Prince Charles sheds tears for his beloved valet


We all know Prince Charles adores his former valet Michael Fawcett.

He even burst into tears when he was ordered to sack him:

”  It was a measure of how close Michael Fawcett was to the Prince of Wales that when Charles summoned him to Highgrove to dismiss him a few years ago, the confrontation left both men in tears.

The Prince felt he had to get rid of his trusted valet because Fawcett’s bullying manner with other Palace servants was having a disastrous effect on staff morale.

In the end Charles just did not have the heart for it, so Fawcett was not sacked after all.”

Charles has always relied on his beloved Michael:

” His main job was to organise the Prince’s social diary and entertaining – everything from overseeing the catering to sorting out the flowers – but in truth he was relied on to provide advice and assistance on a whole range of other matters.

As Charles is said to have remarked once:

I can manage without just about anyone, except for Michael.”

Charles even relied on Michael to squeeze toothpaste onto his toothbrush for him.

In another, frankly bizarre incident, Michael even held a urine specimen jar for Charles whilst he went for a medical piddle.

Although Michael was embroiled in a cash for gifts scandal and was forced to resign, there wasn’t a hope in hell that Charles was going to let him go.

He found him a role as a party planner and fixer and to this day the pair are still extremely close.

Some have claimed that their relationship is much more than it appears.

George Smith, a former valet of Prince Charles, was vilified in the press when he made the following allegations:

–     that he was raped by a favoured servant of the Prince Charles

–     that the servant was himself in a relationship with the Prince of Wales, who protected him.

The allegations made international headlines in November 2003 and were the subject of a legal injunction.

George Smith suffered a breakdown.

He said at the time:

” I lost my job, my house, my wife and children because it all became too much for me…

Today I feel under great stress again because the establishment is mounting a campaign against me

. They are very powerful and privileged and have lots of money to pay lawyers to prevent me from telling the truth.”

George Smith died of unknown causes in 2005, at the age of 44.

Charles and Michael are both very much alive.


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