Are social services complicit in UK child-abuse networks?

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Time and time again we hear tell of social services departments across the U.K. turning a blind eye to complaints of wide-scale child abuse rings and in some cases being implicated in them.

In the London borough of Richmond, it’s now been reported that social services knew full well that children were being abused at the Elm Guest house.

In Sunderland, former Director of Social Services, Colin Smart, tried in vain to alert his superiors about abuse taking place in children’s homes but was vilified and dragged in front of the High Court for his efforts.

According to a report by Nick Davies:

Cover-up has become part of the story of child abuse, particularly in the children’s homes which were swept by a wave of rape and assault during the last three decades. Over and over again, somewhere in the midst of this wave, a lonely figure would appear, yelling for help, only to be ignored or submerged by the powers that should have reached out a hand.

In North Wales, it was Alison Taylor, the manager of a children’s home, who spent five years banging on the door of her employers at Gwynedd Council, the police, the Welsh Office, the Department of Health, and the Social Services Inspectorate. All turned her away. Undaunted, she compiled a dossier of 75 separate allegations, won the backing of two local councillors and finally secured the conviction of four men for an orgy of abuse. As a result, the Government finally ordered the vast public inquiry which has now heard nearly 300 former residents of homes make detailed complaints of physical and sexual assault against 148 adults.

By that time, however, Alison Taylor had been suspended and sacked.”

In the case of Mr X, Bryn Alyn and the Dolphin Square scandal we find that, rather than stopping child-abuse taking place in children’s homes, social services departments were actually throwing millions of pounds at the owners.

A similar story emerged in the vile Islington care home scandal, which took place with the complicity of social services and resulted in the tragic and brutal death of Jason Swift by perverted child-killer Sidney Cooke.

If, as we’re now beginning to discover, a wide-scale VIP child-abuse ring has been operating in the U.K. for decades, who’s been supplying children to the filthy abusers?

Who else could it be but social services?

Under the guise of ” child protection”, disgusting social workers have been able to gain a steady stream of victims from often poor and powerless families who’ve been unable to fight the system of secret courts and harrassing social services.

According to the Telegraph:

” Hundreds of social services staff accused of disciplinary breaches, including paedophile offences, were left free to look after vulnerable people while decisions about whether they should be suspended or struck off were delayed.

Hearings into their cases were put off for months, and in some cases years, so that the regulator could delay paying the costs, according to a report for ministers. Some of the most serious cases were abandoned with “little or no” investigation, by staff who felt under pressure to shelve cases regardless of the dangers to the public.”

Many decent social workers have deserted the profession and that’s left the gate wide open for only ruthless, aggressive, and sociopathic social workers to remain.

Are these not the perfect characteristics needed for guilt-free child-snatching to satisfy VIP abuse rings?

Yes they well bloody are.

That’s filthy Britain for you.

Even social services are in on it.–Hague-known.html


14 thoughts on “Are social services complicit in UK child-abuse networks?

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  2. It would appear the SS were/are up to their necks in it. The boss of Kingston Council was done too the other week. Secret courts and justice delayed but the tide does appear to be turning. X

  3. The Silent Witnesses Here Lies The Truth.
    This charity was named and registerd after the children abused in the care system and there could not have been a more truer name for a charity.As for the well known saying from governments “In a child’s best interest” this came from Adolf Hitler who always said in a childs best interest as his SS (now social services) was killing the children on mass.
    Maggie Tuttle

  4. I hope the owners of the familiar faces appearing with Jimmy Saville, are suitably suffused with shame at the memory of what they encouraged, even if they claim ignorance of the evil duplicity practised by that scumbag.

  5. Remember it was Adolph Hitler who coined the phrase “In a child’s best interest” whilst his SS were murdering millions of children with his Doctors who were using the children for drug testing and abuse such a shame none of those kids are alive today to speak out and fore the kids of today who have been abused as CAFCASS said to me all kids in care are liers and none no what they want so what has changed , 30 odd years ago I was told by a friend who’s brother was at the time a CID officer in Scotland Yard they knew of Jimmy Savil and one other who is a SIR and that of the abuse of children by these two men and so many morre but because both named men raise millions of pounds for the very big charities nothing could happen to them until they are dead, so do we have to wait for the SIR to die so that thousands of abused kids now adults can have justice, NO because of the cover ups and remember Barnardos who sent thousands of kids to Australia Canada Africa USA he sold every kid for £15 each and that was back in the late 19th centry .
    Maggie Tuttle

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  8. Social services are complicit in both child and elder abuse – they earn money by selling the bodies of the young and by seizing the assets of the elderly. Just see this blog for one example:

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