How did Cliff Richard become Barbadian?


We all know Cliff Richard loves Barbados.

What may be less well-known is that he is now an official Barbadian citizen.

Cliff has revoked his UK residency and has somehow managed to bag himself a new passport.

Cliff no longer pays any tax to HMRC.

“I’m officially a non-resident, although I will always be British and proud of it,” says Sir Cliff.

His spokesman, Bill Latham, confirms that Sir Cliff is a citizen of Barbados, where, after selling his house in Weybridge, Surrey, in 2006, he now spends most of his time…

..the singer, who retains a flat in Sunningdale, Berkshire, has not paid tax to the British Government on money he earns outside the country for some years.”

Some people in Barbados have queried how Cliff acquired citizenship which is usually only possible via marriage.

According to the Barbados Free Press:

Sir Cliff is a full citizen of Barbados.

Is this report correct? Did I miss it in the Barbados news media?

Sir Cliff is always pushing Barbados and we thank him for that. We have no issues at all with him acquiring Bajan citizenship and we welcome him to the family.

We do have questions though – about who gets Bajan citizenship, the process and the rules. We can’t find a comprehensive guide published by the Barbados government and we wonder if the whole process isn’t quite arbitrary.

We’d love to hear from some Immigration staff on this one!

Another commentator said:

I was under the impression the only way to become a citizen was to marry a Bajan! Otherwise you apply for residency, I’ll be very interested to hear the official outcome of this.”

Why has Cliff become a non-dom?

Why was Cliff unusually granted full Barbadian citizenship?

Why does Cliff spend months and months hiding out in Barbados?

What rights does Cliff have if he has a brush with the law in the UK?

What help could Cliff expect from the Barbadian Embassy?

We haven’t got the foggiest idea.

Have you?


6 thoughts on “How did Cliff Richard become Barbadian?

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  2. He’s hardly Hiding Out….!!! You who ever you are and the Press Don’t half stir up trouble there could be nothing in this But your turning an embar into a fire …..give it a rest ….let the police do there job …Innocent till proven Guilty comes to mine and i’m not a Cliff Fan give it a rest

    • Gullible people are everywhere, it’s pretty obvious to most of us that there has been too much smoke in the past to discount a fire, but I’m sure that this particular embar, also spelled EMBER by some, will most definitely NOT need much fanning when the truth comes out!

  3. It seems that anyone can come up with an allegation against Sir Cliff – he is fair game because he is a lifelong bachelor – and we don´t know much about his sex life. So we invent something!! Apart from that – does ANYONE who writes about these lies have any proof or evidence? I suggest you go to the police. Three months have past and Cliff has NOT been charged NOR arrested!! What does that suggest? Yes, you know it too – Cliff is innocent. He is a man of character!!

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