Cliff Richard, Uri Geller and the spoon-bending children’s choir

Cliff1  gellerUri

How we wept when we read this moving account of spoon-bender Uri Geller’s concert for Children of Africa.

According to Uri, who’s a very close friend of Greville Janner, he was thrilled to attend the charity concert along with Cliff Richard (a.k.a.Kitty).

His spoon-bending went into overdrive however when the 3000 strong children’s choir started to sing:

” I hadn’t expected to meet the singer Patti Boulaye there, and it was a delight to talk with her again — she’s one of the most committed and energetic people I know.

She reminded me that I’d joined her onstage at the Royal Albert Hall, about six years ago, for a concert to raise funds for Patti’s charity, Support For Africa.

Cliff Richard was at that show, and the Seventies disco divas Boney M, as well as bestselling novelist Freddie Forsyth — but the real stars were the 3000 children who came from all over Britain to form an awesome gospel choir.

I always find it easiest to bend spoons when there are youngsters around, recharging the atmosphere with their energy and, as I picked up my first piece of cutlery, the bowl flew off as if it had been hit by a bullet.

The next arced upwards more gracefully, and I auctioned it for a four-figure sum to an ebullient computer tycoon sitting in one of the Albert Hall boxes.”

Good Lord.

We had no idea bending could be so thrilling.

Wonder if Cliff enjoyed himself…



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