Paedophile Stuart Hall, Tom Pendry and the obscene epitaph

Stuart Halltom-pendry

The filthy BBC paedophile Stuart Hall has this week been found guilty of the sickening abuse of young girls, some aged only nine.

BBC broadcaster Stuart Hall has admitted 14 charges of indecently assaulting girls, one aged nine.

The 83-year-old of Wilmslow, Cheshire, pleaded guilty at Preston Crown Court to the offences, involving 13 victims, which occurred between 1967 and 1985.

The ex-host of the BBC game show It’s a Knockout was bailed and is due to be sentenced on 17 June.

According to the Daily Star, Hall may have been part of a wider paedophile ring which included a member of the House of Lords.

Pervert telly star Stuart Hall was a member of a paedophile group including a member of the House of Lords, one of his victims has claimed.

The woman told how the unnamed peer “helped” Hall carry out his decades of abuse.”

In 2010, the Daily Mail carried an article about Hall which contains a shocking reference to his nickname and to Labour Peer, Tom Pendry:

Stuart Hall, fresh from filming a new Walkers Crisps advert in Africa with Gary Lineker, received a telephone call this week from old friend Lord Pendry, the former shadow sports minister.

Tom rang me to say he had a strange request from a newspaper to contribute to my obituary,’ said Hall.

‘How about that?’

As it happens, the idea for an epitaph had just come to him.

‘When I played (he was once offered terms by Crystal Palace), Joe Mercer called me a fanny merchant because all I wanted to do was beat people.

I would not mind being known for that.

Was vile Hall having a sordid in-joke with his close chum ?

Isn’t it time the police had a word with Pendry and asked him how much he knew about Stuart Hall’s filthy predilections?


6 thoughts on “Paedophile Stuart Hall, Tom Pendry and the obscene epitaph

  1. Stuart Hall was a Labour Party member up until ten years ago.More embarrassment for Labour who have more child sex offenders past and present in their ranks than any other political party in Britain.

  2. The close friend of them all was the Tameside Council leader R.Oldham a mastermind of deception and avoidance.
    Dead for 2 years his tentacles were everywhere and still active within the corrupt sleazy Labour Council for 26 years.
    They have been are immune regardless of the known trtuth in Tameside and the blame rests firmly on Blair who knew exactly what was going on.
    Yet the filth and shite get rewards courtesy of their large despot cartel.
    In 1995 the Labour controlled Tameside metropolitan borough council, the Local Authority which had administered the area covered by the Stalybridge and Hyde constituency since 1974, made Pendry an honorary Freeman of the borough. At the same time, the council granted him the Lordship of the Manor of Mottram in Longdendale. Tameside Council have named part of Trinity Street in front of the old Stalybridge market hall, Lord Pendry Square.[3] Stalybridge Celtic have named one of their stands The Lord Tom Pendry Stand.[4]
    The Council leader lived in Mottram and gave Council funds to Stalybridge Celtic,its awash with incidents yet Governments
    have ignored the supplied facts.
    Time to destroy the vermin in our midst

  3. It seems to me that those on high seem to protect people like Hall until the biter end. There are already cynical moves by the hall camp to downgrade his crimes as “misdemeanours”. I have heard him described as a.good father. Charitable etc…the man has admitted abusing children….. He needs to be punished and suffer as he has made his victims suffer……

  4. Tom Pendry is referred to in the letter sent to Yasmin Alibhai Brown by one of Stuart Hall’s victims. But will the police arrest the now Lord Pendry?

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