The New SS: Filthy Britain’s Social Workers have finally gone too far

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After decades of wrongfully stealing children from loving parents, filthy Britain’s social workers have finally gone too far even for them.

The shocking case of an Italian mother being forced to have a caesarean-section so her baby could be snatched and adopted may well bring down the whole corrupted and despicable system.

The social workers claimed the mother was not mentally well and took it upon themselves to drug her, operate on her, and then steal her baby.

If we followed social workers twisted logic it’s highly likely Jesus would have been snatched from Mary because of her claims of an immaculate conception.

The Telegraph’s Christopher Booker, along with brave MP, John Hemming, have exposed the sociopathic actions of Essex Council who are responsible for this vile travesty of justice.

According to Booker:

” Throughout all my years reporting on scores  of chilling examples of what social workers are allowed to do behind the closed  doors of our secret family courts, the case reported yesterday on the front page  of the Daily Mail is not just the most disturbing of all.

It also illustrates how far our ‘child  protection’ system has now gone horrendously off the rails. The facts are so shocking they beggar belief.

A pregnant Italian mother who was visiting  Britain had her baby forcibly removed from her womb by British doctors on the  orders of a secret court, before the child was handed to social  workers.

This 35-year-old mother, who suffers from a  bipolar condition, was visiting Britain for a two‑week training course with  Ryanair at Stansted airport.

Preparing to return home to Italy, having  successfully passed the course, she had a bipolar episode at the airport and  became over-excitable when she thought she had mislaid the passports of her two  daughters who were still in Italy. She contacted the police for help.

When they arrived, she was on the phone to  her mother, so she handed one of the officers the receiver. The mother explained  to the police about her daughter’s mental condition and said she had not been  taking the medication and needed to calm her down.

The police then apparently contacted Essex  social workers — as they are routinely instructed to do in such cases — and told  the woman they were taking her to ‘a hospital to check that your baby is  OK’.

On arrival, she was startled to find that it  was a psychiatric hospital.

She protested that she wanted to return to  her hotel, but was forcibly restrained, sectioned under the Mental Health Act  and told she must remain in the psychiatric hospital.

What happened next, however, was truly  astounding.

Having been held there for five weeks,  pleading many times to be given permission to return to Italy, she was told  one morning that she would not be allowed breakfast.

They would not explain why, and, again, she  protested. She was then strapped down and drugged into a state of  unconsciousness.

Waking up hours later, she found she was in a  different hospital, and that while she had been unconscious, her baby had been  removed by Caesarean section and handed over to social workers.

Only later did she learn that this  extraordinary act had been sanctioned by a High Court judge, Mr Justice Mostyn,  sitting in the secret Court of Protection, and that her baby daughter was to be  sent for adoption. The mother was then deported back to Italy.

In the meantime, she resumed her medication  (as I have found from talking to her, and another judge has confirmed, she is an  intelligent, articulate woman who speaks excellent English) and launched into a  legal battle for her daughter’s return, involving lawyers from three  countries.

These include lawyers in Los Angeles, acting  for the sister of the woman’s American husband, who is father of her oldest  daughter and from whom she is amicably separated.

They agreed that if the baby could not return  to its mother, at least she should be brought up by her wider family — as  British law recommends — by being entrusted to the care of her very responsible  American ‘step-aunt’.

But Essex ruled that this could not be  allowed because she and the baby have no blood tie. The child must, therefore,  be adopted by strangers.

Before I broke this extraordinary story on  Sunday in my column in the Sunday Telegraph, I discussed it with John Hemming MP  and the mother’s new British lawyer Brendan Fleming. Both of them have been  fighting the abuses of our ‘child protection’ system for years, and both say  that this case is, in their experience, ‘unprecedented’.

Indeed, what many people have observed about  the case in the past two days is how strikingly it combines almost every element  in what has made the corrupted state of that system one of the greatest scandals  in Britain today.

For a  start, there is the zeal of social workers to snatch so many children from their  parents without proper justification.

