Why didn’t police extradite Warwick Spinks from Prague?

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In November 2012, the filthy, murderous, paedophile fugitive Warwick Spinks was captured after 15 years on the run and imprisoned.

Why had it taken the authorities so long to recapture him when he was a well-known figure in the Czech Republic and hardly appeared to be in hiding?

Why had he been allowed to escape in the first place?

Could it be that, as evidence was emerging of a large-scale VIP paedophile ring, the UK government wanted him under lock and key to ensure his silence?

We now find this report from the People newspaper who managed to track down Spinks in Prague.

He was operating a filthy paedophile holiday company.

Despite the journalists handing a dossier of evidence to police in the UK, it appears that no attempt was made to extradite Spinks.

” A plot by Britain’s most wanted paedophile     to run child-sex holidays for perverts has been smashed by the Sunday People.

Evil Warwick Spinks is cashing in by organising “package tours” for sicko clients to prey on teenage boys.

We tracked down runaway Spinks, 35, to the Czech capital of Prague, Europe’s new perverts’ paradise.

The brute BOASTED how he used the Internet to lure men from Britain and the rest of Europe by promising tours of pick-up bars and providing apartments where the sex beasts could take youngsters.

Spinks fled Britain three years ago – breaking conditions of parole – after his early release from a jail term for drugging and kidnapping a 14-year-old boy who he SOLD to a gay brothel in Holland.

The fiend – described by police as one of Britain’s most dangerous paedophiles – was also suspected of masterminding an international paedophile ring and being involved in “snuff movies”.

He faces instant arrest if he returns home.

Spinks BRAGGED to our investigators – posing as sex tour operators: “In Prague, a boy will spend the night with you for 400 Kronas, less than pounds 10.

Just put the men on a plane and leave the rest to me. I can provide accommodation, transport and the personal touch.”

The Sunday People has put paid to Spinks’s sick scheme by blowing his cover.

We can reveal today how he: -POSES as a Dutch property consultant, using the name Wilhelm Pavel;

-SHAVED off his moustache in a bid to alter his appearance and rarely ventures far without minders;

-HIDES away in a flat in one of the smarter suburbs of Prague, a magnet for perverts because the age of consent for gay sex is only 15; -USES e-mail and hidden websites to keep his tours secret from the authorities; -PLOTS to make Prague as popular as Thailand for paedophiles.The city’s police have heard of kiddies as young as eight selling their bodies.

-TAUNTED Scotland Yard detectives who long to put him back behind bars and protect children. Spinks, who claims to speak eight languages, boasted: “I know all the right boys. They’re all bisexual in this country. Any boy is available at the right price. “I already have a lot of clients from Holland, Germany and Belgium. In June I have 20 arriving here. They are all spoilt b******s with lots of money.

“Amsterdam is played out now and all my old friends have moved here as well. The beauty of this place is that, like the Dutch, they have no hang-ups about sex. “The boys are as cheap as in Thailand but are just two hours away from London by plane.

The average wage here is only pounds 200 a month. “I provide apartments because you will have a problem taking a boy back to a hotel room.

There are security men on every floor and they will not allow visitors no matter how much you have paid.” Spinks, who had his gay lover Jakob, 22, in tow, said: “Between us we have eight apartments with access to another 68. “My apartments will give you the freedom to do what you like when you like.

They are all nicely furnished and in the right locations for nightlife. I use clubs like Pinocchio’s or Escape where you get lads on the run from conscription into the army. Some of them are stunning.”

Spinks, from Greenwich, South London, proudly explained how he contacts the scum who use his services. He said: “I don’t need to advertise but have a website run by a friend in Budapest. “Most business is by word of mouth. I have a lot of regulars who know they can trust me. The boys are also trustworthy. You don’t have to worry about them stealing from you.”

Spinks then explained how he looks after the needs of his pervert punters. He said: “We can pick them up by car from the airport or organise a minibus if it is a large group. We will drop them off at apartments and take them out for personalised tours of all the best places.”

Spinks tries to meet any needs of his clients – down to a supply of Diet Coke in the fridge. He said: “They all want boys. We will be flat out pampering them. Most of our business is repeat business and clients won’t come back if we don’t look after them properly.”

Spinks was convicted in 1995 of abducting the 14-year-old.

He drugged the lad, who had run away from a children’s home, and sold him as a rent boy in Holland. British and Dutch police launched an investigation after the boy fled to the British Embassy. Spinks got seven years, cut to five years on appeal.

Officers from Scotland Yard’s Paedophile Squad were furious when he got parole in 1997 after 30 months. He ignored conditions that he be supervised by probation officers and sign the Sex Offenders Register and fled – sending cops a taunting postcard from Holland.

International businessmen, lawyers and politicians were among Spinks’s clients when he ran the notorious Why Not boy brothel in Amsterdam before his arrest.

Cops in Amsterdam secretly taped Spinks offering to supply a video in which a 10-year-old boy was killed.

He also said an associate had seen a boy die in the making of a film. Spinks told our investigators at a meeting in Prague’s Wenceslas Square:

“Scotland Yard would love to get their hands on me because they wasted pounds 2million investigating me.”

Two minders watched from a nearby car as Spinks added: “I am well protected here.”

When one minder rumbled our photographer, Spinks started ranting and had to be calmed by passing policemen.

The Sunday People revealed last week how vile child killer Robert Oliver, 46, has changed his name ready to flee to Amsterdam. The pervert was freed two years ago from his 15-year sentence for murdering Jason Swift, 14.

We are making our dossier on vile Spinks available to British police and the Czech authorities “.

Why was Spinks allowed to spend 15 years living freely in Europe?

Why was Spinks rearrested only when VIP abuse allegations had gained so much publicity?

Why do the authorities want Spinks silenced?

As Spinks himself said to an undercover officer:

I know I’m a fat old queen, but I get away with it.

I get away with murder.

Isn’t it about bloody time we found out why?




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  2. imposters posing as mental health patients in swansea are actually envolved in child abductions and the police protect them. one is called. Paula Cavallucci. atempted murder upon myself actual bodilly harm caused. and probably blagging as the imposter at that address to flea charges. ……. so they have accommodations under the mental health and local authority. so it looks like they got there dirty business all wrapped up and well thought out. I had to put myself at risk to confirm this. So i speak from personal experience. oh and the Swansea police refused to take my report ……….. they dropped me off at the train station instead. Nonces in the constabulary and dodgy tenancies used under mental health to protect sick endeavours. Who would guess…………… The same sick ones whom have my children and that have been threatening me…… bunch of scum!!!!!

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