Britain’s care home scandal: abused children would be far safer sleeping on the streets


If you thought the emerging scandals surrounding the abuse of vulnerable children in Britain’s care homes was a new phenomenon, think again.

It’s an absolute outrage that despite so many enquiries, police investigations and reports over the past 20 years, nothing seems to have changed

This 1997 article by Tony Parsons, could just as easily have been written today.

Isn’t it high bloody time this filth was exposed once and for all?

” No country that fails to protect the children in its care can call itself truly civilised.

And for generations our children’s homes seem to have been run for the benefit of
child abusers rather than the youngsters they are meant to protect.

Sir William Utting has published a devastating report into the abuse of children who are taken into care.

The 230-page report, People Like Us, was commissioned last year after a series of abuse scandals in council-run homes.

It reveals in graphic details that children in council care and foster homes are often at risk from the very people who are meant to protect them.

Sir William says that children in care become heartbreakingly easy targets for “paedophiles who target children for
sexual abuse” and “adults who take advantage of abusive regimes”.

He is also critical of fostering, which provides a home for 35,000 children, saying, “the isolated nature of foster care means children are at risk of abuse”.

Sir William’s report paints a savage picture of widespread child abuse that seems closer to the England of Charles Dickens than the New  Britain  of Tony Blair.

A third of children in care do not receive a full-time education. Children who run away are either never traced or returned to the same people who raped them.

The children most likely to be abused are the youngest, the disabled and those with emotional problems.

It is a strange kind of caring we provide for these forgotten children.

It is a strange kind of home.

Their parents can’t care for them.

And so it seems that nobody will.

Child abusers flock to children’s homes like flies to honey. And Sir William’s report suggests that they get away with it because nobody wants these kids apart from the sickos who inflict damage that lasts for a lifetime.

There have been massive cutbacks in children’s homes over the last 20 years. There were 40,000 places available in homes when Thatcher came to power. Now there are only 8,000.

But this scandal goes way beyond party politics.

There are currently more than 30 police forces making inquiries into sexual abuse in children’s homes and some of them go all the way back to the Sixties.

The abuse of children in state care has been a covert national pastime since the Beatles were in the charts.

Our child care system stinks.

Abuse is endemic.

These homes are there to protect the children who have no adult to shield them from the world – truly the most
vulnerable members of society.

Instead they hand them over to paedophiles, who treat a children’s home as their own private bordello.

No doubt there are devoted carers of children, good homes that give youngsters protection from
cruel and abusive parents and loving foster parents who are bringing up somebody
else’s son or daughter as if they were their own.

But when we look at the catalogue of misery inflicted on children in care – what Sir William Utting
memorably calls “a crash-course in human wickedness” – God knows that there is
little room for congratulations.

As Sir William says, just one abuser in a children’s home will abuse hundreds of children in the course of his career.

Until not one of these maggots is allowed anywhere near a children’s home, council care will be about as safe as a concentration camp in Nazi Germany.

Tonight thousands of British children, kids no different from your child or mine, will go to sleep in state-run homes.

And it is a national scandal that many of them would be safer if they took their chances sleeping on the street.”

What a truly damning indictment of filthy Britain.’s+abused+children+would+be+far+safer+sleeping+on+streets.-a061057929


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