4 thoughts on “Breaking news: Operation Yewtree and Operation Fernbridge in Cliff Richard appeal

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  2. A 6th form colleague of mine back in 1963, was in a support pop group, playing at the Colston Hall, before the headliners Cliff Richard and the Shadows. He got chatting to Jet Harris, in the course of the evening and Jet confided that he could not stay in the Shadows much longer, because of the homosexual advances of the illustrious singer. Indeed it proved to be be so, and Jet left. Moreover he was completely ostracised when Shadows reunions took place in future years, by the said singer. So plenty of people in Bristol knew about CR in 1963, cos people love to talk. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to catch on. Hasn’t CR been living with an RC priest for most of his life? Well enough said. I am afraid his meeting with Jesus the Christ, in the hereafter, won’t be as he has predicted! Indeed if he had ” come out ” as Elton John has done, and dropped his holier than thou image, I am sure people would accept him for what he is. But as for his visits to Elm House. No that crosses a different line and it’s a prison stretch for a long time for me. But we all know that there is a gigantic cover up as your articles have highlighted.

  3. As long a CR puts money into the crowns coffers by still being still a nice little earner he wont be arrested. Look at Gary Glitter he became unproductive, No more millions of £ money going into the royal coffers, bang he is arrested. It looks like the nonce Richards is going the same way as Glitter, UNPRODUCTIVE, NOT WANTED ANYMORE.

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