The Judge, the Royals and the Rent Boy scandal


More proof, if needed , that this country is run by filth:

” A HARD-LINE judge who mixes with Royalty secretly uses gay chat lines for sordid dates with rent boys, The People can reveal.

Crown Court Recorder Roger Davies, dubbed the Hanging Judge of Horseferry because of his no-nonsense approach, leads a shameful double life arranging sexual liaisons with male prostitutes he meets on the Internet.

To his posh neighbours in the leafy Surrey suburb where he lives with his wife Clare, the 63-year-old father of two is a pillar of respectability.

But after handing out tough sentences in the courts, he swaps his robes for casual tweeds and open-neck shirts to delve in the murky world of gay vice.

Following an undercover investigation The People can reveal that Judge Davies – who once told a mugger he should be birched – has…

SPENT hundreds of pounds on young men he meets through gay dating agencies like Mantalk and London Lads.

CONFESSED he would love to spank and kiss one.

BEGGED a rent boy to call him Daddy.

ENJOYED a dirty phone call with another rent boy.

BOASTED of being a friend of Princess Michael of Kent.

We uncovered the judge’s secret after a freelance investigator posing as a gay hooker called Zak was introduced to him by another rent boy the judge had met on a gay escort website.

In a phone call Judge Davies told Zak: “Could I kiss you? I’d love to spank you, you are so spankable.”

Some of the rent boys who advertise are just 18 – younger than the judge’s 24-year-old Eton-educated twin sons – and they charge up to pounds 100 an hour.

Last week, just hours after clearing his case-load at London’s Horseferry Road magistrates’ court, the judge was sipping white wine with 32-year-old Zak in a bar in London’s East End.

The investigator – posing as a rent boy claimed he was selling sex to pay for his fees as a law student – told us: “Immediately he was out to impress me by telling me he was a judge.

“He told me he had slept with a lot of different boys he had met through dating agencies.

“When he pulled out his wallet to pay for drinks it was stuffed with credit cards and pounds 20 notes.

“He told me his wife was not expecting him home until very late because he had told her he was on important business.

“He said his sons were both practising law and had been at Eton with Freddie Windsor, the son of Princess Michael.

“He boasted that he had become friends with the Princess and had visited her several times at Kensington Palace.”

The investigator then invited Judge Davies back to his flat near Aldgate, East London.

Zak said: “He gave me pounds 100 as a downpayment for some fun and games in the flat and wanted to spend six hours with me. He wanted to kiss and grope me almost as soon as we walked through the door.”

Another rent boy told how he was dated by Judge Davies through an internet website called London Lads.

He said: “It was a bit of an odd date really because he just wanted to take me shopping in the West End and have a sex session in his car.

“He spent between pounds 150 and pounds 200 buying me clothes and insisted I called him Daddy all the time.” Judge Davies, who was appointed a crown court recorder in 1993, is a part-time district judge at Horseferry Road court.

He was nicknamed The Hanging Judge because of his treatment of May Day rioters three years ago.

He jailed one of them, a former soldier, 30 days for spraying paint on a statue of Winston Churchill.

A few years ago the judge stunned his court when he told a young man accused of stealing from a pensioner he should be given a sound thrashing.

He told him: “In my day you got the birch at school and it didn’t do us any harm.”

Our investigation suggests the opposite.”

Is there no end to their filth and hypocrisy?…-a0109013527


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