MI6 boozers, flash car freaks, dirty tricks and the mysterious death of Gareth Williams


What do we really know about the death of ‘spy-in-the-bag’ Gareth Williams?

Did MI6 have a hand in his demise?

Did MI6 utiltise their standard modus operandi by blaming his death on a sordid sex-act gone wrong?

Could it be that Gareth had stumbled upon explosive evidence of British establishment shenanigans?

Was his bizarre and high-profile death actually a warning to other spies to keep their mouths shut?

According to his family, Gareth was very unhappy with his job at MI6 and hated the booze and fast-cars culture at Vauxhall Cross.

He wanted to cut short his secondment role but MI6 wouldn’t let him.

He also claimed he was being followed shortly before his death.

” THE plot thickened yesterday in the real-life spy mystery of the top MI6 codebreaker found dead in a holdall.

Amid accusations of dirty tricks in the shadowy world of espionage, the first day of the inquest was told victim Gareth Williams had complained of “friction” with other spooks and was about to quit the job.

His family believe secret service agents may have been involved in his baffling death.

He was so unhappy with his work he had cut short his secondment with MI6 and had been due to leave days after his body was found in the locked bag in his bath, his sister Ceri Subbe told the hearing.

Ms Subbe said he did not feel comfortable with the job, which was “not quite what he expected”.

She said: “He disliked office culture, post-work drinks, flash car competitions and the rat race. He even spoke of friction in the office.”

The maths whizkid and ace codebreaker, 31, was on secondment to the Secret Intelligence Service from communications surveillance agency GCHQ in Cheltenham, Glos.

Police believe he died in the early hours of August 16, 2010 – a week before an officer discovered the rotting corpse in the spy’s locked apartment in Pimlico, London.

A post-mortem and further tests found no trace of drugs, alcohol or poison and the police probe also failed to establish a cause of death.

Two “bag experts” are due to give evidence to the inquest on whether it would have been possible for him to have padlocked himself inside.

And to add to the mystery, police say a woman’s wig and lady’s clothes were found in the single man’s flat.

Ms Subbe, who was accompanied by her parents, engineer Ian Williams and his wife Ellen, told the hearing her brother was on a three-year secondment in London but “as time went by his enthusiasm began to fade”.

He had already packed his bags and had spent an increasing number of weekends at his parents’ house in Anglesey, North Wales .

But MI6 had “dragged their feet” in approving his request to leave.

His family want to know why the alarm was not raised when Mr Williams initially failed to turn up to work by colleagues, who described him as being as reliable as a “Swiss clock”.

By the time a police officer was sent to at the flat and the body was discovered, it was so decomposed that evidence had been lost.

PC John Gallagher said he had been on patrol on August 23 when he was told to carry out a “welfare check” on Mr Williams, who had not been seen for many days.

The front door was double-locked and he was let in by a property agent. In the living room, PC Gallagher found a mobile phone and two SIM cards on a table and a laptop on the floor.

And he told the inquest: “My attention was drawn to a lady’s wig hanging on one of the corners of a chair.”

There were some full yellow sports holdalls in the bedroom – and then in the en-suite bathroom he noticed a bulging red North Face holdall in the bath with the zips padlocked together.

PC Gallagher said he only noticed the “particular smell” of a body when he tried to lift the bag up. “It is unusual because normally you would expect to smell it earlier,” he said.

“I looked at the bag to try to get a picture. I noticed that the side nearest the door had a round bulge. “I noticed there was a padlock with the two zips joined together.

-”At this point I am realising it is something serious and my concern was to not damage anything in a crime scene.”

He lifted the bag up slightly and could see red fluid seeping out.

“Then there was the smell,” he told the hearing. “Probably as a result of moving the bag.”

Mr Williams’s family have claimed that “agents specialising in the dark arts of the secret service” had possibly cleaned the flat after his death to hide clues.

There are 6 key questions that must be answered:

WAS there someone else in the flat with Gareth Williams when he died?

POLICE say it would have been impossible to get into the locked bag alone. Mr Williams’s body had no signs of defence injuries from a struggle. The flat was double locked and there was no forensic evidence of a third party.

WHY did it take so long to raise the alarm?

MR WILLIAMS was last seen on August 15, 2010, and police believe he died in the early hours of the following day. But he was not reported missing by anyone until his sister rang police seven days later.

WERE the dark arts of the spooks involved?

HIS family suspect members of an intelligence service were involved in what they see as a possible murder and cover-up.

WAS Mr Williams being followed?

A FRIEND is said to have told police he had told her he feared he was under surveillance.

But he did not reveal by whom.

WAS Mr Williams’s work behind his death?

HE had just returned from holiday in the United States but neither MI6 nor GCHQ have wanted to make public what the codebreaker was involved in at the time of his death.

DID a sex game go wrong?

THERE was no trace of alcohol or recreational drugs in his body. But if he was interested in auto-eroticism why was not picked up when he was vetted?

Isn’t it about time we found out what really happened to Gareth Williams?




10 thoughts on “MI6 boozers, flash car freaks, dirty tricks and the mysterious death of Gareth Williams

  1. This might have something to do with his death.
    Congress investigating British companies but not our own government – why?
    In 2010, the Manas Transit Center, a key US-led air base operating in support of the war in Afghanistan, contributed to $123.5 million to the Kyrgyz economy, $60 million of which was rent payments made directly to the Kyrgyz government. A further $21.9 million was paid to Manas International Airport in “airport fees, land lease and contracts.”
    August 2, 2010, by Seth Hettena
    Doug Edelman is the Californian at the centre of a congressional investigation into a $1.4 billion contract to supply aviation fuel at the U.S. air base in Kyrgyzstan, a critical hub for the war in Afghanistan.

  2. And this.
    Ex Dep. Asst. US Sec of State opens up a Pandora’s Box @ 22 Arlington Street. London
    We also have the past case of ex GCHQ worker Katharine Gun who was facing jail for exposing American corruption in the run-up to war on Saddam. Gunn worked at the very secretive facility – Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) in Cheltenham.

  3. Why the investigation went nowhere.
    Part 3 of this “Pandora’s Box” series will reveal how such people as the head of INTERPOL, Jackie Selebi, came into the pockets of a high profile crime network. Selebi was head of the South African Police, who used the proceeds of ‘crime money,’ to have a ‘slap up’ dinner in London for his initiation as the President of INTERPOL.

  4. One last comment I promise.
    On 16 August 2010, Cairn announced that it had entered into a conditional agreement with Vedanta Resources plc for the sale of a percentage of its shareholding in Cairn India.
    Prime Minister, David Cameron, to intervene with the Indian Prime Minister, regarding the Part Sale of Cairn Energy’s (British Company) Share Holding in Cairn India to Vedanta Resources (Indian Company).
    From N.M. Rothschild Corporate Finance Limited :To provide the liquidity required to enable the Group to agree contracts for two state of the art drilling vessels for its 2011 dual rig exploration programme offshore Greenland, Cairn has entered into a stand-by secured revolving debt facility of US $900 million, which will also provide funding for general corporate purposes. The facility is provided by Standard Chartered Bank, Bank of Scotland Plc, Crédit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank, HSBC Bank PLC and Société Générale.

    • Gareth Williams was not only aware of Prism, he was actively in the process of exposing it. Not wanting to take any glory away from Ed Snowden, but Gareth was the first to try and expose it. He had worked at NSA, downloaded many documents, and was prepared to go to the press (although remain Anonymous).
      Thanks to Ed Snowden! (not going to give any credit to the journalists he’s working with)… people can now leak documents to the press, and say it came from Ed! GENIUS! 😀

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