Happy New Year 2014

Happy New Year 2014

As we say a fond farewell to 2013, we can’t help but reminisce over the highs and lows of this most eventful of years.

It started badly with shocking news that BBC DJ and entertainer, Jimmy Savile, had hoodwinked the British public for 50 years. Behind his light-hearted exterior lay a murdering, child-rapist who was part of a Satanic paedophile ring stretching from the BBC to Buckingham Palace.

We then learnt of the vile antics that took place at the Elm Guest House in the 1980’s, where vulnerable boys were trafficked from the Grafton Close care home (amongst others) to be abused by VIP filth.

Some of the names of those who allegedly visited the Elm, made for shocking reading. Rumours emerged that beloved Christian singer, Cliff Richard, was a visitor and used the pseudonym Kitty .

Cliff was also embroiled in scandal of ‘Who killed Jill Dando?’, when it emerged that he was one of the last people to have spoken to her before she was shot, and was, for some unknown reason, questioned on several occasions by police investigating her murder.

Some voices claim that Jill was aware of the BBC paedophile ring and was planning to write about what she knew before her untimely death. In a strange twist, her colleague on Crimewatch, Nick Ross, bizarrely claimed this year that rape isn’t always rape and he’d watch child-pornography given half the chance. Her fiancée, Alan Farthing, has risen through the medical ranks and is now employed by the Queen (how strange).

Cliff himself has renounced his UK citizenship and is a fully-fledged Barbadian. He spends most of his spare time arranging his wig collection and attending church with his male live-in lodger.

The Royals links to paedophiles were blown-wide open this year, when many of their pals were arrested on vile child-abuse charges. These included Rolf Harris, Stuart Hall and Bishop Peter Ball amongst others, not to mention the disturbingly close relationship between Prince Charles and Jimmy Savile.

Another close pal of Savile was former PM, Margaret Thatcher, who died in April. The history books will have to be rewritten to include details of how much Thatcher enjoyed the company of paedophiles and even wanted her Cabinet full of them. Her political toy-boys included William Hague, Derek Laud and David Cameron. What a shower.

More shocking was the revelation that Nick Clegg used to be a Conservative and was groomed for politics by all-round shady person Leon Brittan. Clegg was also very close to child-raping MP Cyril Smith but claims he had no idea that Smith was a paedophile and visited the Elm Guest House.

We then had a break from paedophilic filth, when the Met Police announced the results of two of their most important investigations. How we laughed when they told us that Princess Diana was not killed by the SAS after all, and Gareth Williams was not murdered either, but had zipped himself into a holdall after practising for a stint at the circus. Comedy Gold.

The laughter didn’t last long however, when horrific evidence emerged of the antics of Britain’s despotic social services who have been illegally stealing children from loving families. The vile SS have colluded with corrupt councils, solicitors and secret family courts in order to carry out the mass kidnapping of children on a scale not seen throughout history. Many of these children have been abused in care and forced into paedophile rings but their parents are gagged from speaking out. This scandalous and inhumane injustice has to come to an end and when it does we can look forward to prisons being filled with the social workers and judges who deliberately destroyed these families lives. Their day is coming.

The political filth continued, with news of the arrest of Tory MP, Nigel Evans on male rape charges and reports that Labour peer, Greville Janner was in the frame for alleged abuse of care boys. Take our word for it that these two specimens are just the tip of the iceberg, and 2014 will see even more shocking revelations about current and former politicians (both local and national) that will shake the British Establishment to its foundations.

You see, the network of paedophile abuse depravity spreads so far and wide across this septic isle of ours, that it actually beggars belief. The truth though, will always out.

The year continued with the despicable jailing of Jersey ex-senator, Stuart Syvret, who has spent years trying to expose the corruption and abuse of power by the Jersey Establishment. His jailing appears to have backfired due to the publicity surrounding his case which has shone an even brighter light onto the island’s depraved workings. Its about bloody time the real truth about Jersey was revealed.

We then come to news that beloved monarch, Queen Elizabeth, has started to withdraw from public life. She’s desperately trying the old “due to ill-health and old-age ” chestnut, but that’s just not going to cut it this time. The truth is that Queenie is actually implicated in the disappearance of children in Canada and there is an International Arrest Warrant due to be served on her any day now.

She is also, for the record, a thieving, fraudulent, Satanist who’s up to her eyeballs in sin and debauchery of the highest degree. Indeed, whether she retires or not hardly matters anymore, as she is most certainly hell-bound for eternity. Poor old Queenie.

Fortunately, the year ended on a high with dedicated anti-child abuse campaigners successfully using social media to raise awareness of the paedophilic scum running this country. They managed to get #PaedoBritain trending on Twitter and brought the issue to the attention of thousands more people. Word is spreading like wildfire.

So that was the year that was – 2013.

The year that the horrifying truth about Filthy Britain’s secrets finally started to emerge.

All that remains to say is that we at the Coleman Experience would like to wish our readers and followers the most wonderful New Year 2014 imaginable.

Oh, and a message to all the filth out there who might think they’ve got away with it after all these years.

You bloody well haven’t.

2014 is going to be your year.


4 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2014

  1. The colemanexperience is simply brilliant, for me it has kept a flame of hope burning in 2013, more than any other site. Thank you.

    May god bless you in 2014.


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