Hamish Campbell, Jill Dando, and Operation Yewtree

hamish campbell

Hamish Campbell from the Met, was in charge of the disastrous investigation into the murder of Jill Dando.

Even the most bumbling of detectives would have realised that Jill had been killed in a contract-style hit.

She was pushed to the floor and shot in the head.

The gun used had been fitted with a silencer.

The hitman was well-dressed and was liaising, via mobile phones, with the driver of a metallic blue Range Rover.

The hitman had expert knowledge of ballistics and forensic evidence.

Jill Dando was allegedly investigating claims of a vile paedophile ring linked to Jimmy Savile, the BBC and beyond.

Her high-profile death may have been a warning to other journalists to keep quiet.

Hamish Campbell ignored all of these blindingly obvious clues and did something stupid.

He arrested a vulnerable loner called Barry George.

Barry George was the victim of a media witch-hunt and was eventually imprisoned for eight years.

Barry George was released on appeal and cleared of the murder.

Was Hamish Campbell reprimanded for his stupidity?

Not at all.

Hamish Campbell has risen through police ranks.

Despite his monumental cock-ups Hamish Campbell has now been place in charge of Operation Yewtree which is investigating child-abuse allegations relating to none other than Jimmy Savile, the BBC and beyond.

This beggars belief.

Is there something we should know about Hamish Campbell?











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