Surrey Police, the mystery singer and the ever-so friendly tip-off


In January 2013, the Mirror carried an article about police investigations into an alleged high-level paedophile ring that operated at the Elm guest house in Barnes.

“A list of names seized by police probing allegations of child abuse includes ministers, members of the royal household and a world-famous pop star, the Sunday People can reveal.

All were recorded as visitors to a suburban guest house that operated as a gay brothel.

Now some could be suspects in an investigation into a network of powerful people who were secret paedophiles for years.”

The following anonymous comment was made on a political blog which was discussing the list:

” Could this be the same quite famous singer who in the early days of his career also used to hang out in Morocco with Krays, Coward etc, and now lives in Surrey?

Is he the same singer the local police went to see before news of the So-vile scandal broke and warned that he should stop attending certain parties in the county held by rich business men who were shipping in pre-teen male children from South America for weekend-long orgies and then promptly shipping them out again – allegedly?

If so, unthinkable to even imagine that the police might have given him a bit of ‘friendly’, and why?

Because it came from on high, and though the local plod were disgusted and wanted to act, those on high felt the nations psyche wouldn’t benefit from such news – the singer being a good ……… and all.”

Is there more to the Elm guest house scandal, Surrey police and the mystery singer than meets the eye?

We haven’t got  a bloody clue.

Have you?


12 thoughts on “Surrey Police, the mystery singer and the ever-so friendly tip-off

  1. I wish I had time to read this article properly, but alas I’m off on my summer holidays so will check in when I return.

  2. Woo Hoo, only 240 days until Christmas, I just love a bit of Mistletoe and Wine. Tho all I really want for Christmas is a jail full of convicted paedophiles.

  3. Tee hee these people are the worst kept secret on the net. Time the plod started investigating just why Mr Saville OBE etc. etc. was friends with so many in high up places and started interviewing them instead of going for the small fry Z list aged comedians etc. as scapegoats to keep the public happy. Time to interview ‘the untouchables’ now!!

  4. Guildford Police, part of Surrey police, have deliberately distorted my evidence into the abuse I suffered at the hands of a paedo GP; they are also, along with the NHS, guilty of defamation of character. They have also covered up the repeated theft of medical documents from my home, 20 private diaries chronicling the years I was left insane in the community on Seroxat, hacking of my computer and bugging of my phone. Could the CE please research Glaxo Smith Kline? The Daily mail says that they have unofficially paid the NHS and its cronies £300 million; they also hinted that the company had employed private investigators to hack and bug individuals and to access health records – my entire medical history is a work of fiction

    • My mum was on Seroxat for years. Isn’t it “funny” that when she was taken off it, there were no more suicide attempts. Some “anti-depressant” eh 😦 My sympathies for your situation.

  5. I would say the tip off is a deliberate false trail. That bachelor boy, beloved of grannies, could hardly be said to be a “superstar”. There is only one “superstar”who fits the profile, only one person with the wealth, power, connections. Only one British superstar who’s arrest really would have such profound repercussions, such as the shock of the death of Princess Dianna, leaving behind two young sons. The only person who’s fame, fortune, connections, current situation, are so extraordinary, that it might well be difficult for the police or even the public to accept their demise, as to make an exception for something which happened decades ago. The boy, now an adult, will be richly rewarded to maintain silence, the legal team will do a deal behind closed doors and that will be the end of it. Well until said superstar dies, and the story comes out.

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