Princess Diana, Clare Stagg, Sandra Court, Cliff Richard, Jill Dando and the Suzy Lamplugh connection

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We now know that Jimmy Savile was a murderous Satanist as well as a paedophile.

He spent a lot of time aboard the QE2, and was once kicked off the ship after allegations that he had attacked a 12-year old girl.

According to the Mirror:

“We may never know the full scale of his abuse, but there are several rumours emerging about his conduct on board cruise ships.” Cunard has now axed a planned sail-by of Savile’s burial site in Scarborough, along with several other commemorations”.

Many staff members, and possibly other passengers, on ship may have been witness to Savile’s paedophilic ways.

On one of Savile’s cruises, a fellow passenger mysteriously fell over board:

” A WOMAN disappeared from the luxury liner QE2 while passengers partied during a pounds 2,000-a-head New Year cruise.

As soon as it was discovered she was missing, the ship sailed back to its last port of call in Madeira – but there was no sign of her.

TV celebrity Jimmy Savile was among those on board for the 16-night Atlantic voyage.

Detectives yesterday quizzed passengers and crew about the 62-year-old German woman when the QE2 returned to Southampton docks.

She vanished early on New Year’s Eve as the ship sailed through the Bay of Biscay .The sea was calm. The alarm was raised by her husband.

One passenger said: “We had to return to our cabins while the crew did a head count and a detailed search of the ship. We spent four hours sailing back the way we had come, trying to find her, but it was hopeless.”

Some voices claim that children and adults have been murdered on cruise ships and then thrown overboard.

By a strange coincidence, Cliff Richard also enjoys cruising.

It’s a little known fact that holier than thou Reverend Cliff Richard loves to cruise.

A couple of years after the tragic death of Jill Dando, Reverend Cliff kindly organised a big cruising holiday for his closest chums to celebrate his 60th birthday.

He even managed to act as matchmaker and find a new love for Jill’s fiancé, Alan Farthing.

According to the Mail:

” Jill Dando’s former fiance Alan Farthing last night revealed he is taking the first tentative steps of a new romance with a beautiful actress.

Handsome gynaecologist Alan is dating 35-year-old Helen Hobson.

The couple met eight months ago on a cruise to celebrate Sir Cliff Richard’s 60th birthday”.

Some voices claim that Jill Dando was aware of the paedophile ring operating at the BBC and was going to publish her findings. Cliff Richard was one of the last people to speak to Jill and was questioned by police at the time of her murder.

Barry George was found innocent of all involvement in Jill’s death and was obviously a fall-guy for the Met.

In 2006, Steve Wright was found guilty of the murders of 5 prostitutes in Ipswich, Suffolk.

Wright has always maintained his innocence of the crimes.

The disappearance of estate agent, Suzy Lamplugh, has, to this day, never been fully solved. Several theories have been put forward including one claiming that she was killed by notorious serial killer Fred West

She went missing after going to a property in Fulham to meet a mystery client named ‘Mr Kipper’.

In Judaism, the hat worn by Jewish men is known as a Kippah. Jimmy Savile was a devoted friend of Israel and often wore the hat himself.

Jill Dando lived in Fulham.

At the time of Jill’s death, the Met linked Suzy’s disappearance to the murder.

According to the BBC:

” The policeman in charge of the Suzy Lamplugh inquiry, Detective Chief Superintendent Brian Edwards, is appointed as the investigating officer in overall charge of the Jill Dando murder case.”

In 2011, Mohamed Al-Fayed claimed that the Royals were involved in the death of Princess Diana. For some unknown reason, he likened Prince Philip to Fred West.

Some voices claim that Savile procured victims for the Royals to ‘sacrifice’ during Satanic rituals. Others claim that Fred West was a major player in the procurement operation.

On the comments section of a blog the following claims were made:

Jimmy Savile was a satanist,along with Tony Hardman, Ken Bailey, Stephen Paul Merrfield, David Adams and others.  The satanic circle involved people inside and outside the world of entertainment. David Adams murdered Clare Stagg during the 1980s and Sandra Court was murdered after she recognised some well known faces at the Steppes nightclub in Bournemouth.”

The murder of Sandra Court in 1986 was also linked to that of Suzy Lamplugh but was not pursued by police.

By a strange twist, it emerged during the trial of Steve Wright, that he was once a close work colleague of Suzy Lamplugh.

They had both worked together in the 1980’s aboard a cruise ship.

That cruise ship was the QE2.

Is there more to Savile, the QE2, Satanism, the Royals, mysterious murders and innocent patsies than meets the eye?

We haven’t got a bloody clue.

