Breakfast in bed for the Royal and his male servant


It’s easy to forget the many tales of debauchery involving the Royal family.

Here’s a little reminder:

” Today the Sunday Mirror can reveal sensational details about the so-called “rape tape” – the 60 minutes of royal secrets and scandal threatening to tear the monarchy apart.

All week rumours have been circulating about the recording Princess Diana made with former royal valet George Smith.

In it, Smith tells how he witnessed a “shocking incident” between a member of the royal family and a servant, who he claims also raped him twice.

Mr Smith’s brother Bryan has also kept the secrets of the tape for seven years. But today he gives the fullest account so far of what his brother says happened and what Diana was told during the taped conversation.

“George never really quite believed his eyes – but he will never forget what he saw that day,” said Brian, 41.

And he reveals how his brother George claims he:

CAUGHT the royal and the servant “tucked up” in bed together as he delivered breakfast to his room.

FIRMLY believes Diana’s car crash was no accident.

FEARED for his own life after being laid off by the Palace after making rape claims against the servant.

SLUMPED into alcoholism and was recently sacked from his latest job through ill health.

BELIEVES the tape is still in existence.

Bryan said: “I’ve sat down with George on numerous occasions and listened to him relive what he saw that morning. I know he isn’t making it up. I have never doubted George is telling the truth. He is not a liar.”

The last time the tape was seen was just after Diana’s death when her butler Paul Burrell , opened a mahogany box at Kensington Palace.

It is believed to have been recorded in either late 1995 or early 1996 after George went to see Diana and claimed that he had twice been raped by a servant.

Diana met George on four occasions to discuss the rape allegations while he was being treated at the Priory clinic in South West London The first time was a general visit to ask how he was, but on the second occasion Diana covertly taped his rape confession. But she was certain he had more to tell.

And after he was released from the Priory she invited George to Kensington Palace where they chatted and drank champagne together.

Three weeks later she visited him at his home when Diana asked him: “Have you got anything more to tell me?”

She then added: “Are you fine about being taped?”

According to  Bryan, it seemed Diana was far more interested in what George had stumbled across one morning in the early 1990s.

Bryan said: “George has talked to me about the tape and what’s on it. He said that although Diana was keen to get evidence against the servant who he said raped him, she was far more interested in what he had to say about the other incident.”

“It was around 8am and the senior butler was on a day off, so it was George’s job to take breakfasts to the rooms,” said Bryan. “He had done this before and the protocol would be to give a gentle knock on the door, open it, and leave the tray on a table inside.

“But when George knocked and opened the door of one member of the royal family, he said he almost froze in shock at the sight before him. He said it was completely surreal.

The royal and the servant were tucked up under the sheets, lying next to each other.”

Contrary to reports, George categorically told his brother that he did not see the two men engaged in a sexual act.

Bryan said: “George has told me there was no physical activity but you didn’t have to be a brain surgeon to work out what had been going on. George hesitated for a split second, put the tray down and then left – very swiftly.

There was no word from the royal or the servant. And they never mentioned it to George.”

The burden of the rape claim and being the keeper of a royal secret has taken its toll on George, a 43-year-old Falklands veteran.

Today he is a depressed, jobless alcoholic living in South Wales with his father. He was sacked from his last job as a theatre assistant at the Royal Gwent Hospital  because he had taken too many days off sick.

Bryan said: “George was devoted to the royal family, but when he needed their support they didn’t want to know. They swept his rape allegations under the carpet because they were so worried a member of the royal family would be outed as a homosexual.”

George has claimed he was raped twice by the servant, once at the servant’s house and again in 1995 during a royal tour, when the servant crept into his room at a British Embassy.

“George couldn’t cope and began drinking heavily,” said Bryan. Soon after, he split with his wife Yvonne and suffered a nervous breakdown nervous breakdown .

But there was one person who suspected there was more to his emotional downfall – the Princess of Wales.

She  was the first person he told,” said Bryan. “He felt he could trust her. She said she’d sort it.”

Diana was understood to have gone straight to Charles with the rape allegations. St James’s Palace ordered an internal inquiry, but it came to nothing. George later got a pounds 38,000 pay-off.

Bryan said his brother was also convinced Diana’s death was not an accident. “The first thing he said was,’no way, that wouldn’t have happened’. George said Diana being followed by the press was a daily thing. and no way would she have driven at 120mph .”

The public might never have got to hear about the tape if it had not been for the bungling of the Burrell investigation.

It was the search for the tape that prompted the police raid on Mr Burrell’s house.

But George feared for his own safety when royal officials investigating the aftermath of the Burrell trial wanted to talk to him. “They said they wanted to see him at Buckingham Palace and would send a car.

But he was too scared something would happen to him, too. He took the train.”

Yesterday senior Buckingham Palace officials were at their desks, amid fears that the name of the royal at the centre of the alleged scandal could be made public by a foreign newspaper.”

It’s a tragedy that George Smith is now dead.

It’s a tragedy that Diana is now dead.

The story has been all but forgotten.

How fortunate for that Royal.

He and his male servant are both very much alive and kicking.…-a0109546886


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