MI6, British diplomats, William Hague, Dolphin Square and the VIP child-abuse connection


How much do we really know about MI6?

According to Wikipedia:

The Secret Intelligence Service (SIS), commonly known as MI6 (Military Intelligence, Section 6), is the agency which supplies Her Majesty’s Government with foreign intelligence. It operates under the formal direction of the Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC) alongside the internal Security Service (MI5), the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) and Defence Intelligence (DI).

It is frequently referred to by the name MI6 (Military Intelligence, Section 6), a name used as a flag of convenience during the Second World War when it was known by many names.[2] The existence of MI6 was not officially acknowledged until 1994.”

An ex-spy, Richard Tomlinson, sought to expose MI6 when he was sacked in the nineties.

Tomlinson claimed that many British diplomats are in fact employed by MI6.

” BRITAIN’S undercover spies were named on the Internet yesterday – by one of their own.

Traitor Richard Tomlinson listed the locations of six MI6 offices throughout Europe and identified spies working for the Secret Service.

Cambridge graduate Tomlinson, known as Agent T, worked in Moscow gathering secrets on Russia’s nuclear missiles.

He also infiltrated a Middle Eastern arms buying network, seeking information on Saddam Hussein’s forces.

But he was sacked in August 1995 on his return from a spying mission to Bosnia. The reasons were never disclosed.

The former agent claimed he was releasing the highly sensitive information because MI6 has restricted his personal freedom by preventing him from entering certain countries.

Tomlinson had previously been foiled in his attempts to use the Internet to publish state secrets.

Treasury solicitor Anthony Hammond, the chief Government law officer, obtained an injunction in Switzerland two weeks ago which closed down an earlier website.

He also acted against the Internet site when it later started to be generated from America.

Tomlinson’s web pages, on a site run by Lausanne Internet service provider Internet service provider (ISP)
Company that provides Internet connections and services to individuals and organizations. F

In the document, he threatened to publish the rough draft of his book which he had shown to the Australian publisher and which he had been prosecuted for.

Another page read:

The objective of MI6 is to steal the secrets of other countries.

 “Most of the secrets are stolen by MI6 officers working abroad under cover as British diplomats..

“If you want to find out who is breaking the laws of your own country, just click on the map below to find your nearest MI6 office!”

” The father of the alleged ‘Woolwich terrorist’ Michael Adebowale  is a diplomat.

He works for the Nigerian High Commission.”

People are claiming that Adebowale was an MI5 operative.

Britain’s diplomats are employed by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

The FCO is controlled by William Hague.

William Hague is linked to the North Wales VIP child-abuse scandal.

The North Wales child-abuse scandal was never fully investigated.

The North Wales child-abuse scandal is linked to the notorious Dolphin Square complex in Pimlico.

Many MI6 operatives have flats in the complex.

Some say that MI6 filmed child-abuse taking place at Dolphin Square in order to blackmail the abusers.

William Hague used to live at Dolphin Square.

Brave MP, Geoffrey Dickens gave Leon Brittan a dossier outlining abuse claims.

Brittan did nothing.

An MP friend and ally of Dickens, Iain Mills lived at Dolphin Square.

Mills died of an apparent drink binge in his flat despite colleagues claiming he was a tee-totaller.

Derek Laud and Ian Greer are implicated in the Dolphin Square scandal.

Westminster Council officers are linked to the Dolphin Square scandal.

Charles Napier is a central figure in the child-abuse scandal.

Napier used diplomatic privileges to smuggle child-pornography into Britain.

According to the Mirror:

”  In the picturesque Dorset town of Sherborne, Charles Napier is an upstanding member of the community.

He is known as a respected retired languages teacher, a playwright and theatre director.

Only last month he gave a lecture on William Shakespeare at the town’s literary festival.

But Napier’s sordid past threatens to drag him into the heart of new inquiries into a child abuse scandal spanning three decades.

Evidence now being examined by Metropolitan Police detectives links Napier to Peter Righton, one of Britain’s most high-profile paedophiles.

Righton is now long dead. But Napier is not. Now 68 and living with his mother in the West Country, he could prove a vital witness to the unfolding police inquiry into child abuse on a massive scale in this country.

Both men were linked to a shadowy organisation called the Paedophile Information Exchange which campaigned in the 70s and 80s for what they called the age of “child love” to be reduced to four.

Righton was a founder of PIE, Napier its one-time treasurer. Righton, incredibly, was also one of Britain’s leading child protection specialists.

But when police raided his house in Evesham, Worcs, in 1992 they found not only hard-core child abuse images from Amsterdam but a “quarter-century of correspondence” between paedophiles in Britain and around the world.

The probe led police to the kitchen of a flat in South London where they found a letter from ‘Napier – who had a child assault conviction 20 years before – boasting of his life in Cairo as a”British Council teacher.

He bragged of easy access to young boys and how he could send obscene images back to Britain in diplomatic bags.

Is there more to MI6, diplomats, William Hague, Dolphin Square and VIP child-abuse than meets the eye?

Isn’t it about bloody time we found out?

















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