Sham directors, dirty money and the British Virgin Islands connection


You may remember our previous posts about the mysterious British Virgin Islands and links to criminality.

Even the US State Department has concerns about money-laundering and drugs-trafficking taking place in the offshore haven.

The infamous wrinkly rogue Shirley Porter of Westminster managed to liquidate her assets and avoid paying millions to the taxpayer, by using shady BVI accounts.

It now seems that the authorities are waking up to the scandal as reported in the Guardian’s recent reports :

” The prime minister  has come under pressure  to act against Britain’s secretive offshore industry at June’s G8 summit, as leaked evidence continued to mount that politicians and tycoons from all over the world have used the British Virgin Islands to hide funds.

The premier of Georgia, Bidzina Ivanishvili, was the latest to be named, along with prominent Pakistani, Indian, Thai and Indonesian figures – while there was fresh evidence of Britons acting as front directors for companies based in offshore havens such as the BVI.

A senior Liberal Democrat figure said the leaks showed the secret haven of the BVI “stains the face of Britain”, as anti-corruption campaigners called for action.

Lord Oakeshott, the Lib Dem peer and a former Treasury spokesman, said: “How can David Cameron keep a straight face calling for the G8 to make big business pay tax when we let the BVI use British law and British protection to suck in billions in dirty money?”

He asked: “How much British aid paid to corrupt countries like Pakistan ends up behind a BVI brass plate?”

Despite mounting evidence that British sham directors are selling their names as fronts for offshore secrecy, the UK’s Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) signalled that politicians are reluctant to move against them.

A report on the sham directors scandal has already been sent to ministers by the BIS deputy head of corporate governance, Jo Shanmugalingam. This followed a Guardian-BBC investigation last year into the leaked data which revealed that two dozen Britons, giving obscure offshore addresses, were purporting to control thousands of companies.

The latest example, which emerged on Thursday, is of a “general builder”, Kevin Gaitely. He gives an address in south London and is registered as the director of Tamalaris Consolidated, a company blacklisted by the UK and US as a front for Iran. He is recorded as a director of a variety of other UK and BVI companies.

Ministers insist they are not ready to act. The BIS  issued a statement on Thursday night saying: “The vast majority of companies and directors do comply with the law and they should not be unfairly burdened, so we will focus our attention on those who deliberately seek to break the law.”

It is not illegal as such for Britons to rent out their names on behalf of offshore companies, so the BIS statement appears to be a recipe for inaction.”

Another issue is that of sham company directors.

We’ve already highlighted two of these:

Yomtov Jacobs and Barbara Kahan.

Both are directors of over 25, 000 companies each!

Kahan is linked to the mysterious 22 Arlington Street address which in turn is linked to illegal arms deals and shady tory funding.

The noose is tightening around these financial shysters.

We may well find out how much more there is to the BVI, sham directors and the British government than meets the eye.


4 thoughts on “Sham directors, dirty money and the British Virgin Islands connection

  1. The Kahan family who own and operate A1 Company Services ltd at 788-790 Finchley Road, london, NW11 7TJ tel: 0208 458 9637 and from Winnington House, 2 Woodberry Grove, N12 0DR DX 57363 tel: 0208 492 6363. It is Keith Kahan (born 1958) who is the real owner and he has put up his mother, Barbara (aged 82) as the scapegoat who is director of over 50,000 companies. Barbara, Anna and Keith are settling in to the Boca Raton country club set and are trying to become part of the establishment locally like gifting to charity (like Mr Madoff) . they all seek to become naturalised US citizens and living at 1628 Royal park Way Boca Raton, Fl 33432. They obtained the valuable green card by employing US citizens in a flower shop business before setting up the same tax evading, money laundering corporate consultancy operating under various guises and names including A1, Temple and Centrum. The office for A! (or is it A1) Company Services in the US is operating from 700 Ocean, Boca Raton, Fl33432. His operation provides all sorts of consultancy on offshore tax havens, and the real profit comes from overcharging on the annual renewal fees for directors and company secretaries, plus advice on scamming tax authorities. Several sanction busting entities, money launders, ponzi scheme operators, advance fee fraudsters and boiler room operators have availed themselves of the A1 group services in Europe and now the US. This could be of some interest to the authorities surely.

  2. Recently I’ve been looking into a simple ‘pay for training’ scam that is currently tricking hundreds of young unemployed people out of 85 GBP for worthless training seminars that are supposed to lead to market research jobs which don’t exist. A summary of this can be read here:

    Whilst looking into the company that was behind the scam, I discovered that there was a lot more suspicious activity than I originally expected. One director who is linked to the guy I was investigating through a company called Scootec Ltd has over 3000 companies to his name, almost all of these are now dissolved and were held for short periods of time. see here and in particular here Koe

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