Hypocrite Hague, Prism, GCHQ, bogus trusts, a mysterious green dress, the death of a style guru and a love that will never die

William-Haguegreen dressPRISM

It’s becoming clearer, as each day passes, that William Hague is up to his neck in doo-doo of the deepest variety.

His hilarious comments yesterday about the disgraceful PRISM US/UK spying scandal tell us everything we need to know.

Rather than criticise the flagrant abuse of powers shown by the US who arrogantly monitor and collate all internet data with the full support of GCHQ, Mi5, and the UK government, Willie instead played on the old line :” if you’ve got nothing to hide you’ve got nothing to fear’.

That tired and weary crap might have worked in the past but quite frankly it’s not going to work anymore, especially when bald hypocrite Willie spouts it.

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

This is the same Willie who used to own a flat in the notorious Dolphin Square complex which is linked to Operation Pallial, boy-brothels and covert Mi5 and Mi6 blackmail stings.

” He allegedly took full advantage of all the extra-curricular activities on offer to him.

According to the Dolphin Square Trust, Willie loved nothing better than to work up a sweat at the gymnasium and spent a ridiculous amount of time there.”

This is the same Willie who claimed he only shared a hotel room with his male office-help because he wanted to save the taxpayer money.

The Foreign Secretary issued an ­extraordinary personal statement last  week about the nature of his relationship with 25-year-old Chris Myers.

Mr Hague, 49, dismissed “utterly false” rumours about his friendship with Mr  Myers who worked as his special ­adviser at the Foreign Office. But he did  admit they “occasionally shared twin hotel rooms” to save money.”

This is the same Willie who loves nothing better than to cavort half-naked in wrestling gear with his very close pal Seb Coe.

After he lost his seat in 1997, he ( Seb Coe)  was scooped up by the new Tory leader, William Hague, still a great personal friend.

While George Osborne and The Times’ Daniel Finkelstein provided political strategy, Coe’s job was to ensure both the party (with its devastated finances and denuded staff) and Hague himself shaped up.

He had him eat pasta salad and take up judo.

The rumours of semi-naked wrestling in the gym under Jeffrey Archer’s apartment building played into speculation that Hague was gay.

” It was absolutely risible, but that’s life,” says Coe.”

This the same Willie who pretended he was donating money to his charitable trust but the trust didn’t even exist:

”  TORY Leader William Hague  said he’d give cash from his speaking engagements to a charity that NEVER existed, it emerged last night.

For two years, he listed a charitable trust in the Commons Register of Members’ Interests, saying it would distribute the money to good causes in his Richmond seat.

Channel 4′s Mark Thomas Product discovered that Hague’s register entries for 1999 and 2000 said:

“Any fees received as a result of speaking engagements will be paid into the William Hague Charitable Trust.”

But yesterday, Conservative Central Office admitted that the trust did not exist.”

This is the same Willie who employed a style guru but he mysteriously died shortly afterwards:

The dapper fashion and etiquette expert John Morgan was hired by Willie and he immediately advised him to ditch the baseball caps.

” Hague is seeking help and has recruited the services of style guru John Morgan to spruce up his image.

Morgan, 39, described as a “Burlington Bertie” because of his dapper appearance, is associate editor of GQ magazine and editor of Debrett’s Guide to Etiquette and Modern Manners.”

Unfortunately. less than 18 months after his appointment, he was dead.

“ The death of the man seen by many as the guru of style and good manners remains a mystery after a coroner recorded an open verdict.”

“John Morgan, the etiquette guru credited with persuading William Hague to abandon baseball caps, has died after apparently falling from a window.

Mr Morgan, 41, was found dead outside his third-floor flat in Albany, central London, in the early hours of Monday.”

This is the same Willie who for some unknown reason kept a ladies dress in his office:

Tory leader William Hague was left red-faced after staff cleared out his old House of Commons office and found a Size 10 DRESS in a drawer.

  One of the women cleaners took the green taffeta frock to 36-year-old Mr Hague’s new office _- the Opposition leader’s suite vacated by Premier Tony Blair.

  And, unwittingly, she barged straight into a meeting of Shadow Cabinet ministers.

  Mr Hague blushed as the woman asked what she should do with the puff- sleeved dress.

  “Oh,” he stammered: “It belongs to an old flame . Just dump it.”

  The woman took it home. “But it’s far too small for me,” she said. “I’m thinking of giving it to a gay friend.”

So you see hypocrite William Hague is really the very last person to be pontificating on what law-abiding citizens get up to.

He himself has everything to hide and everything to fear.

If that isn’t the case why doesn’t he release all of his own emails, personal data and phone calls?

Of course Willie won’t allow that to happen.

He wouldn’t bloody dare.














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