Since the headlines in 2008 of the Baby P scandal — in which 17-month-old Peter Connelly died after suffering more than 50 injuries at home over an eight-month period, even though he was repeatedly seen by social services and NHS health professionals — the number of applications to take children into care has well more than doubled.

But there is now abundant evidence (and the  Mail has played a valiant part in bringing this to light) that many thousands a  year are being removed from their parents for no good reason at all.

Secondly, there is the readiness of the  police to collaborate unquestioningly with the social workers — as in this case,  where they were even prepared  to tell the mother a lie to  trick her  into entering the psychiatric hospital.

Why, also, were the medical staff so ready to  arrange for the baby to be removed prematurely from its mother’s womb and to  conceal what was to be done to her?

Most shocking of all, however, is the way our  courts have managed to hide away the workings of this ‘protection’ system behind  such a wall of secrecy that the outside world cannot be allowed to know what it  gets up to.

Earlier this year the Daily Mail was able to  expose the horrifying case of Wanda Maddocks, jailed in secret by the Court of  Protection for removing her father from a care home where he was being seriously  mistreated, only because the old man had subsequently died.

In fact, it is precisely because judges have  been allowed to wrap this whole system in a far greater blanket of secrecy than  Parliament ever envisaged that so many horrible travesties of justice have been  allowed to flourish unreported.

Few seem to be more aware  of this than  the man who earlier this year became head  of our family courts, Lord  Justice Munby.

Several times, Munby has gone out of his way  to point out to his fellow judges that the only way to dispel the increasing  cloud of scandal hanging over our family courts — and the behaviour of the  social workers who can act only with their authority — is to expose them to what  he has called ‘the glare of publicity’.

In guidelines he issued last summer, and in a  landmark judgment he handed down more recently, Munby has urged that much of  this veil of secrecy must be stripped away.

It is quite wrong, he says, that, simply in  the name of protecting the identity of children, the outside world should not be  allowed to know the names of the local authorities and even the social workers  involved in cases such as these, let alone the names of the judges  themselves.

Since the ending of the death penalty, he  goes on, there is no graver issue on which a judge can be asked to pronounce  than to decide whether a woman and her child should be torn irreparably and  forever apart.

Yesterday came the startling news that Munby,  as our most senior family judge, has summoned the social workers before him  to explain their conduct in the case of the Italian mother.

If the story of what was done to her serves  any useful purpose, it will be to bring home more forcefully than ever just how  rotten this system has become and what terrible acts of inhumanity it too often  wreaks on those children and parents who have become its helpless  victims.

In  that sense alone, it must be hoped, the bringing to light of this horrifying  case — and Munby’s extraordinary intervention — may be a turning point in a  scandal which puts our country tragically to shame.”

We do hope the police and courts are gearing themselves up for a swathe of filthy social workers to be finally brought to justice for their crimes.

After all the misery they’ve wreaked on innocent children and parents they most certainly deserve a long spell in prison.

The time has come for heads to bloody roll.


12 thoughts on “The New SS: Filthy Britain’s Social Workers have finally gone too far


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  5. half of children actually being physically abused by adults are over the age of 5 and are completely off corrupt social srvices radar!!!!

     year before me and my partnerhad or baby we fighta lot which incomes police.  They’re were allegations of minor dv from myself. Things weren’t great. We were living in poverty and his family did not support us being together and caused malicious arguments. i became pregnant and was refused help and was livingin a place with no weeks electricity in the middle of winter pregnant and no Income. My partner fed and clothed me on his jsa. i was overly fatigued in distress so he had to feed me and i was suffering from temporal mandibular joint disorder (diagnosed)

    i had a lot of arguments with him because I was distressed and went to a refuge after calling the police. There were allocations of minor dv however the police added things on there that I never alleged and we’re not true.  

