Jill Dando and the SAS connection


According to the Independent:

” Jill Dando was shot dead by someone using a hollow-point bullet fired from a 9mm handgun fitted with a silencer – details that point overwhelmingly to the work of a hitman.

Police said yesterday that they believed the killer waited for an hour outside the television presenter’s home in Fulham, west London, for her to return from a shopping trip.

They spoke of seven witnesses who may have seen the suspect, including a window cleaner – who thought the man was an estate agent waiting for a client – another cleaner and a mother with her child.

The man made no attempt to hide or avoid being spotted, pacing up and down the road.

The Independent understands that while detectives are investigating other possibilities, they believe the killing was almost certainly committed by a professional.

Yesterday, police confirmed that Ms Dando, 37, had been shot in the side of the head at very close range with a single bullet from a semi-automatic handgun.

The shot caused massive injuries and Ms Dando died a little over an hour later.

The use of a hollow-pointed bullet is extremely rare.

Detectives are focusing their attention on reports of a well-groomed, smartly dressed man, carrying a mobile phone, who was seen in the road where Ms Dando lived just seconds before she was fatally wounded.

The same man was seen briskly leaving the scene.

A man fitting a similar description was seen a little later climbing over railings on the bank of the river Thames a few minutes walk from Ms Dando’s two-storey home.

Police said the man may have been using a disguise – in particular large dark-coloured glasses which one witness noticed and said looked too big.

The type of gun used was banned following the Dunblane school massacre in Scotland in March 1996, but hundreds are believed still to be in circulation.

Criminologist Kate Broadhurst, of the Scarman Centre for the Study of Public Order, Leicester, said:

“The sawn off shotgun is the weapon of choice for the bank robber… this is the weapon of the drug dealer and the weapon of the professional criminal“.

The type of bullet used in the attack has only been used in a handful of incidents in Britain.

Police sources said yesterday that a semi-automatic handgun fitted with a silencer and ammunition could be bought illegally for pounds 1,000.

Without a silencer the gun – most likely a Browning, Glock or a Tanfoglio – could be purchased for as little as pounds 500.

It is understood that Ms Dando’s attacker used a “quarter-tipped” bullet which are designed to spread out on impact causing maximum damage.

Such bullets cannot be bought legally.”

We then find this in the Mirror article entitled:

If Barry George didn’t kill Jill Dando who did?

” Among the many theories of who gunned down former Crimewatch presenter Jill was one that she was executed by a hitman on behalf of someone else.

Aspects of the murder suggested the killer had professional training.

He had been able to force her to the ground, shoot her with the minimum of noise by pressing the gun barrel to her temple and leave the Fulham street she lived in unnoticed.

Former SAS members were interviewed about an ex-colleague rumoured to be linked to Jill.”

Could it be that someone paid a former SAS member to kill Jill Dando?

If so, who was that someone?











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