Operation Pallial,Sister Latex, Mr X and the Dolphin Square connection

Mr Xdolphin_squarepic

We hear news today that Operation Pallial is finally making progress with the North Wales abuse scandal.

We do hope police are linking it to the filthy goings-on at Dolphin Square.

According to the now-defunct Scallywag magazine, a high-level paedophile ring, headed by Mr X ( John Allen), was used by top politicians in the U.K., via the notorious Dolphin Square complex.

The abused boys were taken from North Wales care homes to be abused by VIPs.

” This ‘rent boy’ ring has operated for more than 20 years, and is still operating at addresses all over Britain, despite the fact that the mastermind behind it all is at present on bail awaiting 10 specimen cases against him.

There is overwhelming evidence that, for years, young boys in care were systematically raped and abused by Mr X and many other influential people and that thousands of pounds of public money was misused in order to set up ‘training camps’ at children’s homes in Wrexham, Holyhead, Gwynedd, Shropshire and London, where children as young as four were schooled in the art of male prostitution.”

” We have evidence that Alan Beck, known as Sister Latex, was accused of raping an underage boy in his care”.

” Alan Beck helped organise a farm holiday for the kids at Greystone Heath.

The trip was under the stewardship of a newly qualified social worker called Alan Langshaw who was suspended from his duties during a later spell at a home in Formby.

Langshaw was a close associate of paedophile Steven Norris, who also went on the trip, and has since been convicted for child abuse.

While at the farm in Leicestershire, David Sellers was raped savagely by Beck. The day afterwards, a distraught

Sellers told Wrexham police everything that had happened.

Beck was questioned at length, but, mysteriously, no prosecution followed.

This was almost certainly due to the fact that Supt, Anglesea was the man in charge.

It is not unreasonable to speculate that Sister Latex called in a few favours from his old chums in order to get himself off the hook”.

” There can be little doubt that one of Britain’s most ambitious and profitable paedophile rings, run by a ruthless pervert, had direct connections with leading Tories; that large sums of public money were misused to fund a network of rent boy brothels; and that politicians involved in the ring were fully aware of these funds being misappropriated”.

We sincerely hope the police are doing everything within their power to investigate these horrific claims.

We sincerely hope the police are re-interviewing the boys who made these and other allegations about the abuse they suffered.

We sincerely hope the police are looking very carefully at historic abuse claims linked to Dolphin Square.

It’s about time this filth was uncovered.


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