Filthy Britain, St Jude and the Wrath of God

London FloodStormWindLighteningcloudsWrath of Godfilthy britainHelllighteningSt Jude hits Whitehall

The St Jude storm has just hit Britain.

As patron saint of lost causes, St Jude seems an appropriate name for this havoc-wreaking weather system.

Is Britain itself a lost cause?

Quite possibly, yes.

Indeed it may well be that God himself has had enough of this filthy isle of ours.

He may have decided the time has come to inflict a mighty punishment on the child-raping, murderous, thieving sociopaths who run this septic land.

Is St Jude a warning shot to the British Establishment that their time is finally up?

Is God at this very moment preparing a special place in hell for the whole filthy lot of them?

We bloody well hope so.

Don’t you?


4 thoughts on “Filthy Britain, St Jude and the Wrath of God

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  2. Angels playing their HAARP?,betting on the weather and the aftermath nowadays is a multi billion $ game these days, Insure against it then reap the rewards, kinda like 911 but bigger. Britain pissed off Israel in refusing to strike Syria, Jude’s revenge?

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  4. I am British but I agree that this is God`s punishment on the UK. The majority of Britain are in denial that they have angered God and continue to live in disobedience to him. It is my belief that sooner or later God will bring the UK to a terrible end. It has become a nation of arrogance and rebellion and bitterness.

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