William Hague and the mysterious deaths of the style guru and the judge


It’s a little known fact that bald oddity William Hague once employed a style guru.

The dapper fashion and etiquette expert John Morgan was hired by Willie and he immediately advised him to ditch the baseball caps.

” Hague is seeking help and has recruited the services of style guru John Morgan to spruce up his image.

Morgan, 39, described as a “Burlington Bertie” because of his dapper appearance, is associate editor of GQ magazine and editor of Debrett’s Guide to Etiquette and Modern Manners.”

Unfortunately. less than 18 months after his appointment, he was dead.

” The death of the man seen by many as the guru of style and good manners remains a mystery after a coroner recorded an open verdict.”

“John Morgan, the etiquette guru credited with persuading William Hague to abandon baseball caps, has died after apparently falling from a window.

Mr Morgan, 41, was found dead outside his third-floor flat in Albany, central London, in the early hours of Monday.

His death is being treated as accidental because he left no suicide note in the flat he bought last week.

Mr Morgan, who wrote a weekly column on modern manners for The Times, was born near Perth and studied at Cheltenham Art School.

He also worked as style director at GQ magazine, was a regular broadcaster and an image consultant to Mr Hague.

A bachelor, Mr Morgan was always immaculately dressed in a Savile Row suit – friends say he owned more than 60 – and a silk tie.”

” That Morgan might have committed suicide is the most unpalatable thought for his friends.

Peter Howarth, Morgan’s former editor at GQ and a friend for 11 years, said: “It is hard to believe that he might have taken his own life. I had no idea that John was depressed or unhappy. He seemed to live life on a very even keel.”

Morgan appeared to be at the peak of his career. Apart from his role on GQ he had embarked on a variety of successful ventures.”

” Recording an open verdict, coroner Dr Paul Knapman said he found it difficult to see how Mr Morgan could have fallen from his small bathroom window, as it would have involved walking along the bath.

In addition none of the items on the windowsill were disturbed.”

By a strange coincidence, coroner Paul Knapman also oversaw the inquest into the death of Judge Rodney McKinnon who died in similar circumstances.

Judge McKinnon also “jumped” from his flat window but in order to have done so: “he would have to have stood on a chair, clambered across a desk and climbed out of the window onto a narrow parapet.”

What’s even stranger is that Judge McKinnon lived at Dolphin Square.

William Hague used to live at Dolphin Square.

Dolphin Square is linked to the North Wales child abuse scandal.

William Hague set-up an enquiry into the scandal.

The scandal was a whitewash.

There really is something most peculiar about William Hague.

Everything he touches is cursed.










4 thoughts on “William Hague and the mysterious deaths of the style guru and the judge

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  3. IDS was recently photographed in conversation with Clarence Mitchell, self described master media manipulator and orchestrator of the Madeleine McCann scam. Two unpalatable individuals, discussing god only knows what dark deeds.

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