Prince Charles, child rapist Jimmy Savile, stolen salmon and the woolly buggers


We all know Prince Charles loves nothing better than to befriend paedophiles.

His perverted chums have included child rapist DJ Jimmy Savile, science-fiction author and boy rapist Arthur C. Clarke, filthy Bishop Peter Ball, alleged pervert Rolf Harris and the paedo-guru, Sai Baba.

Quite why Charles enjoys the company of paedophiles so much is an absolute mystery.

One of his closest pals was most certainly the murderous rapist Jimmy Savile.

Charles spent many an hour with Savile, sharing a joke and a love of salmon.

” Prince Charles roared with laughter yesterday as Jimmy Savile fixed it for him to eat Scottish salmon with three French maids.

Charles was greeted with the trio of waitresses when he popped in for lunch at Sir Jimmy’s home in Glencoe.

And the maids, complete with short skirts and aprons bearing the letters HRH 2 were just one of a series of hilarious episodes that marked Charles’ day with the veteran entertainer.

Earlier Sir Jimmy – dressed in a kilt and puffing on his trademark cigar – had welcomed the prince when he arrived by helicopter at Achnambeithach.

After an official visit to the Glencoe Mountain rescue HQ, Jimmy, 72, took Charles home to his two-bedroom cottage nearby – stopping at a post office on the way to collect his pension.

Sir Jimmy, who is a long-standing friend of Charles, said: “He agreed to my invitation to come in and see my friends at the post office and while he was chatting I decided to collect my pension.

“The prince was quite happy to stop and later I bet him he had never seen a pension book before. He said he hadn’t and I said ‘Well this is one, you get them when you are old’.”

When they eventually arrived at Sir Jimmy’s pounds 100,000 home, the waitresses – all friends of the TV star – gave a simultaneous courtesy to greet their royal guest.

Sir Jimmy added: “Prince Charles fell about laughing when he saw the women. He literally walked into my house and was greeted by three French maids.

“I introduced them, saying: ‘This is a little lady called called H, this is a little lady called R, and this is another lady called H.’

“They all curtsied together and he threw his head back and started laughing. “He kept saying ‘marvellous, marvellous’.”

Despite the fact the cottage has no mains electricity or gas, the prince was served a feast of Scottish salmon and lamb.

But even then mischief was in the air, with local gossip suggesting the 10lb fish had come from a nearby river – without seeing a fishmonger’s slab.

Last night Sir Jimmy joked: “Any rumours that the fish was knocked off are scurrilous. As if I would have a knocked-off piece of salmon in my house – especially if it came from a Balmoral river!”

Unfortunately for Charles though, the salmon was indeed ‘knocked-off’.

” Sir Jimmy Savile has told how he served Prince Charles a stolen salmon for lunch.

The eccentric DJ said he gave the 16lb fish to the Prince of Wales when Charles visited his cottage in Glen Coe.

And he said the heir to the throne had a minor panic attack when he found out next day that the salmon had been swiped by poachers.

Sir Jimmy, 84, said: “He phoned up in a right flap. He said, ‘Oh my God, oh Jim, oh my goodness, oh that’s terrible.

Princess Diana once described Sir Jimmy as “a sort of mentor” to Charles.

And yesterday, the former Jim’ ll Fix It host revealed that he took the future king on his first trip to a post office during the Glen Coe visit.

He recalled: “The best bit was when I got the three girls in the shop to dress up like French maids wIth an HRH on their frilly pinnies.

It was brilliant.”

Charles then gives us a glimpse of his regal sense of humour:

” Prince Charles has turned to a cheeky bunch of flies in a bid to catch a salmon.

The prince – who was taught the art of fly-fishing by the Queen Mother when he was a boy – is pinning his hopes on a batch called “Woolly Buggers”.

Charles admits he’s not having much luck on the Dee at Balmoral these days.

So he has put an order in for the unusually-named lures from Kaye Smith, an expert in tying trout and salmon flies.

The royal order came after Kaye’s friend, Bernard Hutchinson, met the prince on a fishing trip to the Falkland Islands.

Kaye, who lives near the fishing town of Grimsby in Lincolnshire, said: “Bernard and the prince got talking while Bernard was fishing.

“He cracked up when Bernard told him he was using a fly called a Woolly Bugger and Bernard said he would send him some before contacting me to put the order in.”

In a letter to Bernard, Prince Charles hinted he had not been having much luck reeling in the salmon.

He wrote: “I hope I have more success at the fishing this year than last.

“I will be interested to see if these flies work on salmon on the west coast of Scotland.”

Two days ago, the prince tucked into his favourite Scottish salmon after popping in for lunch at the Glencoe home of flamboyant TV star Jimmy Savile.

Aren’t we lucky to have Charles as heir to the throne?

He’ll make a wonderful king.’fed+stolen+fish+to+prince’.-a0242044033


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