Have you?’home’.-a0168954072,2366604

15 thoughts on “Satanic Savile, QE2 Death Cruises, Steve Wright, Ipswich, Mr Kippah, Prince Philip, Fred West, Princess Diana, Clare Stagg, Sandra Court, Cliff Richard, Jill Dando and the Suzy Lamplugh connection

  1. Hello There, I have been receiving your newsletter for a little while now and I feel that you are right on the money. I have been repulsed by what the establishment have been doing since learning a lot from the great man himself David Icke, Bless Him. I am also aware that Chris Spivey puts himself on the line for the betterment of every decent human being. I am very grateful to you at the Coaelmanexperience for the work that you do, any more on # britain, I believe ther is photographic evidence of this septic thing! I am putting my love and thoughts out into the Universe in the name of Justice and Balance that all will come to light early in 2014, no more should the innocent suffer for these evil satanic things that think they have power over us! I support you, I support The Peoples Voice and all who want Truth and Justice for all. This is the Year, NOW! Thank You, Best Wishes Peter Giles, S.Wales

  2. Bob Drabwell changed his surname to Bailey. He was involved in the Azimuth Trust, a Cornwall based charity run by a group of paedophiles who procured boys and abused them.
    Drabwell aka Bailey holds a position on the management committee of the Carrick Over 50’s Forum, which has a number of interesting people involved in its heirachy.

  3. The Azimuth Trust laundered thousands of pounds and had a huge paedophile network which spread throughout the UK, involving many schoo;s and businesses.
    It’s members and supporters are still actively involved with their activities and habits, often protected by their influential friends who share their tastes and who because of their high positions have never been prosecuted.
    Ken Bailey,Norman Bilton, Stan Horobin, Tony Hardman and Jimmy Savile , as well as a number of others, managed to introduce many more members and supporters into the evil circle, many of who continue to live outwardly respectable lives.

  4. A number of mysterious deaths, murders and suicides are involved in the huge paedophile,porn and satanic network, in which Ken Bailey, Tony Hardman and Jimmy Savile played leading roles. The network spread throughout and beyond the UK and a number of members live aboad now, including Stanley L. Horobin , who used to transport other paedophles by plane from Christchurch airport, for which he got paid large sums. Horobin had affairs with several women at the BBC, including one who worked with Terry Wogan, who is a decent man and knew something was wrong. Richard Gwynn from Southern Sound, died after ‘falling’ from off the top of Gatwick Airport’s car park. No accident ! Gwynn was researching claims of paedophilia and various deaths. He wasn’t the only victim to be killed.

  5. Richard Gwynn’s research included details of a number of paedophiles involved in broadcasting and media which also involved a hotel situated opposite Two Counties Radio studios in Southcote Road Bournemouth, where he worked in the 1980s as a radio DJ and afterwards as programme comtroller before moving to Southern Sound at Brighton.
    The hotel in Southcote Road which was frequented by some senior managers at the Two Counties Radio, including Norman Bilton, Stanley Horobin and David Porter was raided by the police and prosecuted, for showing pornographic films and distributing porn printed by DJ Chris Denning who ran Zippyprint printing company and who was employed as a voice over and disc jockey at 2CR before and after he served a prison sentence for offences against boys. Denning lived at Bourne Valley Road in Bournemouth near Tony Hardman and Norman Bilton who were involved in the evil network.
    Richard Gwynn was horrified when he found out about the paedophile network and was determined to expose it but he made the mistake of telling Fran Godfrey who he was having an affair with and who was living in Southcote Road, possibly under her married name of Fran Davis or Davies as she was divorced or separated and she was also having an affair with Stan Horobin who got rid of Richard Gwyn who then got a job at Southern Sound, before mysteriously ‘falling’ off the multi story car park at Gatwick.
    Fran Godfrey managed to land a position under Terry Wogan before moving on.
    Jean Paul Hansford became programme controller at 2CR before being caught and prosecuted for child pornography.

  6. John Paul Hansford was found guilty of Child porn offences and went to prison. Felicity Irwin the Magistrate who was sacked as a JP for drunk driving was Chairman of Two Counties Radio when Jean Paul Hansford was Head of Progs.
    He’s still on air

  7. A number of mysterious deaths and disappearances were never properly investigated, including the case of Andrew Knox, an actor and writer who vanished off a ferry travelling from Jersey to England in the 1980s.
    His body was never found. Andrew Knox was the son of Alexander Knox a well known actor.
    Andrew was also a researcher for a number of authors who took the credit for his efforts, which he didn’t publicise, having gained his Cambridge degree after winning a place at the City of London School. No mean feat for a youngster!

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  10. I’m suspicious of the Ipswich ‘ripper killings’ too…they have elements that relate to the ‘masonic’ inspired Jack The Ripper ritual murders. When I say suspicious, I mean in respect of it being a ‘masonic’ driven event…complete with the necessary calling cards and symbolic elements.

