Cliff Richard, Operation Fernbridge, Operation Yewtree, Elm Guest House and the Kitty connection


Rumours abound that holier-than-thou Cliff Richard is in someway linked to police investigations of the debauched Elm Guest House.

Rumours also abound that Cliff Richard is also linked to the Jimmy Savile Operation Yewtree investigations.

Are these rumours mindless gossip or is there more to Cliff than meets the eye?

Operation Fairbank was a secretive Met operation investigating historical abuse allegations, first raised by brave MP Geoffrey Dickens.

The allegations centered around claims that politicians and VIPs were involved in a child abuse ring at the Elm Guest House in Richmond.

According to the Exero News website:

‘Met secretly reopens case of ex-senior politicians’ alleged links to ‘paedophile ring’.

by David Henke, David Pallister and Fiona O’Cleirigh, 14 December 2012 Exaro News

“Police are investigating former senior Conservative figures and other prominent people over allegations of sexually abusing boys in a guest house in the early 1980’s.

Exaro can today reveal that the Metropolitan Police Service has already spent several weeks secretly examining claims of a paedophile ring centered on an address in Barnes, south-west London, which then operated as Elm Guest house.

The case is at the heart of ‘Operation Fairbank’, which is examining a wide variety of claims against several senior political figures that they sexually abused children.”

Police ‘twice failed to probe paedophile ring  at guest house’

Met investigates why officers closed down case on alleged child abuse twice before.

by David Henke, David Pallister and Fiona O’Cleirigh, 14 December 2012 Exaro News

“Police are accused of twice failing to investigate former senior Conservative figures over allegedly visiting a guest house to sexually abuse boys three decades ago.

Case files obtained by Exaro show how the police were told in 2003 that children were “procured from care homes” to work at a guest house frequented by “ex-ministers”.

The Metropolitan Police Service is investigating why its own officers dropped the case. It is part of ‘Operation Fairbank’, which is examining claims of a paedophile ring of a range of prominent people that centered on a property previously operating as a guest house.”

In February 2013, Operation Fernbridge was launched as a full criminal investigation into the abuse but it remains unclear why the Met began it’s inquiries in secret.

A report in the Mirror claims that Richmond Council staff were told when allegations were made about the guesthouse but again no action was taken:

” Bosses at Richmond Council failed to investigate a VIP child abuse ring despite senior figures being warned about abuse, according to Exaro investigative website.

Former staff confirm abuse at the notorious Elm Guest House was brought to their attention three decades ago when allegations were made about the guesthouse being used as a paedophile brothel.

But no action was taken – sparking fears of a high-level cover-up involving council officials and other senior figures, the Sunday People can reveal.

The guesthouse is being investigated by officers from Operation Fernbridge, who are investigating claims boys were trafficked there from nearby care homes.

The latest revelations – made by former head of children’s services Terry Earland to Exaro and the Sunday People – lend weight to the claims there was a cover-up involving key council figures.

Mr Earland revealed that on at least two occasions he referred complaints of sexual abuse from children to police and colleagues at the council.

But he said that they were not properly investigated even though he is certain that the complaints were genuine.

Mr Earland said: “I would say, almost certainly, of course it was discussed within the council.

“It has been something in my head all the time that I was at Richmond. I am pleased that it has come out again.”

Scotland Yard officers have taken a statement from at least one of those victims, and regards him as a very credible witness and crucial to their current investigation under Operation Fernbridge.

Since November last year, the Met has been investigating allegations that boys in care were sexually abused at Grafton Close children’s home, which was run by Richmond council, and at Elm Guest House nearby in Barnes, south-west London.

Police are investigating whether MPs and other VIPs sexually abused boys at the guest house.”

According to the Needleblog :

I can confirm that documents seized under warrant by members of the Operation Fairbank police investigation team (now Operation Fernbridge) as evidence in the Elm Guest House paedophile scandal (1979-1982) allege that Cliff Richard, Pop Star and Actor, was a regular visitor to the guest house where the abuse of young boys trafficked in from local care homes took place.

As such Cliff Richard  is likely to be a ‘person of interest’ to the police in regards to the Operation Fernbridge paedophile investigation.”

A list has appeared on the internet claiming to show the names of VIPs and politicians who visited Elm Guest House.

The list details Cliff Richard (who was allegedly known as Kitty) as being a regular at the house of filth.

Cliff is now back in the UK and about to start a tour.

Isn’t it time he made a concerted effort to clear his name?

People are starting to talk…


22 thoughts on “Cliff Richard, Operation Fernbridge, Operation Yewtree, Elm Guest House and the Kitty connection

  1. On aangirfan blogspot, some anonymous left a very interesting post:

    “Anonymous has left a new comment on your post “JIMMY SAVILE, CHILD MURDERERS, TOP PEOPLE”:

    Ian Brady while in the army was given “special training”.

    This was mental conditioning by Winston Churchill’s doctor Lord Moran and his appointee, William Sargent at Porton Down.

    Brady was one of many trained killers who went “wrong”.

    I know another quite personally and he has told me lots about who the government want dead.

    Lord Boothy demanded from the Krays that C#### ####### be delivered to his address.

    On the Monday morning an ambulance arrived at Goodmayes hospital with a woman in a state of hysteria.

    As she was brought in, her makeup was all smudged, her wig had fallen off, her frilly panties were soaked in blood and she claimed she had been brutally raped.

    On examination the lady turned out to be a man, and gave the name Harriet Webb.

    She claimed Lord Boothy and pals brutally raped her continually and tie marke on her wrists.

    That lady was said to be ##### R###### ”

    The “lady” was CLIFF RICHARD, hats off. His real name is Harry Webb, as we all know, so its easy to connect the dots between him and his female alter ego (at least one of them) “Harriet”. Although I said the same. As if in the end the truth about Sir Cliff or else wouldnt come out….

    Another post by the same anonymous:

    “Anonymous has left a new comment on your post “JIMMY SAVILE, CHILD MURDERERS, TOP PEOPLE”:

    Allegedly singer arrested and cautioned under real name (H#### W###) for Importuning in a public lavatory in Southport. Same source – an ex cop – stated that singer allegedly travelled to his villa in Portugal each year in company with a ‘young boy’. More than ten years later it came out in the press that said singer had a place in Portugal. Curiouser and curiouser… ”

    Again its about Cliff, who owns a home in Portugal as well….

    • I’ve read that bit elsewhere, but no one seems to know where the story originated. It just gets reposted without any research. Can someone look into this?

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  6. Chris Fay has said in an interview on youtube that there is not anything to suggest that Cliff Richard was involved in anything dodgy. He claimed that he had been staying there with an alleged boyfriend. Then it becomes very vague because his nickname was Gladys …he said his real name was Norman…but most people say it was Ronnie Wells. Sounds rather strange…and vague to say the very least!!

  7. well this is certainly news for me….Cliff’s involved in homosexuality…paedophile…oh come on….sexual abusing young boys in home care…sounds a bit too much…and now what is the name…kitty. norman or gladys…

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