Westminster Council and the case of the seedy casting-couch

pink sofa

The time seemed right to re-post this:

There’s very little left that could surprise us about filthy Westminster Council.

The latest rumours about them are no exception.

According to a tip-off from an insider, you can allegedly only rise through the ranks at WC if you’ve used their very seedy political casting-couch.

The more “favours” you’re willing to do, the higher you’ll go.

Fed-up being a lowly councillor or officer?

Want to try your hand as a Director or prospective parliamentary candidate instead?

Don’t waste your time with local issues then.

Don’t bother trying to help residents with real problems.

Don’t even attempt to engage with your community.

What’s the point?

So much easier to find out what your “master” wants and give it to him.

Why not watch some seedy films too while you’re at it?

Why not get involved with even more filthy and heinous activities to show you master you’ll do anything for him?

After all, you’re all in it together.

Of course, there may well be ramifications for their actions right around the corner.

It may be that the truth about filthy Westminster will come out very shortly and all those who spent time on the casting-couch will regret it big time.

Won’t that be a shame?








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