Why didn’t Hamish Campbell question Jill Dando’s neighbours?


Jill Dando was brutally shot in the head by a professional marksman.

The shooting took place at her front door in Gowan Avenue.

Several neighbours heard Jill’s car alarm go off just before she was shot.

Other neighbours heard a scream.

Still others, saw the well-dressed hit man walk calmly away from the murder scene.

Prior to the shooting, neighbours spoke of seeing a tall man wearing a suit and barbour jacket, waiting outside Jill’s home.

Some neighbours say he was talking on a mobile phone.

Other neighbours thought he was a friend of Jill’s or an estate agent.

All these neighbours would have been able to offer valuable first-hand eye-witness reports to the police.

Unfortunately, key evidence might have been missed because of the stupidity of bungling detective Hamish Campbell.

Despite the fact that the neighbours of Jill Dando had evidence of what the killer looked like, what he was wearing, his mannerisms and his escape route, Campbell did not bother to interview them immediately.

According to this report from the archives of the Mirror:

” Fifteen weeks after the shocking murder of TV star Jill Dando, police have STILL not carried out full door-to-door inquiries in her street.

An internal review has revealed that the 42-strong police squad hunting Jill’s killer have failed to question all the residents Gowan  Avenue, Fulham, where she was shot on her doorstep on April 26.

The astonishing bungle means police will have to knock on each door again next week.

A police source told the Sunday Mirror: “This couldn’t have come at a worse time. The internal review found that officers were not thorough – they didn’t do their job properly.

A number of adults living in the same road as Jill had never been interviewed. “They could have vital information, perhaps the detail that leads to a break in the case.

It’s basic detective work to interview everybody in the vicinity of a crime.

They did not do this.”

John O’Connor, a former head of the Flying Squad, said: “It is an absolute disgrace that the Dando inquiry team has made such an omission. There’s no excuse. This error is unforgivable.”

The revelation will put more pressure on Detective Chief Inspector  Hamish Campbell, who is running the investigation.

“It was an oversight,” said the source. “It happened because the investigation has been so huge and hectic. But it is embarrassing because the case is so high-profile and there are no prime suspects.

“The operation to interview every adult in Gowan Avenue will take up valuable resources .

There are serious questions being asked at the highest level in the Metropolitan police.”

The internal review of the murder investigation was completed in late June.

The unit failed to uncover any significant new leads, but it did discover the detective work bungle.

The source said: “The news will reinforce the public’s impression that the police haven’t a clue in  this case.” The investigation team has also been visited by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabularies.

After 110 days, police admit they are still baffled by the murder.

But Det. Chief Inspector Campbell says the killer will be brought to justice.

He said: “The investigation is being pursued relentlessly.”

British detectives believes they will crack the case after linking the murder weapon to the 9mm bullet which killed 37-year-old Jill.

Finding the gun is their top priority.

They are also considering flying the bullet which killed her across the world.

The cartridge has six distinctive marks which police say are the “signature” of the person who adapted it.

Detectives will compare the bullet against similar cartridges held by the FBI and European police forces.

Police are also following up tip-offs from ex-soldiers who came across identical adapted bullets in South East Asia.”

Who knows what vital evidence may have been lost due to Hamish Campbell’s unexplained decision not to quiz Jill’s neighbours.



2 thoughts on “Why didn’t Hamish Campbell question Jill Dando’s neighbours?

  1. A possible answer to the question posed at the top of this article is, “Because he is a safe pair of hands.” Interestingly, he got promoted after his “investigation” of Jill Dando’s murder, and then went on to lead Operation Yewtree, after the removal of Peter Spindler. He has also been placed in charge of the revived search for Madeleine McCann. I would expect there to be no further arrests under Operation Yewtree, except for possibly other has-been aging entertainers, and no worthwhile developments in the Madeleine McCann case.

  2. Its more than clear here what is happening just don’t tell no one though okay 🙂 the fact is scum will always get away with wrong shite. Simply because the scum rule the roost. So the queen herself is the only way or person whom can and needs to be directly spoken to in order to make real change. As the queen is the only one who really really can. I have already had a 6 month old murdered for opening my mouth about a judge whose ring leader is actually housed amongst the judges there selves so……..The mental health covered that over. and unfortunately the police forgot to removed his clothes for forensics too. I now can include my twin daughters in there scum bag ways to protect filth in this country. However i do not believe there are as many bad people as some try to make out. I do believe those very few thought are the ones whom must clearly be ruling the roost. and this is why so many protect and the money is probably good too so…….. I have had all my businesses removed and all money clamped and I have had extreme art theft inclusive of telephone hacking and waking up injected so….. but I probably never hit the nails on the head though right? My twin daughters have been illegally removed and i was asked for a cover up by the met and nhs to get back my children ? so these nonces will do anything to prove there power. They can go screw there selves!!!!!!!!! The filthy investigators i met last year where bringing in there ex army mates to take a good look at my twin daughters there aim was to get to the twins and they proved there capabilities once they had housing options on-board. Housing options are the main players in government nones abuse cover ups. and have power to get away with what ever they can. I was targeted for not working. This is bullshit i was working but someone didn’t want me to make the money.So fuck this country fuck the uk for there abuse covers and fuck all whom support and protect this.
    Oh and the government are poisoning peoples water and food in order to bully others into working. The conservatives out!!!

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