Jill Dando, unmanned phones and the mysterious Crimestoppers mailbox message


We now know the police investigation into Jill Dando’s brutal murder was a total farce.

We now know they didn’t even bother to interview Jill’s neighbours who were important eye-witnesses.

We now know the killer was a professional, possibly military trained, hit man.

We now know the police got the wrong man when they arrested Barry George and threw him inside for years.

What we didn’t know until now is that a police phone hotline set-up to take information about the murder wasn’t manned.

” POLICE investigating the murder of Jill Dando  were last night accused of “breathtaking incompetence” for leaving phone hotlines unmanned after appealing for information.

The TV presenter’s agent Jon Roseman said he was “stunned and amazed ” that the incident room phone went unanswered all weekend.

Jon, who was Jill’s agent for 10 years, said: “I can’t believe this – it just smacks of incompetence. The fact that both phone lines for the public are unmanned is an insult to Jill’s family and anyone who cared for her.

“It begs the question how seriously the police are investigating Jill’s murder and what resources they are putting into it.

“What’s the point of publicising these hotlines and then not having them manned?

“There could have been someone calling with a vital piece of evidence who, after the hotlines didn’t work, has given up. We will never know.”

Scotland Yard provided two numbers and an appeal for fresh information which The Mirror published on Saturday.

Our reporters tested the incident room line – 0181 246 0732 – 10 times, at 5.30pm on Friday and during the day and night on Saturday and yesterday.

The phone was never answered – not even by an answering machine which could have redirected calls or recorded a message.

After two minutes of waiting, calls were cut off.”

This doesn’t make sense.

It makes you wonder if the police really wanted any genuine information to be reported.

We then find this most curious report.

At the very same time that Scotland Yard wasn’t answering calls, neither were Crimestoppers, which is run by Jill’s former colleague Nick Ross.

We’ve already mentioned that Crimestoppers may well not be as it appears.

This seems to confirm those fears:

” The other number, 0800 555111, is run by the Crimestoppers group to receive tips.

It was answered with a baffling pre-recorded message which said: “Please enter the mailbox number.”

Was it just a coincidence that neither the police nor Crimestopper’s phone lines were working at a crucial stage in the murder enquiry?

Or was there a deliberate plan to block vital evidence being received from member’s of the public?

We may never know if the real killer would be under lock and key by now if the police and Crimestoppers phones had been working.













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