William Hague works out


We all know William Hague loves to hang out in gyms.

When he lived at the notorious Dolphin Square complex he spent a ridiculous amount of time working out.

Another great influence on his gymnastic habits has been Willie’s close chum Sebastian Coe.

According to the Telegraph:

” After he lost his seat in 1997, he ( Seb Coe)  was scooped up by the new Tory leader, William Hague, still a great personal friend.

While George Osborne and The Times’ Daniel Finkelstein provided political strategy, Coe’s job was to ensure both the party (with its devastated finances and denuded staff) and Hague himself shaped up.

He had him eat pasta salad and take up judo.

The rumours of semi-naked wrestling in the gym under Jeffrey Archer’s apartment building played into speculation that Hague was gay.

” It was absolutely risible, but that’s life,” says Coe.

“Someone had to work the night shift,” Hague said of his inglorious leadership.

But Coe’s position as faithful lieutenant led to Hague nominating him for a peerage, which undoubtedly added to his gravitas as head of the Olympic bid…”

Is there more than meets the eye to Willie’s friendship with wrestling Seb?

We wouldn’t like to say.




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