Cliff’s pledge to catch Jill’s killer

Scotland-YardCliffJill Dando

It was comforting to read that Cliff Richard pledged to do everything he could to catch Jill Dando’s killer.

This enlightening report from the Mirror shows just how close Cliff and Jill really were.

Apparently, Jill would spend hours on the phone to Cliff, pouring out every detail of her life to him.

” Sir Cliff Richard spoke last night of his “deep shock” over the murder of his friend Jill Dando – and pledged to do all he could to help police find her killer.

After spending two hours being interviewed by detectives at his home in Surrey, Sir Cliff told the Sunday Mirror:

Whoever did this terrible, terrible crime must be caught as quickly as possible.

“The police wanted to piece Jill’s life together and if I can help them do that then I will give them all the assistance they need.”

Sir Cliff was a close confidante  of the 37-year-old TV presenter who was gunned down outside her London home on April 26.

Police believe his intimate knowledge of her private life may lead them to her killer.

Detectives have discovered that Jill was ultra-secretive about her personal life.

She had even told boyfriends to give a false name when ringing her at work.

In contrast she confided in Sir Cliff.

A police source said: “Sir Cliff was a very close friend of Jill Dando.

Apart from her fiance Alan Farthing, he is probably our best chance of understanding her private life.

“We are convinced that the person who killed her – or ordered her killing – is somebody who was known to Jill, perhaps an ex-boyfriend or acquaintance.

“The meeting went very well and Sir Cliff was able to provide a lot of help. He gave a unique insight into Jill, her friends and her relationships.”

Yesterday, in a statement through his manager Bill Latham, Sir Cliff said:

I want to do everything I can and to help the police as much as possible to catch Jill’s killer. Like everyone else who knew Jill I was deeply shocked and saddened to hear the news of her tragic and senseless death.”

The meeting at Sir Cliff’s pounds 1.5 million mansion followed several telephone conversations between the singer and murder squad detectives.

Sir Cliff rang the incident room to offer his help just days after the Jill was shot in the head with a 9mm bullet.

But police were forced to wait until Sir Cliff’s European tour finished to conduct a comprehensive interview.

The Prince of Pop and the girl-next-door who became one of Britain’s biggest TV stars were the best of friends.

Sir Cliff and Jill shared more than a deep Christian faith. He was a close confidante, somebody who would listen to her and offer advice.

She would spend hours on the telephone to him, pouring out her heart, telling of her hopes, fears and, ultimately, her love for her fiancee Alan Farthing.

Sir Cliff was a guest at the party in January when Jill announced her engagement to Dr Farthing.

Sir Cliff told detectives: “It was a wonderful friendship and was growing stronger by the day.”

At the time of the murder he said: “I am finding it hard not to wish her killer an horrific death.”

Last night a police source confirmed: “Sir Cliff was able to provide information that is of significant interest to the inquiry. He told us everything he knew about Jill and several new lines of inquiry have come out of the meeting.”

Detectives intend to keep in close contact with the singer and have not ruled out further meetings with Sir Cliff and other stars who knew Jill well.”

Unfortunately, Cliff has not been able to uphold his pledge because as we know Jill’s killer has never been found.’LL+DO+EVERYTHING+I+CAN+TO+CATCH+JILL’S+KILLER.-a060156897


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