Jimmy Savile and the lost interview


According to the Mirror:

” Filthy paedophile Jimmy Savile suspected he would be reviled after his death but arrogantly declared he couldn’t care less.

When asked if he would mind being remembered as a conniving pervert and abuser he told a reporter:

If I’m gone that’s that.

B******s to my legacy.”

The chilling interview came to light yesterday as police revealed there could be as many as 60 victims of Savile – twice as many as initially feared.

Sickening crimes under investigation are thought to have taken place over SIX ­decades from 1959 in studios, care homes, schools, hospitals and nightclubs.

Savile’s shameless attitude emerged in a 2001 interview when he was grilled about ­accusations he was a psychopath and a paedophile.

Instead of indignant denials Savile, then 74, said:

Whatever is said after I’m gone is ­irrelevant.”

He was not so much angry but ­impatient and dismissive when asked bluntly if he was “into little girls”.

Savile, who died last October aged 84, said:

I’d rather not even opinionate on this.

I’ll leave it to the psychologists to sort out the psychology of child abuse.”

At one stage he turned the issue into a joke and said:

I was asked about my feelings towards children and I said, ‘

I couldn’t eat a whole one. I hate them.’



One thought on “Jimmy Savile and the lost interview

  1. I think Esther Rantzen is one of the most insincere women out there who ‘does a lot of work for charity, doesn’t like to talk about it’. She just jumped on the bandwagon of children’s charities and knew about Savile but said nothing.

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