Thatcher and the dodgy death certificate


Margaret Thatcher is dead.

Or is she?

This is not Venezuela.

She was no Chavez.

There is no body laid out in state.

We have no real evidence she died.

We only have the word of the UK government.

They are notorious liars.

The pressure was building after Tom Watson MP raised the issue of a paedophile ring linked to Thatcher’s cabinet.

We now find this most interesting report from the Guido Fawkes blog.

A doctor has raised the following point vis-à-vis Thatcher’s newly released death certificate:

I am surprised that the certificate has been accepted by the registrar.

I suspect that there is a transcription error – if Baroness Thatcher had a stroke it is a cerebrovascular accident not a “Cardio Vascular Accident”. 

This kind of error can hold up funerals and cremations causing distress to the family.

When I were a lad the coroner did not like to see “cerebrovascular accident” because the term “accident” raised unnecessary questions in lay people.

This may have changed, nevertheless I am interested by Dr Powell-Brett’s use of the term “Cardio Vascular Accident”.

I wonder if anyone will pick up the embarrassing transcription error or will they all keep quiet?

How very strange indeed.



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