Why was Cliff Richard interviewed by Jill Dando murder detectives?

Cliff Richard

Jill Dando was brutally murdered by a professional hitman.

She was shot in the head at point-blank range by a rare and modified handgun.

The killer had been waiting for Jill for over an hour.

Jill rarely visited her home in Gowan Avenue.

Only a handful of close friends and relatives could have known she would be there on that fateful morning.

The killer was working with an accomplice who was driving a metallic blue Range Rover.

Alan Farthing was wracked with guilt when he came face to face with the killer but forgot to tell the police.

Some say Jill was looking into claims that a VIP paedophile ring was operating at the very highest levels of UK society.

Jill was close chums with Cliff Richard.

It’s a little known fact that holier-than-thou Cliff was quizzed by police a month after the shooting.

According to the News Letter ( Belfast):

” Pop legend Sir Cliff Richard has been interviewed by detectives seeking key clues to the identity of Jill Dando’s killer, it emerged yesterday.

Officers spoke to the star for two hours at his pounds 2 million mansion in Weybridge, Surrey, on Friday, according to reports.

Sir Cliff, who was a close friend of the television presenter, provided police with vital information about Jill’s friends, lovers and relationships.

In a statement through his manager, Sir Cliff said:

I want to do everything I can and to help the police as much as possible to catch Jill’s killer.”

An insider said: “Two officers spoke to Sir Cliff on Friday night as part of the huge operation looking at Jill’s private life.

“They are convinced the person behind the shooting was an ex-lover, an acquaintance or someone who was besotted with her.

“Sir Cliff was very helpful. He was able to give them a lot of inside information.”

Jill became close to the singer after meeting him and sharing a dance with him in a stunt set up by her TV bosses.

He became a friend and was a guest at the party to celebrate her engagement to gynaecologist Alan Farthing. He was also one of the few celebrities invited to the couple’s planned wedding.

Sir Cliff had spoken to police several times on the phone but Friday was the first time he met detectives face to face.

He told them he would be happy to see them again if he could be of any help.”

How comforting.

We do hope Cliff told the police everything he knows.

Don’t you?











7 thoughts on “Why was Cliff Richard interviewed by Jill Dando murder detectives?

  1. Sir Cliff, ‘national treasure’, is not a UK citizen any more. He has full citizenship of Barbados. Smart move, eh?

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  4. Cliff is still a UK citizen – and he has cooperated fully with the police. He has been interviewed under caution and he ha NOT been charged NOR arrested. Cliff is innocent.

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