Royal Sun Alliance, child abuse victims and the legal decision that shames Britain


If anything sums up the filthy and dismissive attitude of the UK establishment towards child abuse victims it’s this report from Justice Denied:

”  Royal and Sun Alliance Insurance Group spent £750,000 pounds  in legal fees to prevent paying out £200,000  to victims of child abuse.

They spent 10 years torturing the abused children.

The insurance company did not even refund the fees they had been paid by notorious paedophile John Allen  to the abused children.

Were members of the Board of the Royal Sun Alliance paedophiles?

The State placed the children in Bryn Alyn Community childrens homes  and paid for the children to be abused by Allen and Staff and VIP paedophiles.

Since then the State, the Courts and all the  people involved have made the children suffer further abuse and relive their  childhood abuse over and over again whilst giving them nothing but grief in return.

Homes abuse victims lose damages”

Six victims of sex abuse at the Bryn Alyn children’s homes in north Wales have been told they will receive little of the compensation awarded to them.

The victims were awarded £200,000 damages between them in 2001, but did not receive the money because the company that owned the homes went bust.

The Appeal Court has ruled that Bryn Alyn’s insurance firm is not liable to meet the compensation awards in full.

In 1995, Bryn Alyn’s boss John Allen was convicted of child sex abuse.

The abuse suffered by dozens of residents of children’s homes across north Wales emerged in 1995 when the homes’ boss, John Allen, was convicted of a series of indecent assaults.

He was jailed for six years for attacks on children which took place between 1972 and 1983.

Allen was head of Bryn Alyn Community, a limited company which operated a total of 11 residential children’s homes in north east Wales, Cheshire and Shropshire.

These included Bryn Alyn Hall, Cotsbrook Community Hall, Pentre Saeson Hall, Bryntririon Hall and Gatewen – all in and around Wrexham.

Six of the victims of abuse at the homes were between them awarded almost £200,000 damages in 2001.

But London’s Appeal Court ruled on Friday that after Bryn Alyn went into liquidation in 1997, its insurers Royal and Sun Alliance Plc were not liable to compensate them for abuse suffered at the hands of Allen or the “principals” of any of the other homes within the group.

‘Deliberate acts’

It was ruled that under the insurance policy, the company is not liable to pay compensation for “deliberate acts” carried out by members of the management.

Although the insurance company must still pay the six for any abuse they suffered at the hands of employees lower down the management scale, the Appeal Court’s ruling means they will only receive a fraction of the damages they were originally awarded.

One victim who was awarded £37,500 in 2001, will receive a much smaller amount for the abuse he suffered during his three years at Pentre Saeson home because his abusers, including Allen, were too high up the management scale.

Upholding an appeal by Royal and Sun Alliance, Lord Justice Scott Baker said the company was under no obligation to compensate victims of “deliberate acts” perpetrated by Allen and others at management level.

The judge said “right thinking people would regard it as abhorrent” for the company that ran the homes to be covered by insurers against losses created by the “deliberate acts” of Allen.

Lord Justice Baker said: “Suppose Allen had deliberately burnt down one of the homes – we cannot see that the company could recover under the policy.”

Billhar Uppal the solicitor representing some of the victims of sexual abuse at Bryn Alyn said the court’s ruling was “a bitter pill to swallow”.

Mr Uppal said: “After a 10-year battle it is a sour end. We are very seriously looking at whether we can appeal the decision.

“The effect of the judgement and its ramifications in terms of childcare is very serious.”

He added: “John Allen is free now – his victims will never be.”

That’s filthy Britain for you.

What else would you expect?


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