Cliff Richard, Operation Fernbridge, UK tour, super-injunctions and the end of a national treasure


It seems that ‘Congratulations‘ are in order for beloved Christian singer Cliff Richard.

Britain’s national treasure has played the first of his UK gigs to resounding applause.

Of course, many of his mumsy fans will be unaware of Cliff’s latest worries.

Cliff has been named as a regular at notorious boy-brothel Elm Guest House.

Cliff apparently used the pseudonym Kitty to hide his true identity.

Cliff may well be a ‘person of interest’ to police officers at Operation Fernbridge.

Some of Cliff fans claim he only visited the hotel to express his gaydom.

They say they’ll still support him even if it turns out he loves men.

If that’s the case then why doesn’t Cliff come forward and let us all know if he has any evidence of the sexual abuse of boys at the Elm?

Maybe he saw something that could help officers.

He may well be an unwitting witness to crimes against vulnerable boys trafficked from local care homes.

Cliff’s word would be accepted by officers due to his Christian faith and unblemished past.

Some fans may wonder why Cliff has taken out a High Court super-injunction to prevent the press from reporting on his links to the boy-brothel.

If Cliff is totally innocent he has nothing to hide.

Some fans may also wonder why Cliff recently renounced his UK citizenship and became a Barbadian national.

Why on earth would he?

Isn’t it about time Cliff explained himself to the British public once and for all?

God won’t be happy if he doesn’t.


7 thoughts on “Cliff Richard, Operation Fernbridge, UK tour, super-injunctions and the end of a national treasure

  1. Richard has spent decades keeping his homosexuality out of the press. If he says he went to elm but can’t help police, he is admitting that he is gay.

    Its not rocket science.

  2. Oh snap. I knew something was funny about Cliff but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. It makes sense now.

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  5. It would make no difference whatsoever to his millions of fans whether he were gay or straight ..its not about sex with the fans ..its who he is and what he stands for …he has been set up by the police and the BBC together ..and you with your horrid remarks will find this out before long

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