The shared passion of Cliff Richard and Melvyn Bragg


It’s a little known fact that Cliff Richard and Melvyn Bragg share a passion.

You might assume it’s a passion for the arts.

In January 2000, Cliff was awarded top prize at Melvyn’s prestigious South Bank Awards ceremony:

Pop legend Sir Cliff Richard has been honoured at one of Britain’s most high-brow arts awards ceremonies.

After another year of chart-topping success, Sir Cliff, 59, walked away with the prize for Outstanding Achievement at this year’s South Bank Awards in London.”

” Sir Cliff was clearly moved – and stunned – by his tribute from Melvyn Bragg’s highbrow arts programme before the who’s who of the artistic community.

Accepting the award, he said:

“I love it when we all get together.”

However, that’s not the shared passion we mean.

You might assume it’s a passion for religious icons.

Melvyn is fascinated by Mary Magdalene:

It’s Good Friday, so it seems fitting that Melvyn Bragg is on the trail of one of the most famous figures in Biblical history, Mary Magdalene.

Who was this woman? Was she really a prostitute? And did she witness the Resurrection?

 Melvyn reflects on her importance in the early days of Christianity, and takes a look at the way she’s been portrayed across the centuries”

Cliff is fascinated by Jesus:

Jesus changes your attitude towards yourself and towards other people.”

But that’s not the shared passion we mean either.


The shared passion we’re talking about is of an altogether more unsavoury nature.

It’s a shared passion that would horrify the good folk of Britain if it were ever made public.

It’s a shared passion, so sordid and debased, it literally beggars belief.

It’s a shared passion only the sickest and most debauched amongst humanity would be involved in.

Cliff and Melvyn are not who you think they are.

Not by a long shot.


9 thoughts on “The shared passion of Cliff Richard and Melvyn Bragg

  1. Yeah I can’t figure out where you are going with this. Well I can, but I can’t see how you arrive at your claims over Bragg unless it is merely by association with Cliff Richard.

  2. It’s all very well saying the 2 of them are into something unsavoury what is it . If you know what it is and do nothing about it your by informing us the people so that we can get it out ourselves to let the people know . It’s no good mentioning it and not saying anything about it .

  3. This Coleman Experience is a sneering, nudge nudge, get the celeb, piece of crap journalism.. If you believe that Messrs Richards & Bragg have done something heinous then SAY IT.. IF you are sure that your facts are right and they have done something so vile that the Public will be horrified then PRINT IT.. THIS is the Cowards way of doing it.. Heavy hints and NO substance.. What has happened to our Society that we allow this sort of attack on people. I am very uncomfortable that it is now so PC that an accuser remains anonymous but the accused is vilified in the press, even BEFORE there is a trial.. AND I am NOT anything to do with these Celebs.. In fact I grew up in 60s London and had experience myself of ‘Establishment Power’ which sometimes I felt had used me to it’s own ends (like it doesn’t go on still today) BUT I was NOT a victim, I learn’t from the experience and moved on, a lot more cynical and definitely wiser..

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