Jill Dando knew her killer


Jill Dando was killed at Gowan Avenue.

She didn’t live there anymore and rarely visited.

It’s not possible her killer could have known she’d be there unless one of her friends or family members told him.

We have to examine who Jill might have conceivably told about her movements.

Here are a few of the most obvious names:

1) Alan Farthing- Jill’s fiancé

2) Allasone Lewis- Jill’s PA who advised Jill she had to fax her documents

3) Cliff Richard- Jill’s close friend who she spoke to on the phone for hours at a time

There may well be more names to add to the list.

There may well not be.

This report is extremely significant and may well hold the key to Jill’s murder:

” TV GOLDEN girl Jill Dando spoke to the shadowy figure who ordered her killing just hours before she was murdered, police believe.

Detectives are looking at phone records of calls on her mobile and at her doctor fiance Alan Farthing’s home on the morning she was shot.

They want to know how the killer, who laid in wait for the star, knew she would be there that day as she spent most of her time with Alan.

And they believe that the hit man struck at her home in London’s fashionable Fulham as Dr Farthing’s house was on a private estate and impossible to stake out.

Detectives are now convinced the man behind the horrific assassination  had to have spoken to Jill on the morning of April 26 to establish her movements.

The startling new revelation adds weight to the No 1 police theory that Jill’s murder – exactly 20 days ago – was arranged by someone she knew well.

The killer must have been acting on direct information to be outside Jill’s house at the right time.

He was first spotted hanging around her home in Gowan  Avenue shortly before 10.30am – when she would have arrived had she gone to it directly from Dr Farthing’s home in Chiswick, West London.

But she stopped off in Hammersmith to do some shopping and arrived later.

That would explain the killer’s agitated  phone calls on his mobile – perhaps to an accomplice who was tailing her – and why he hung around so long.

Police believe he was expecting her to arrive by 10.30am – but could not have anticipated that Jill would stop off to buy an ink cartridge for her fax.

Murder squad cops believe an itemised record of calls to Jill in the run-up to her brutal doorstep shooting will prove to be the key to unlocking the stalemated investigation.

A senior police source told the Sunday People:

“We are anxious to know how the killer was so confident about when Miss Dando would return to her home. “One strong line of inquiry we are looking at is that she may have spoken to the man behind her death, her killer or an accomplice that morning.

“We are trying to trace all the calls Miss Dando received on that day. “And we have been using the latest technology to try and track all the calls made on mobile phones in the Gowan Avenue area.”

If an accomplice had been tailing Jill, he would have been able to call the gunman on his mobile to warn the killer of a delay.

Jill had only been returning home occasionally in the weeks before her death.

So the killer had to have been tipped off about her movements in advance.

The logical assumption detectives are following is that someone called Jill before the shooting to find out what she was doing and was told she would be returning home that day to pick up mail.

And it had to be someone she knew well not to rouse suspicion.

This new line of inquiry knocks down theories that the Crimewatch presenter was targeted in a revenge attack by a Serb fanatic or a criminal exposed by the television programme.

Such a killer would not have been able to establish a pattern to Jill’s unpredictable movements.

They would have had to risk arousing someone’s suspicions by waiting around for days, if they had staked out the address on spec.

Crime expert John McVicar  said :

“The chances of that are too long to bet on, never mind risk your liberty over. ”

If there was no inside information, the killer would have geared up while she was inside and killed her as she left.

It is doubtful, too, that there was an innocent intermediary who got the information from Jill because after the murder they would have realised the relevance and told police.”

Detectives are convinced that anyone who wanted to harm her needed to be in contact with Jill herself.

And only someone close would be able to call Jill and casually inquire about her plans – as Jill was obviously unaware of what lay in store for her until that final scream.”

Who was that someone?

Find them and the case is solved.




4 thoughts on “Jill Dando knew her killer

  1. Surely the evidence of a car outside her partners house and man on street outside hers points to covering both bases rather her telling someone where she was going?

  2. The police came to the conclusion that due to the fact that Jill rarely visited Gowan Avenue there’s no way the suspect outside her home could have known she’d be there that morning without inside information.

    The hitman had been waited outside her house for over an hour.

    ” The gunman who murdered Jill Dando lay in wait near her home for an hour before he struck, police believe.

    There were seven sightings of the prime suspect – a smartly dressed man carrying a mobile phone – before and after Jill was shot on her doorstep at close range.”

    Who told him to go there?

    ” Detectives are now convinced the man behind the horrific assassination had to have spoken to Jill on the morning of April 26 to establish her movements.

    The startling new revelation adds weight to the No 1 police theory that Jill’s murder – exactly 20 days ago – was arranged by someone she knew well.

    The killer must have been acting on direct information to be outside Jill’s house at the right time.”

  3. How very sinister that the detective assigned to this moves on to become the detective in the Madeleine Mccann case afterwards. That case too reeks of ‘paedophile ring’ and cover up. One particular example of this detective joining in the cover up is when he claims, years after the Jane Tanner sighting, that a man has come forward and admitted that he was the subject of that sighting, but is never shown or named. This effectively gets rid of the sighting evidence which was becoming problematic as stories didn’t dovetail. So, notan entirely open, ‘whole truth’ sort of detective that one – but seems to have a flourishing career.

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