Is Margaret Thatcher really dead?


Margaret Thatcher is dead.

Or is she?

This is not Venezuela.

She was no Chavez.

There is no body laid out in state.

We have no real evidence she died.

We only have the word of the UK government.

They are notorious liars.

The pressure was building after Tom Watson MP raised the issue of a paedophile ring linked to Thatcher’s cabinet.

She was last seen in public months ago.

After an alleged operation in December she was apparently recuperating at the Ritz Hotel in London.

She  remained in her hotel suite and never ventured down to the restaurant or communal areas.

Even staff at the hotel had no idea she was a resident.

Former Defence minister Sir Gerald Howarth, revealed that many callers were asked to stay away when Lady Thatcher came out of hospital and moved into the Ritz.

He explained: “I did ask if it would be possible to see her but was told she was not fit to receive visitors.”

Thatcher’s money was tied up in the British Virgin Islands.

Thatcher’s money was tied up in Liechtenstein.

Both these tax havens are favourites of Shirley Porter.

Mark Thatcher lives in Barbados near Cliff Richard.

Thatcher loved Cliff.

Cliff is now a Barbadian.

Cliff let Tony Blair use his villa.

Thatcher has many friends in Israel.

Thatcher has many friends in the US.

Thatcher has many friends in South Africa.

Some MP’s have dual nationality.

Some MP’s could be spirited out of the UK, never to be seen again.

Some say Lord Lucan was smuggled to Africa when his nanny was killed,

Could Thatcher be sunning herself somewhere at this very moment?

We haven’t got a clue.

Have you?…-a0325589982


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