Jimmy Savile, Stuart Levin and the Make a Dream charity

gold tracksuit

In July 2012, the possessions of filthy paedophile Jimmy Savile went under the hammer.

The proceeds went to his “charitable” trust.

Stuart Levin, a businessman from Leeds, bought Savile’s gold tracksuit.

” Stuart Levin had worked with Sir Jimmy and was happy to pay £550 for another tracksuit.

He expects to make ‘four times’ that amount when he auctions it for the Make a Dream foundation.”

The Make a Dream foundation is based in Leeds. It offers grants to terminally ill children in the area.

According to the charity commission, most of the charity’s income used to come from it’s yearly “Gent’s Evening“.

These fundraising “ Gent’s Evening” events stopped abruptly in 2011.

They were replaced by a ” Gala Evening” event.

It’s interesting to see the names of celebrity supporters of the charity who have attended functions there.

They include the following:

Frank Bruno

Neil and Christine Hamilton

Nick Leeson

David Mellor

Jim Davidson

Freddie Star    

Some of these high-profile names have recently been arrested for child-abuse allegations.

Is there more to Jimmy Savile, Stuart Levin and the Make a Dream charity than meets the eye?










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