    When I was pregnant and theywere involved I was acutely constantly worried about losing my baby! ! They forced me out of a hostel in my partners name saying I am vulnerable KNOWING I had no family no legal rep advice or recourse to public funds!! I did exactly what they said and signed an agreement of no contact with my partner over an argument as we had a supervision order. They didn’t properly look into the situation and came the next morning with hand written agreements saying if i didnt sign them revomal would be sought. We during they wanted me to do was a threat of removal, and I would jump to it with no representation no advice or thinking.  and I jumped around from bnb to bnb while I Just gave birth! !! I didn’t eat a meal or brushed my teeth in over a week! ! and i was Breastfeeding!! I had no idea where I was going to live or how I was going to eat! ! I found a place to stay until I find long term accommodation and told them the name and address of the people as it was required to do a background check.  I told them early in the morning and they came at 7 o clock saying that it failed and that it was too late to do anymore checks on anyone. You can sign the baby to us now.  I refused. I asked can I go to a hotel?  They said yes but didn’t tell me this!  They don’t help! ! They had no compassion that I moved from a home I had right after giving birth knowing I had no family or money or income or legal advice! !! NO COMPASSION! !

    When I did find long term accommodation after the bnbs that I still am living in now despite them accusing me of being a person who isn’t stable or manages risk even tho I am living in radlett a rich town with over 50 year old ladies in a private home.  No drugs cigarrates or alcohol.  

    I told them that my father was paying rent and that’s it. I had no extra money to go to their appointments or contact for the father every week. I was selling my babies breast milk to make their appointments. I phoned the social worker several times saying that I had no money to go to these appointments.  I can only go to the gp which is walking distance and what the baby needed and i have food at home. I did not have any extra money unless I sold some milk. I got stuck at the contact Centre and got into my partners car and they got a care order and removed my 1 month old breastfeeding baby. Why are they making me go to appointments? ? They Gave me bus tickets AFTER I already lost him! ! That’s showing that they did everything they could to keep us together? ! 

    The local authorities are now officially trying to adopt my son over this report from one man who meet me for 3 hours and is saying that I have a partial diagnosis of a personality disorder bpd. WITH the information they gave to the court illegally. Under the data protection act 1988 which based their questions and Some of their words added to it as well.

    I have never hurt or harmed my son. The parenting report says that I can patent my son and was able to adequately explain in detail what children need eg stability security. The local authorities have no concern about my ability to care for my son.  But however in the parenting report it later on uses my childhood (which they obtained illegally and passed around in court while i was oblivious thus dictating the questions and report givento the psychologist) and the fact that I returned to my x partner, saying that I can’t manage risk. I’ve told them numerous times that I went to a refuge not because I thought he was violent but I said he was because I was living in a place with no electricity and no income in the Middle of winter pregnant. i was desperate. The refuge had told me to leave after my application to income support (you claim when your 29 Weeks pregnant) failed and the refuge worker indicated that someone needed to pay the refuge which people’s benefits do and that I had to Leave. i told the refuge worker that i am going backto mypartner because i have nowhere to go. The local authority Did not take any of this into consideration despite me telling them and continue to say that I am putting myself at risk by returning to him. Where was I  supposed to go with no welfare income?  their grandma’s?  Nor do isee it on any of their reports to this day. Why? What They are using as evidence of a report (which says that ican’t manage Risk) are that I returned to be with him (I had nowhere to go after the refuge worker told me someone needs to pay the refuge) they didn’t mention that.  They keep using situations where I was vulnerable and at a disadvantage against me! ! It’s never on their reports!! One sided! !! 

  6. None of this surprises me at all. I’m a victim of social services, MH services and police also. My mother and sister made unfounded allegations about me. One morning a two social workers and one doctor showed up at my residence where I lived with my mother. They were accompanied by 2 police officers.
    They did not identify themselves and did not explain to me what was going on. The social worker made allegations that I had been arrested in the U.S. and other absurd statements. I simply got up and attempted to leave the premises. This is when the social worker yelled ”you are sectioned.”
    I was brutally tackled to the ground outside the flat and handcuffed. I was then taken to a psychiatric hospital. I was detained for 14 days.
    Horrible things happened to me in that time. I would note here that I was not on any prescribed medication prior, during or after my detention, nor am I under any CPA or CTO or any other mandated program.
    I was taken off section after 9 days but only after I agreed to cease contact with my solicitor and cancel my upcoming tribunal.
    This was a huge mistake. I was promised I would be allowed to leave as an informal patient. I was not!
    When I got out I immediately filed a complaint with the CQC and NHS CNWL NHS.
    For six months the CNWL NHS would not provide me the full names and titles of the ”assessment” team that sectioned me.
    There was no reason for this.

