Mysterious Nick Ross

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If you thought for one minute that telly crime-expert Nick Ross is really as he appears to be, you’re very much mistaken.

Beneath the carefully crafted Crimewatch persona lurks an altogether darker and more disturbing character.

We’ve come to believe that Nick Ross is the nation’s face of crime-solving.

A well-spoken and intelligent BBC presenter with an in-depth knowledge of criminal activity in the UK.

A close friend to his (tragically murdered) co-star Jill Dando.

A founding member of anonymous crime-fighting scheme Crimestoppers.

The husband of Childline founder Sarah Caplin.

A trusted and comforting TV face

Or is he?

Possibly not.

The real Nick Ross has started to show his true colours.

The real Nick Ross has been pontificating on whether rape is really rape.

The real Nick Ross has claimed he would watch child pornography given half the chance.

The real Nick Ross did absolutely nothing to find Jill Dando’s killer.

The real Nick Ross didn’t bother looking into claims that Jill was investigating high-level child abuse before her death.

The real Nick Ross is linked to shady Tory donor Michael Ashcroft.

The real Nick Ross formed Crimestoppers with Ashcroft.

Some say Crimestoppers is a ‘front’ organisation, used to filter out reports of crimes perpetrated by the British establishment.

The Crimestoppers phone lines mysteriously stopped working after a TV appeal for witnesses to Jill Dando’s murder.

The real Nick Ross is married to the cousin of Esther Rantzen.

They formed Childline together.

Some say Childline is a ‘front’ organisation, used to filter out reports of VIP child-abuse.

The real Nick Ross claimed that elderly women shouldn’t be on TV.

The real Nick Ross referred to them as ‘mingers’.

The real Nick Ross may well have lots to tell us about Operation Yewtree, Jimmy Savile and the BBC paedophile ring.

The real Nick Ross has, for some unknown reason, decided to keep his mouth shut.

The real Nick Ross is most likely employed by UK intelligence services.

The real Nick Ross may now be engaged in a desperate counter-child abuse revelations ‘op’ for the Government.

They may be using Nick Ross as their mouthpiece.

They may want Nick Ross to try to skew the British mentality.

If Nick Ross says rape isn’t always rape he may have a point.

If Nick Ross says child pornography isn’t too bad we might all agree.

If Nick Ross has nothing to say about Operation Yewtree it probably wasn’t that important.

And, if and when, the true scale of VIP child abuse in this country is finally revealed, we’re quite sure Nick Ross will have words of comfort for the nation:

Don’t have nightmares, do sleep well “.

Does the real Nick Ross have nightmares?

Does the real Nick Ross sleep well?

We haven’t got a bloody clue.

Have you?

3 thoughts on “Mysterious Nick Ross

  1. As the paedophiles are in their thousands with many at the top perhaps Nick Ross may go to sleep one night but never to wake up, that is if he has so much information on the paedos and can name and shame. When on the streets of London filming and interviewing the homeless mostley all from the care system and have been abused once they trust you then out comes the truth and yes CHILDLINE was reported as the key for many paedophiles to pick up the kids who were running away from being abused in the system.
    So now we have SILVERLINE a free phone in system set up by Ester Rantzan what better way to find out from the elderly do you own properties ask of their health who the next of kin is how is their health and yes gate keeping for the millions of pounds in the elderlies homes then along comes the social workers put the elderly in a home and take their property to pay the councils and the private care homes and gone is the inheritance for the family.
    Maggie Tuttle

  2. Yes she is sticking her nose into the tragedy of an elderly couple in Bournemouth who jumped from their high rise flat because they couldn’t face the prospect of entering a care home. You may be on to something Maggie……

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