The Curious Case of the Carroll Foundation Charitable Trust

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Despite being one of the biggest and most mysterious scandals to rock the financial world, very little is known about the collapse of the Carroll Foundation Charitable Trust.

According to the man at the heart of the scandal, Gerald Carroll:

The Carroll Foundation Trust Criminal Case is the largest organized crime offshore tax evasion fraud heist operation which stretches the globe.”

By a sleight of hand it appears the filthy British Establishment defrauded Carroll out of billions and he now lives in fear of his life.

Are the shady PTB who run this country desperately trying to keep the lid on this and other sordid financial scandals?

Who knows the truth about the Carroll Foundation collapse?

Why has there been such so little media coverage?

In fact, you’d be hard pushed to find more than a handful of articles relating to the Trust and a media blackout on this scale usually indicates a massive cover-up.

One of the few verifiable reports to be found on the internet, is this short piece from the Guardian:

” The inland revenue is completing an exhaustive investigation into the rapid break-up and sale of a multinational industrial group which once boasted assets totalling up to £500m. The report may be passed to the serious fraud office.

At the centre of the inquiry is the Carroll group of companies, a family-owned commercial dynasty stretching back three generations, which seemed in a healthy position in 1992 but had been liquidated by 1995.

The business spanned Europe, Australia and the Caribbean. It embraced sheep farms and meat processing operations in Australia, financial concerns in the Caribbean,  commercial property in Ireland and a 5% holding in the Manchester Ship Canal.

Parts of the group were declared insolvent but it is thought that the inland revenue is not satisfied this was merely a series of routine business failures.

Assets that have been sold off or liquidated include Carroll Aircraft Corporation, which held the licence to operate the civil airfield at Farnborough, and the Burenda sheep stud farm in Queensland, Australia, covering an area half the size of Wales.

Also sold have been the Warren Park stud farm near Newmarket, the London & Central Properties group, alone worth about £100m at early 1990s prices, along with finance and  leasing companies in Gibraltar and the Caribbean.

The family art collection – valued at £6m in 1991 – has been sold, along with bloodstock, fine wines and vintage cars.

Gerald Carroll, the most recent family member to run the business, is not prepared to comment. He lives in Belgravia, London, and is on the board of benefactors of Oxford University, having in 1990 endowed for £1.5m a chair of Irish history which is now attached to Hertford college.

In 1986, the Carroll interests – including 85 companies and the art collection – were placed in a British trust, the Carroll Foundation, thought at the time to be worth a net £250m.

It is known that the Carroll property interests suffered during the slump of the early 1990s and it is believed this may explain the July 1992 decision to move about £100m of assets from the foundation to a new vehicle, called the Urban Finance Corporation, which is understood to have been liquidated in 1995.

The inland revenue is believed to have first taken an interest in the Carroll Foundation in spring 1998 and at about that time to have questioned Mr Carroll as to the fate of his companies and other interests. Since then work has been under way on a detailed report into the foundation, and it is understood this report is likely to be passed to the SFO”.

The only other evidence that the Trust did in fact exist is found on the Charities Commission website:


Registration history:

28 January 1993        Removed- CEASED TO EXIST

26  July 1977              Registered

Charitable objectives:


According to an anonymous blog

” The sensational Carroll Foundation Trust billion dollars offshore tax evasion fraud scandal which is now encircling 10 Downing Street and the Conservative Party has revealed that the Charity Commission of England and Wales has been “named” in the new explosive FBI Scotland Yard prosecution files in this case of international importance.

Sources have confirmed that the dossiers contain a shocking compelling forensic paper trail surrounding bungled attempts by the Anthony Clarke Angel crime syndicate to effectively “airbrush out” the very existence of the Charity Commission “registered” Carroll Foundation Charitable Trust. Further sources have disclosed that a Charity Commission “data search” for the Carroll Foundation currently shows that the trust was “dissolved” on the 28 January 1993 and then “reinstated” on the 26 July 1997 which has prompted close financial observers in the City of London to remark that these serious fraudulent applications to the Charity Commission were clearly an attempt by the Anthony Clarke Angel crime syndicate to liquidate the Carroll Foundation and “perfect the crime” in this massive money laundering tax fraud heist operation which stretches the globe over a staggering sixteen years.

In a stunning twist it has emerged that the case files also contain forensic evidential material surrounding the criminal destruction of the Carroll Foundation Trust’s archival records at a firm of solicitors premises who have been named as Manches based in the City of London and Oxford. It is further understood that the Gerald Carroll Trust life tenant estate records were destroyed at another UK Law Society firm of solicitors Pinney Talfourd of Brentwood and Hornchurch Essex.

The Charity Commission of England and Wales are believed to be refusing to comment on these serious criminal allegations which now confront this major institution that is regarded by many as the charitable trust’s gold standard for regulatory control throughout Britain.

FOOTNOTE:I A 10 Downing Street Cabinet Office leak source has said that these shocking criminal allegations swirling around the Charity Commission are directly linked to the fraudulent incorporation of an “offshore criminal parallel” Carroll Trust which was effectively utilized for the embezzlement of a mind boggling one hundred and fifty million dollars of the Carroll Foundation Trust’s huge treasury investment holdings that are thought to have been held at the Queen’s bankers Coutts & Co and Barclays International.

FOOTNOTE:II The FBI Scotland Yard prosecution files contain a startling litany of twenty eight forged and falsified State of Delaware and UK Companies House “registered” Carroll Trust Corporations which are directly linked to the Carroll Foundation Trust’s surviving six corporations “on register” filed at UK Companies House Cardiff.”

Does the Carroll Foundation case link directly to financial fraud within the Conservative party?

Does David Cameron have inside knowledge about the case?

Isn’t it time to look again at the curious collapse of the Carroll Foundation Charitable Trust?


6 thoughts on “The Curious Case of the Carroll Foundation Charitable Trust

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  2. At last somebody I applying logic here and thinking though the due process scenario, this whole thing should be looked into
    All the executives and trustees should give statements I also have background information which might prove useful

  3. What part does Chilcot play in all of this? To have Cameron linked to a certain Blairmore Holdings Trust and a father who stowed away the family fortune in the tax free Bahamas or somewhere, does seem rather odd.

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