    It was only six days before my SAR (Subject Access Request) for all my files and documents that I was finally given the names of the ”assessment team.”
    When I got these names there was one extra individual sited as a doctor present at my residence on that morning.

    I had been advised by the charity ”Mind” early on during the complaints investigation that 2 medical opinions were required to section someone under section 2 of the MHA.
    I told them about what had happened to me and that as far as we knew there were only 2 social workers (one being a trainee) and one doctor at my residence. These individuals were accompanied by 2 police officers.

    Mind informed me that the second required opinion was …or ”had to be” the clinician at the hospital.

    This information was wrong. A person can not be sectioned by one doctor and then assessed by a second after the fact.

    When I was finally informed of the full names and titles of the ”assessment team” and realized that the second doctor had never been at my residence I naively informed the CNWL thinking that this would be investigated and taken seriously. I also informed the CQC.

    I then phoned and talked to one of the police officers who accompanied the ”team.” He corroborated that him and his partner only accompanied 3 CNWL staff and not 4 as stated by the CNWL.

    When I received my SAR documents including the sectioning documents it was obvious that the AMHP (social worker) who’s hand writing is appalling and distinctive had forged my sectioning documents and had signed for the second doctor.

    I then called the police back and asked for a written statement by the police stating exactly who they accompanied.

    The police Sergeant did not want to give me these statements. He said ”who cares, your mother wanted you sectioned…I said I cared. That my sectioning was illegal and the sectioning documents had been forged and this constituted a crime.

    He said he had ”real crimes to investigate” and then hung up.

    I then wrote to the police commander for Westminster. Her name is Alison Newcomb. Within 2 weeks I received an email stating that both (not just the one officer) stated that they only accompanied 3 not 4 CNWL staff members.

    My mother, who initiated this absurd sectioning also stated that the second doctor was not present. So now, my mother, the police and myself adamantly stated that the second doctor was not at my residence.

    I obtained the signature of the second doctor through business directory where he had registered an LTD corp. The signature and dates did not match my sectioning documents.

    My solicitor then noticed that the printed addresses of both doctors on my sectioning documents were missing. The documents were just plain white blank. Other portions of the sectioning documents had been redacted (censored) in black ink marker.

    My solicitor asked why the printed addresses were missing. The CNWL told her that they were not missing but had been redacted.

    It took months but we got the documents back with the addresses. Sure enough, it was obvious that the second doctor’s address had also been written in by the social worker.

    I had naively informed the CNWL that I believed the social worker had forged my documents and we believe that this is why the CNWL then redacted the documents.
    The addresses and the reason for the redaction were absurd and the manager for the CNWL who was supposedly investigation our complaint (Simon Warren) blatantly lied about the reason for the redaction.

    I have a new solicitor who has agreed to take my case. We are waiting for funding.

    I would note here that I made many attempts to make a criminal complaint with the police but the police would not do anything. I can only assume that they are more afraid of being complicit in an illegal sectioning and kidnapping then in doing the right thing.

    I finally called the police and asked them to put in writing the reasons why they would not take the criminal complaint so I could forward this to my MP.
    I was then told that I could go into a different police station (other than the one where the 2 accompanying) officers had been stationed at and make the complaint.
    I was advised by my solicitor that our best course of action was to proceed with the civil case and then this would then be turned into a criminal case.

    There are a lot more details in regard to my case. This experience has utterly destroyed my life. It has been the worst 3 years of my life. I am thoroughly depressed and exhausted with the entire system.

