Queenie, Britain’s dark forces, Woolwich attack fakery and the MI6 connection


We now know the Woolwich soldier ‘attack’ may well have been faked.

It’s strange how the staged event took place only weeks after a new head of M15 was appointed.

” The father of the alleged ‘Woolwich terrorist’ Michael Adebowale  is a diplomat.

He works for the Nigerian High Commission.”

People are claiming that Adebowale was an MI5 operative.

Lots of people claim that MI5 and MI6 are involved in dirty tricks and the “dark arts”.

Some say that MI6 killed spy-in-the-bag Gareth Williams.

Some say that Britain’s intelligence services blackmail VIP’s with compromising child-abuse pictures.

Even Queenie herself is petrified of her evil secret service spies.

Remember this?

” PAUL Burrell’s astonishing revelations in the Daily Mirror yesterday about his talk with the Queen stirred up fears over the work of Britain’s intelligence agencies.

She warned him: “There are powers at work in this country about which we have no knowledge.”

Her apparent allusion to dark forces raised concerns over the possibility that parts of national life could be run by an unelected, secret society.

Such claims have always been dismissed as the fantasies of conspiracy theorists.

Although she did not specify who she meant, many believe the Queen may have been referring to MI5 and MI6 – the national and international security services .

The Government could be drawn into the row, with questions in the Commons aimed at Home Secretary David Blunkett, in charge of MI5, and Foreign Secretary Jack Straw, responsible for MI6.

The Queen’s claim seems to suggest their work goes beyond anything sanctioned by the monarch, the highest authority in the land.

Princess Diana was convinced she was being constantly watched, even on her honeymoon.

Mr Burrell told how she ordered a private security firm to sweep her Kensington Palace apartments for bugs. The Squidgygate saga seemed to confirm her suspicions.

The notorious mobile phone conversation between the princess and lover James Gilbey were played at a frequency radio hams could pick up on two occasions. A similarly damaging explicit conversation between Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles was broadcast. On both occasions, Buckingham Palace made no attempt to investigate the source.

Conspiracy theories have also suggested that security services were somehow involved in Princess Diana’s death in Paris in 1997.

Similar suspicions about the assassination  of US President John F Kennedy are centred on the work of the secretive CIA..

But the British establishment has always sniffed at theories surrounding our own security services.

Palace sources have tried to distance the Queen from Mr Burrell’s claims, saying she would never have discussed matters of national security with a butler.

But Mr Burrell, who remains loyal to the Queen, insisted: “She fixed me with her eye and made sure I knew she was being deadly serious.

“I had no idea who she was talking about. There were many she could have been referring to but she was clearly warning me to be vigilant. It was not a threat. It was sound advice. She had my interests at heart.”

The Queen may have been referring to one of these groups…

MI5: Supposed to be the secret eyes and ears of the Government.

Diana’s former bodyguard Ken Wharfe claimed MI5 was behind the Squidgygate tapes.

Her minder Barry Mannakee died in a motorbike crash in 1988. Friends of the police sergeant believe he was killed by MI5 for getting too close to the princess.

MI6: Its network of agents control thousands of spies. Dodi’s father Mohamed Al Fayed claims MI6 was involved in Diana’s death.

In 1993, former MI6 officer and spy James Rusbridger confirmed phone taps on the royals existed. He also claimed two members of the royal family enjoyed kinky bondage in 1994.

Two days later he was dead.

SPECIAL BRANCH: Officers specialise in undercover work, exposing plots against the state. They work with the royals and this year it emerged that frequencies used by officers can be picked up by radio hams.

CIA: Mohamed Al Fayed’s appeal to get the secret CIA files on the Paris car crash was rejected by a US court two years ago.

NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCY: This US agency tracked Diana and Dodi on a yacht in Sardinia and then passed the details to MI6.

DEFENDERS OF THE REALM: Unidentified, self-appointed figures. Conspiracy theorists believe they identify threats and “nullify them”.

Who really controls Britain?

Who are Britain’s ‘dark forces’?

Why is Queenie scared of her own intelligence services?

Are we about to find out the truth after all these years?

We haven’t got a clue.

Have you?










4 thoughts on “Queenie, Britain’s dark forces, Woolwich attack fakery and the MI6 connection

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  2. Are you kidding me ? The British Queen isnt scarred of her intelligence forces – she´s warning Paul Burrel of her capabilities. There is no way, Princess Diana could have been assassinated without the Queens consent. I believe that the protection given to MI6 files under the Official Secrets Act should be set aside in the public interest in uncovering once and for all the truth behind the dramatic and historically momentous events that lead to the murder of Diana, princess of Wales. I believe tat that Tony Blair was the fasilitator between the Queen and Richard Dearlove, the head of MI6, who ordered David Spedding, Richard Spearman, Sherad Cowper-Coles and Nicolas Langsman, to come up with a plot to kill Diana. Richard Dearlove was in Paris just 14 days before DIana´s assassination. 6 MI6 officers of high ranking were replaced very shorlty before the crash. Robert Fellows was in Paris that week-end, a witness came forward and identified him. Out of 11 based MI6 officers present in Paris that week-end, only one was ever questioned at the Inquest but never cross-examined, That was Nicolas Langmann. Diana´s murder was a highly sophisticated vehicular homicide attack, aiming at killing the Princess of Wales. Diana survived the crash adn was finished of in the ambulance at the hands of Dr. Arnoud Derossi and Jean Marc Martino, Diana´s medical doctor, who wasnt a qualified physician on the 31.8.1997. This is the “doctor” responsible for Princess DIana´s medical treatment. If this had been Jacque Chirac, would they have put a medical student in charge of his medical treatment ? Would they have left him in the tunnel for 81 minutes ? Princess Diana was in the Alma Tunnel from 00:23 – 01:44 and she was in the ambulance for 60 minutes from 01:06-02:06, before she was delivered to La Pitie Salpetriere Hospital in an unsurvivable condition. It took the ambulance 01:43 minutes to travel 3.8 miles.

  3. Oh, and Princess DIana never had a cardiac arrest in the Alma tunnel, the only cardiac arrest she suffered that night, was at La Pitie Salpetriere Hospital, at 02:12, from which she never recovers. She had an electromechanical dissociation of the heart for 2 seconds, which medical student Jean Marc Martino admitted, at the London Inquest, under pressure from Tom Tressure, the Inquest cardio-thoracic surgeon.

    • A ventricular fibrillation leading to a cardiac arrest in something very different than a electromechanical dissociation of the heart. Read John Morgans Inquest series, begin with the Paris-London Connection ( 2012 ) and The Documents The Jury Never Saw from 2010. This is the forensic evidence of Princess DIana´s assassination.

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