The Strange Life and Death of Alexander McQueen

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In February 2010, fashion designer Alexander McQueen was found dead in his luxurious Mayfair flat after apparently hanging himself following the death of his mother.

But what do we really know about the life and death of the quintessential bad boy made good?

According to Biography:

” Fashion designer. Lee Alexander McQueen was born on March 17, 1969 into a working-class family living in public housing in London’s Lewisham district. His father, Ronald, was a cab driver, and his mother, Joyce, taught social science. On their small incomes, they supported McQueen and his five siblings. McQueen, called “Lee” by his friends for most of his life, recognized his homosexuality at an early age and was teased extensively about it by schoolmates.”

” At age 16, McQueen dropped out of school. He found work on Savile Row, a street in London’s Mayfair district famous for offering made-to-order men’s suits. He worked first with the tailor shop Anderson and Shephard, and then moved to nearby Gieves and Hawkes.

McQueen decided to further his clothes-making career, and moved on from Savile Row. McQueen began working with theatrical costume designers Angels and Bermans.”

” The collection he produced as the culminating project of his degree was inspired by Jack the Ripper, and was famously bought in its entirety by the well-known London stylist and eccentric Isabella Blow. She became a long-time friend of McQueen, as well as an advocate for his work

” He became head designer of the Louis Vuitton-owned Givenchy fashion line and, in 2004, launched his own menswear line. He earned the British Fashion Council’s British Designer of the Year award four times, and was named Commander of the Order of the British Empire.”

Alexander McQueen was effectively groomed by the British Establishment and was feted for his designs around the world.

He designed suits for Prince Charles, amongst others and was awarded British designer of the Year by Charles in a ceremony in 2001.

Did McQueen have inside knowledge of Britain’s dirty secrets?

Did this knowledge lead to his death?

According to media reports at the time:

” British fashion designer Alexander McQueen has been found dead after apparently committing suicide at his London home.

The 40-year-old was discovered at his property in Green Street, in London’s West End, shortly after 10am on Thursday morning.

Paramedics were called but he was pronounced dead at the scene. Police said his death is not being treated as suspicious.

McQueen’s mother Joyce died on February 2. The designer told his followers on Twitter the sad news the next day.

He wrote: “I’m letting my followers know the my mother passed away yesterday if it she had not me nor would you RIP mumx”. A minute later he added: “but life must go on!”

On Sunday McQueen wrote: “sunday evening been a ******* awful week but my friends have been great but now i have to some how pull myself together …”

McQueen’s Twitter page, McQueenWorld, has been taken down, but according to cached copies his last message was left on Tuesday.

Two police officers were standing on Thursday afternoon outside the entrance to the six-storey red-brick building, in an exclusive area of Mayfair, where McQueen lived.

A man with short blond hair, who said he was Mr McQueen’s boyfriend, was allowed inside at 4.15pm. The man, who did not give his name to reporters, declined to pay any tribute and looked distressed.”

The coroner responsible for the inquest into McQueen’s death was none other than Establishment tool extraordinaire, Paul Knapman.

He quickly blamed depression and drugs on the death and claimed that a mixture of cocaine and an unbalanced mind caused McQueen to hang himself.

By  a strange coincidence, this was virtually the exact wording used by Knapman at the inquest of Mark Speight who alos apparently ‘ hung himself’ following the death of his fiancée, Natasha Collins.

” We now know Rolf Harris has been arrested by officers from Operation Yewtree., investigating a paedophile ring at the BBC.

It transpires that Mark Speight had done a lot of work with Rolf Harris.

At Mark’s memorial, Rolf made an emotional and tearful address:

It was joyful to work with Mark.

‘I realise now that I never told him how much I appreciated his programmes.

‘You realise you should always tell people what you think, you should tell them you love them because it might suddenly be too late.’

Rolf sang Sun Arise, backed by a band complete with didgeridoos.

He also did his version of Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven.”

We know Mark Speight did volunteer work for Childline and was one of their spokesmen and a high-profile campaigner.

Some say Childline is a “front” organisation used to filter out callers who may have been abused by VIP’s.”

Was it mere coincidence that both McQueen and Speight took their lives by hanging themselves?

” In 2009 , a former male prostitute named “ Colin” contacted the journalist Ian Halperin.

” Colin” wanted to write an explosive account of his life and the many encounters he’d had with VIPs.

According to the IUC website:

” A former London male prostitute revealed to IUC how he plans to out Britain’s elite world of gay men who pretend to be straight in a tell all book to be released in 2010.

The former prostitute who lives in London’s exclusive Maida Vale area said he intends to out the likes of Prince Charles, David Beckham and Margaret Thatcher’s late husband Sir Denis Thatcher.

“These blokes can’t even think straight,” “Colin” said.  “I’ve seen them all at down low parties.

Charles is notoriously gay.”

In a strange twist, McQueen publicly criticised David Beckham and claimed:

‘That man is vainer than the veins running through my d**k’ .

In another notorious incident, he sewed a hidden message into the lining of a jacket he designed for Prince Charles.

The message stated:

I am a c***t “.

Is there more to the strange life and death of Alexander McQueen?

We haven’t got a bloody clue.

Have you?’S+SHOCK+SUICIDE.-a0218783883

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