    JTR, Canonical 5: Mary Ann Nichols, Annie Chapman, Elizabeth Stride, Catherine Eddowes, and Mary Jane Kelly.
    Ipswich 5: Tania Nicol, Gemma Adams, Anneli Alderton, Annette Nicholls and Paula Clennell.

    Notice the Nichols/Nicholls/Nicol overlaps between both. (Mary) Ann Nichols and Ann(ette) Nicholls.

    Stride & Eddowes, both their bodies were found on the same night/morning. (close proximity to each other)
    Nicol & Clennel, both their bodies were found on the same day. (close proximity to each other)

    JTR…Sir William Gull, the Royal physician who is often suggested as having been involved in the JTR killings.
    Ipswich…The day-to-day investigation was conducted by Detective Chief Superintendent Stewart Gull.

    Too much related ‘masonic’ stink for my taste and why I was always suspicious of the Ipswich event.

    Re Lamplugh etc…
    Kipper is also a fish, is this a potential ‘barely veiled’ red herring element, thrown into the story and a ‘marker’ for those on the inside? There is similar potential in respect of Sarah Payne, who I believe was murdered by ‘masonic’ interests, the painting (allegedly) by Sarah, of the inside of a masonic lodge (pillars, tessellated floor, apron etc). Why is a child supposedly painting images of the inside of a masonic lodge and what would she have been doing there, if it was painted by her? Whiting (a type of fish) was convicted and on what seems to be very shaky forensics etc. The same Sarah Payne and mother, who were then subsequently used by the Murdoch empire…Sarah’s Law, a drive to uncover ‘working class’ type paedophiles, as opposed to elite and connected organised ones!

    Re Fred West…
    The link IS ‘Scotland’ and it always seemingly has been (at least the origins of all this, point that way), his dealings on the club circuit (connected to celebrity) in Glasgow via the Calf Jazz Club (and his first wife Rena). This is where West alleges that he met them all, minor celebs/dignitaries, is likely being implied.

    Fred West:
    “Rena knew all the top stars and that from clubs and that, ‘cos Rena was a stripper in the Calf Jazz club. I mean that’s where we got to meet ’em all.”

    West (and Rena) used to employ Anna McFall as a type of intel gatherer at social type events. She would mingle with young runaways etc, and case them out, find out what their familial ties were…basically ascertain whether they were ripe for use and that no one would notice them missing etc. It was a seemingly well planned and executed operation. Who these victims were really destined for, is another issue altogether and it is appears that West was attempting to get some of this out in his interviews.

    Fred West:
    “She (Rena) was prostitutin’ from the caravan, God knows what wasn’t goin’ on. And she had other girls with her which went to these parties, in the end never seen ’em no more. Because that’s what Anne was used for, was to mingle among these girls and sort out what they were, you know. They’d go and talk to these young girls just starting on the game, you know, sixteen, seventeen years old, where are you from, are you on the run, all that, and once they get to know, you know, runaway from home an’ everything, you’ll do, you know, mates, pals, buddies. And then they got’ ’em. And then they end up in Bristol, whether they supplied ’em anywhere else I don’t know, Bristol’s the only place I know. And that’s where Anne an’ that, Rena come every so often and took ‘er. But I wanted to stop it, I wanted to get Anne out of it. Y’know. ‘Cos she was heavily pregnant, and I don’t want her messed up with things like that.

    Seeing as though Ann McFall was being ‘used’ in this way (which links her to the direct identification and subsequent disappearance of girls) she was always going to be a future target for elimination, for what are obvious reasons, at least imo.
    It also implies that Rena was key to the operation too, likely more so that Ann…West implies that she (Rena) would take these ‘selected’ girls to parties and then we’re told that they’re never seen again. How likely is it that Rena was also doing similar in Scotland?

    I also have suspicions about Ian Huntley (Soham), Stuart Hazell (Tia Sharp case) and ‘the missing architect’ Joanna Yeates (which connects to Bristol area, a la the Wests). The latter, if only for the general ‘missing architect’ mantra…which keys directly into ‘masonic lore’ and the orders infamous ‘missing architect’ aka Hiram Abiff, the tale being central to freemasonry. The ‘missing architect’ who was slain by the 3 Juwes, taking us directly back to JTR and the ‘Juwes’ message, the one deleted by eminent Freemason and Quator Coronati Lodge founder, Sir Charles Warren.

  11. Correction…’The Calf Jazz Club’, should read ‘La Cave Jazz Club’ (Glasgow). The original typed transcript of the ‘Fred and Rose West Murders’ (programme) where I obtained the text, was incorrect in naming it ‘The Calf Jazz Club’.

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