Was Princess Diana’s Assassination meant to happen in 1996?

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The mysterious death of Princess Diana in 1997, has never been fully explained.

Various theories have emerged over the past 16 years which have cast doubts over the official story that Diana was killed in a crash after a Paparazzi car chase; the most popular being that she was murdered due to her relationship with Dodi Al-Fayed.

Could a more likely theory be that Diana had knowledge of the powerful VIP paedophile ring linked to the UK Government, the BBC and the Royal Family that has been operating in the UK for over 50 years and was about to blow the lid on what she knew?

We now know that Diana was aware of the Elm Guest House scandal, where boys were trafficked from local care homes to be abused by filthy VIP’s. Did this knowledge lead to her death?

Quite possibly, yes.

You see, Diana was meant to be assassinated in March 1996, well before her friendship with Dodi Al Fayed had even developed.

The assassination attempt was made using a white Fiat Uno- the very same car implicated in the Paris crash that killed Diana.

The 1996 attempt failed but it proves beyond doubt that the British Establishment wanted rid of Diana for their own reasons and her death had nothing to do with her plans to marry an Egyptian.

Her death was ordered because she knew all about Britain’s filthy secrets.

Diana should have died in 1996.

By an act of God, she survived that attempt.

Unfortunately, 18  months later, she wasn’t so lucky.

This Mirror article from March 1996, reports on the crash:

” Princess Diana was “extremely shaken” but unhurt last night after being involved in a five-car pile·up in her BMW.

Witnesses said Di – white-faced with shock – was lucky to escape injury as a Fiat Uno  smashed into the driver’s side of her car.

She was driving her dark blue BMW coupe back to Kensington Palace alone after a private visit to a friend when the accident happened.

A passing motorist said the princess was “extremely” lucky. The mayhem left other vehicles “mangled” wrecks.

Witness Peter Hull added: “She looked totally dazed . Her face was shocked white.”

Immediately after the smash in Chelsea, Diana hailed a black cab which took her to the local police station. Officers then drove her home.

It is thought she was following advice that if there was ever any trouble she should head to the nearest police station.

The crash involved a white Fiat Uno which was parked outside a casino in Cromwell Road.

Passers-by said a blue Porsche pulled up behind it and the driver vanished into the casino, leaving staff to park the powerful sports car.

A doorman got behind the wheel but his foot slipped on the Porsche pedals, sending it flying into the Fiat which then careered across the busy two-lane road.

It collided first with Di’s BMW, then a following blue Mercedes. A pink Porsche was also damaged in the confusion.

Di’s smart BMW, which was on loan after an aide smashed her own car last week, was left with a severely damaged front wing. The driver’s door was also smashed in.

But Mr Hull, 25, said she climbed out unhurt. “I saw her face as I passed a mere second after the impact,” he said. “She looked as if she didn’t know what had hit her.”

It was a miracle she wasn’t hurt.”

Another eyewitness said: “I could not believe it when I saw all these cars in a mess.

“I was amazed to see Princess Diana behind the wheel. She looked really shaken up. A taxi driver was being very protective and told everyone else to go away.

“It was a really nasty accident – she was lucky to escape unhurt.

From the look on Diana’s face it seemed as if she was thinking, `God, I don’t need this sort of thing to happen to me right now – I’ve got enough going on in my life without this’. “

The accident happened the night before Diana was due to fly to the island of Barbuda on holiday with sons William and Harry”.

The White Uno’s significance in the 1997 Paris crash is detailed in the Express:

” A WHITE Fiat Uno suspected of colliding with Diana and Dodi’s Mercedes had paintwork matching samples found in the wreckage, the inquest heard yesterday.

There was also evidence to suggest that James Andanson, a French royal photographer who owned the car, had been in Paris following the couple on the night of the crash, despite his earlier denials.

Andanson, who died in a car fire in 2000, is said by Mohamed Al Fayed to have been an MI6 agent in a plot to lure Diana and Dodi into the Alma tunnel and force them off the road.

But the photographer told police hunting the white Fiat Uno involved in the crash that he was not in Paris on the fateful night.”

Princess Diana died in 1997.

She should have died a year before.

Proof-positive that her death was not linked to Dodi Al-Fayed.

Who the bloody hell wanted her dead and why?

It’s high-time we found out the truth.









4 thoughts on “Was Princess Diana’s Assassination meant to happen in 1996?

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  2. Yes it is time, we knew the truth. But with people in high places being involved I doubt that would ever happen. After reading this story it makes more sence why these people wanted Princess Diana dead.

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