    In summary

    The police accompanied:

    Leon Gooding (Social worker AMHP)
    Shane Youngs (Trainee social worker)
    Dr. Mudassar Hussain.

    The CNWL state and my sectioning documents state that a doctor name Cameron Ryan was also present and assessed me at my residence.
    He did not! He was never at my residence and I have never ever been assessed by this man.

    I made a complaint to the GMC that went nowhere. I even challenged Dr. Ryan to submit his mobile phone records to establish exactly where he was on the day of my sectioning.
    It’s my understanding that the GMC has never taken action against a doctor when a complaint has been made by a member of the public alone.
    This does not surprise me at all.

    I believe without a doubt that the lead social worker (Leon Gooding) and both doctors have done this before. I believe that they have claimed fees for MHA assessments that they have not in fact attended.

    I informed the CQC of this belief and asked them to audit both doctors documents to check the signatures of both doctors and to see if they were consistent and that the signatures matched. I did this because the CQC said they would not investigate my complaint as an individual but could only investigate my complaint if it pertained to more than one patient.

    To this day the CQC has done nothing to help me. I also informed the East London NHS of the allegations I was making against both doctors and that it was my belief that they should audit all sectioning documents by both doctors.
    They did nothing.

    I would note here that I do not know if the trainee social worker Shane Youngs corroborates the presence of Dr. Ryan. We tried to speak to him directly but were threatened by the CNWL.

    It was only because of Borough Commander Alison Newcomb that I got the email corroboration from the police and this allowed me to obtain a solicitor who is now representing me.
    Whatever happens in regard to my case, I will always be thankful for her honesty and integrity. She could have simply ignored us.

    I want this case to be over so I can leave this country. I have nothing but disdain for the NHS and social services. In particular the CNWL who is run by Claire Murdoch.

    This is a wholly corrupt system and something radical needs to be done.

    I don’t think any of this is surprising. If what I am alleging is true…it would mean that every person that these two doctors and social worker have ever sectioned would have to be investigated. This is a scandal the CNWL simply does not want to face.

    The CNWL is already under investigation by Monitor and is under special measures (yet again) for other wrong doings.

    I am more than happy to discuss my case with any journalist or news organisation. I am naming names in this blog because I welcome a lawsuit against me by either doctor or social worker…..I encourage them to sue me for liable or slander!!!

    I feel so bad for this Italian woman. However, I don’t find it surprising at all. Social services in this country act as a law unto themselves and the MH system is barbaric and Orwellian.

    • Atleast you have a solicitor…keep ontop of it as most solicitor in this country cannot be trusted…I have a similar case against a NHS trust and i am now in the process of getting case transferred to the High court…I could not get a Solicitor to represent me or a barrister EVEN when i had money (i used to work for the NHS)…i caught my local AMPH and hospital committing fraud and using a fraudulent MHA warrant to access me…they locked me up for 7weeks…horrible things happened to me in there aswell..this happened in 2013…Sorry your mother was an acompliance in this….

      one question…Where you given a copy of the MHA section 135 warrant that should have been used to access you since you were in a private accommodations?

      • Thanks reulbium. I have posted on that site before and encourage anyone who has had the unfortunate experience of being abused by the CNWL NHS to do so too. It is so important. If enough people post their stories it might actually make a difference. God knows it is hard enough to get justice…at the very least we can expose them.

      • I can’t tell you how much your reply means to me. I have written you and eagerly wait for your response. It’s amazing that you are going to have your day in court….This is a victory in itself. Thanks again for the reply.

    • S.A. Tehrani please can you get in contact with me at….i would really like to brainstorm with i stated before- i went through the same experience…and i also filled complaints with GMC and CQC..i even filled a complaint against the so called mental health solicitor assigned to me when I was being held…All my complaints fell on deaf ears..but i do have my case currently in court…

      • Thanks reulbium. I have posted on that site before and encourage anyone who has had the unfortunate experience of being abused by the CNWL NHS to do so too. It is so important. If enough people post their stories it might actually make a difference. God knows it is hard enough to get justice…at the very least we can expose them.

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