Cliff Richard, Tony Blair, Mark Thatcher and the Barbados connection

Tony Blair Barbados

Who could ever forget the generosity of Reverend Cliff Richard?

He lent Tony Blair his villa in Barbados in 2003 as a “good deed”.

” Cliff Richard has revealed how he first offered to lend Tony Blair his Barbados mansion in 2003 after seeing him looking “dwindled and haggard” during the Iraq war.”

So impressed was Tony with the delights of the Caribbean isle that he went hunting for his own pad there.

” …Tony Blair and his wife Cherie still have enough money to buy a new home in the Caribbean

The couple are house-hunting in Barbados for a villa to add to their already formidable property empire, The Sunday Telegraph understands.

They have viewed properties on the island with the intention of buying a holiday home to which they could eventually retire.

The Blairs are believed to have been looking in earnest for a house on the former British colony, which has long been their favoured holiday destination, for at least three months.

According to sources, hundreds of digital photographs of for-sale properties have been emailed to the couple.

A senior representative from one of the main estate agents on Barbados said: “Tony has a lot of friends on the island and has looked at property but he has not purchased anything yet to the best of our knowledge.

” A leading solicitor on the island, which has a population of 280,000, said that she expects the Blairs to buy a property through a company – rather than in their own names – in an attempt to disguise the purchase for security and privacy reasons.”

Another famous face at the exclusive Sandy Bay neighbourhood is none other that Mark Thatcher who splashed out on a £3.2 million villa there.

How jolly.

Of course we now know Cliff has managed to wangle himself full citizenship and is actually a Barbadian.

Will Tony and Mark follow in his footsteps?

We haven’t got a clue.


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