Queenie, Death-Beds, Bombay Mix, Jimmy Savile, Missing Children, Princess Diana and the VIP Paedophile Connection

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It hasn’t been the best of weeks for beloved monarch, Queen Elizabeth.

It started badly with news that police officers had been stealing her Bombay mix and salted cashews whilst on palace patrol duties, and ended with a disturbing report about fears for Queenie’s health.

According to the Daily Star:

” THE Queen has dramatically scaled back her public duties, sparking fresh concerns for her health.

Security service bosses fear the 87-year-old is frailer than palace aides are letting on.

One insider told us: “Whenever they ask what is happening, the Royal Household staff just say it’s a private matter for the Queen and her doctors.

“But it’s important as they need to know – we are talking about the head of state.

“The royal family are concerned and so are the security services.”

Royal engagements monitor Tim O’Donovan confirmed the Queen had cut down on her appearances.

Her Majesty was hospitalised in March for the first time in a decade after being struck down by gastroenteritis.

Last month she decided not to go to Sri Lanka for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Conference. It was the first time she had missed the summit since 1973. And Prince William, 31, recently gave up his military career to help out with more official duties.”

Of course, there may be quite altogether different reasons for Queenie wanting to withdraw from public life and they have nothing to do with a bout of the runs.

She may well be feeling the heat over recent allegations linking child-rapist Jimmy Savile, who was procuring children to be raped and murdered by VIP filth, to the Royal Family.

She may be panicking over allegations that she and Prince Philip are implicated in the disappearance of children from Canadian orphanages who have never been found.

She may be terrified that the truth is being uncovered about why thousands of children are snatched each year by despicable secret courts in cahoots with corrupted judges and social workers.

She might be nervy about an International Arrest Warrant issued for her arrest for crimes against humanity, along with ex-pope Ratty Ratzinger.

She may be bricking herself that the truth about the Royals involvement in the death of Princess Diana is being made public at last.

She might be mortified that the Elm Guest House and Dolphin Square investigations will show a direct link between the abuse of care children, paedophile rings and Buckingham Palace.

She’s most likely petrified that her links to Satanism, murder, fraud, child-abuse and kidnapping are about to be revealed after all these years.

You see, Queenie is not the wonderful person we all think she is.

Not by a bloody long shot.

She’s actually the devil in disguise.

Poor old Queenie.

It’s no wonder her bowels are playing up.











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